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Comment on Presentation Files of Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2018 by Mike Collins
Comment on Cannot get ColdFusion to follow Symlinks… by Mike Collins
Comment on Coldfusion 2018 on Windows 10 IIS issue by Mike Collins
2608181 CF-4169935 Anit K. Hi Hee Lee, A private patch is sent to you by Mike Collins. Please check with him.
3549263 CF-4199836 Administrator Mike Collins Wrong Alt Text for logo - states ColdFusion 10 If for some reason your CFIDE cannot load images it makes it look like you have CF10.
2672439 CF-4196232 Administrator Mike Collins Turning on Secure Cookie should force Admin to only run under https I ran into an issue with a client where they were securing their server and as they walked thru the steps turned on secure cookie but they continued to use http. This created lost
2709153 CF-4198198 Administrator Mike Collins Ueser Group Integration with external databases and LDAP Active Directory Allow the admin to use user \ group data from databases or Acrive Directory. Then use that data to restrict access like you can do today with internal user \ groups. Do
2672440 CF-4196225 Administrator Mike Collins Unique Proxy Settings for ColdFusion Updates Problem Description: CF auto-update feature allows for the CF server to communicate to Adobe CF servers and alert the adminiistrator when an update is available. Often times prod servers cannot talk
Mike Collins Tomcat Load Balancing Sample Worker.Properties File using Status Worker If you want to load balance between 2 ore more servers in ColdFusion here is an example file that will set it up.  You would edit for your local or remote servers.  This feature is part of Tomcat
3823926 CF-4200442 API Manager : Swagger Mike Collins Swagger Doc is not generated Problem Description: I added the following to my Application.cfc per the documentation and I am not seeing any swagger openapi doc generated. Pretty much followed these instructions. https
4107266 CF-4201603 Administrator Mike Collins Memory Variables Redis Password gets changed between Verify Button and Submit Changes Problem Description - Steps to Reproduce: When I Verify my Redis server connection it will verify but it then changes the password so if I hit Submit Changes
2609901 CF-3746561 Web Socket Mike Collins Running CF10 websockets HelloWorld works but calls the errorhandler JS function in CF11 When I run the code from (V6 from the zip file) it works in CF10 but throws
2610812 CF-3678038 Documentation Mike Collins ColdFusion 10 Updates allow for silent install but do not support silent uninstall Currently CF10 supports a silent install for ColdFusion updates. This is important when you have dozens or even hundreds of servers. However, I think to complete
2610971 CF-3655929 Logging Mike Collins CF (UNIX only) Use operating system logging facilities support for TCP (UNIX only) Use operating system logging facilities Select this option to log messages using the UNIX syslog logging facility. ColdFusion also writes log messages to the standard Cold
2614296 CF-3118499 Web Container (Tomcat) Mike Collins CF10 on Tomcat requires a new servlet mapping for friendly ses urls Problem Description: If you use the common approach of using friendly urls you will find Tomcat will throw a 404 error. Steps to Reproduce: Use an app such as blogcfc or mura
2672519 CF-4191999 Document Management Mike Collins CFPDF - creating Portfolio packages When trying to create a package using script straight from the doc I am getting an error. Test Script test one test two Error: An error occurred during MERGE operation in the cfpdf tag. Error
2608231 CF-4159711 Web Services Mike Collins InDesign Web Service Stub creation fails with variable sessionID is already defined in method error Problem Description: In CFAdmin when you define a web service to a running InDesign server you will receive this error stating that the stubs could
2609256 CF-3864124 Web Services Mike Collins CF10 Updater14 Web Services throws ZipException Error Problem Description: Immediately after update to CF10 Upater14 on Redhat \ WebSphere web service calls starting to throw zipexception errors. Removing Updater14 brings back the web services. Steps
2610983 CF-3655341 CFForm Mike Collins Multiple Form Fields with the same name are returned as arrays - still not fixed if you go thru the missing template handler. Problem Description: The above bug is not resolved if you use the missing
2613413 CF-3321442 AJAX Mike Collins CFLayout does not load properly with SSL (https), works fine with http Problem Description: When using cflayout with ssl the domcontentloaded event seems to fire too early and you end up with an object not defined error which then stops the layout objects from
2609911 CF-3745645 Installation/Config Mike Collins CF11 should expose AJP Port, Change at Install, I just updated my server with the beta release and I did not uninstall my prerelease version to make sure I could remember dsn's I need to carry over etc. When I installed the beta I choose to use
2611036 CF-3648723 Web Services Mike Collins CF10 Axis2 WSDL creation Problem Description: I received this from a CF Customer: In Axis2, there's a class called "CodeGeneratorEngine". When running from the command line, this is the generator used to translate a WSDL into java stubs. However
3816599 CF-4200434 Administrator Mike Collins Settings Summary throwing an error - ALLPDFSERVICEOBJ is undefined Problem Description: I am receiving below error when opening CF Admin Setting Summary page. I do not have any PDF Services defined. Steps to Reproduce: Go to Settings Summary Page