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2598113 CF-3041725 General Server Michael Nimer Bug 83466:(Watson Migration Closure)Add new #IFNULL( object, default )# function Problem: Add new #IFNULL( object, default )# function. So users can easily output a "" string when the java objects they are working with are null. Since they can't do a
2613552 CF-3231447 Document Management : Presentation Michael Nimer add name attribute to CFPRESENTATION Add a name attribute like cfdocument, and cfpdf that will return the bytes of the cfpresentation. This way I can pass it back to my java method to be outputted in the browser
Tracker Issue Bug 80118:ER request
2599439 CF-3040190 Flex/Flash : AIR Integration Michael Nimer Bug 80118:ER request Problem: ER request. The AIR/ORM conflict code only lets you accept the server. Which means that you have to loose all of your changes and start over when there is a conflict with an object you are trying to save
Tracker Issue cfreport encryption
2613598 CF-3208370 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer cfreport encryption Remove the cfreport encryption, so users can see the jasper reports under the covers. This will support the Java Story and let you make a big deal out of CFReport using Jasper and the CFReportBuilder being a Jasper
2613551 CF-3231455 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer cfdump throws null error Duplicate ID: CF-3223299 using the sqlilite if I try to call cfdump, from java, with the results of "select * from artist" I will get a null error (275 rows). If I try
2613607 CF-3206505 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer add bootstrap classloader for listeners In order to get run Spring running inside of ColdFusion CF needs to load the "org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener" class, otherwise you can get all kinds of WebContext Init
2613543 CF-3282992 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer direct invoke argument throws null error by only changing the direct invoke argument to true I get NULL error works: new CFCProxy(cfcPath, false); breaks: new CFCProxy(cfcPath, true
2613555 CF-3230193 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer null error creating pdf through CFCProxy When I try to convert a url to pdf from a servlet I get the following NULL error. To recreate the error run the servlet and hit the url. --mike =================== java
2613604 CF-3206530 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer Spring integration, spring security and jsp tags Problem Description: If I configure Spring to run inside of the ColdFusion class loader, so I can use CFCPROXY when I try to use Spring JSP tags or Spring security I get errors Steps
2613553 CF-3231445 Charting/Graphing Michael Nimer cfchart fails from cfcproxy trying to generate a chart inside of a cfpresentation through CFCProxy throws this error I'm attaching the cfc, and the servlet to invoke it. ============ java.lang.NullPointerException coldfusion
Tracker Issue form scope is missing
2613544 CF-3282988 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer form scope is missing I'm not sure if this is a bug or enhancement. But on a form post (servlet doPost()) the FORM and URL scopes are not populated. I know the whole servlet filter chain is not invoked with CFCProxy, but it would be nice
2613545 CF-3282982 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer output cfdocument in cfc (invoked through cfcproxy) So I have a servlet invoking a cfc, which create a pdf and tries to output. Instead of returning the bytes and letting java write them to the output stream. I think this is a problem
2613563 CF-3223299 Language : Java Integration Michael Nimer large cfdump throws null error on 2nd cfcproxy execution Problem Description: When using CFCPROXY to invoke a CFC from a java servlet I get the following NULL error after the 1st time. The first time I run the page, it works fine