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Comment on RIAForge decommissioning by Michael Thomas
Comment on Oracle Java support for Adobe ColdFusion by Michael Thomas
Comment on Cold Fusion 2016 Compatibility with Windows Server 2016 by Michael Thomas
2610252 CF-3714584 AJAX Michael Thomas CFTEXTAREA richtext="true' and IE 10+ - NOT COMPATIBLE Duplicate ID: CF-3709472 Problem Description: In IE 10+, when a text box has the rich text area enabled, it only shows a small textbox. Steps to Reproduce: Use IE 10 or above and look at a form with a
2610442 CF-3701570 CFIMAGE Michael Thomas Error reading PNG image data - CFIMAGE Problem Description: I receive an error while reading a .png image, see attached. Steps to Reproduce: Created a screen capture using the Windows Snipping Tool larger than 500 x 500. Uploaded the image to server
Comment on All CFM requests logged as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll in IIS 10.0 by Michael T.