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Comment on CFLDAP Timeout Value Less Than 158 Causes Error. by Mikeal P.
3952668 CF-4201058 S P. Hi Mikeal Parfrey, This issue would be happening because your particular testcase might be taking more than 158s to complete. So, we would be fixing the exception that is currently being thrown to be an appropriate timeout exception. Thanks!
3952668 CF-4201058 S P. Hi Mikeal, In order to confirm if this is just exception issue, could try the following: Can you tell me the behavior when: specify a smaller value (say 10,50) specify a larger value 3.No timeout value Thanks!
3952668 CF-4201058 HariKrishna K. Hi Mikeal, Tried with a simple test below: It works on both CF 2016 and CF 2018.  Let me know if i'm missing something here? Please share your snippet to repro the issue.
5421785 CF-4204061 Dattanand M. @Mikeal  If there are 2 ColdFusion Applications and  if you set the global memory to 10000, then per application should be 5000 each or less than that. If you sum up per application memory, it should not exceed Global memory limit. Please let us know how many
3952668 CF-4201058 Net Protocols : LDAP Mikeal Parfrey CFLDAP Timeout Value Less Than 158 Causes Error. Problem Description: Setting a timeout value of less than 158 in the CFLDAP timeout paramater causes an error. Steps to Reproduce: Add timeout="157" to a valid CFLDAP query tag. Actual Result