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2771273 CF-4198266 Scheduler Mingo Hagen RequestTimeout has not been removed This feature was deprecated in CF11, shouldn't it be removed in the next (being CF2016) version? It's still there in the Administrator.
2673606 CF-4123625 Documentation Mingo Hagen htmlEditFormat() missing from deprecated functions page htmlEditFormat() is missing from possibly others too? ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2673123 CF-4149667 Documentation Mingo Hagen ORM: has() documentation error Problem Description: On In the paragraph for {{boolean Has
2673313 CF-4127382 Language Mingo Hagen Missing member equivalent of arrayDeleteNoCase Problem Description: The newly added arrayDeleteNoCase is missing its member function equivalent. Steps to Reproduce: test = ["a","b"]; writeOutput( test.deleteNoCase( "A" )); Actual Result: Error
2673595 CF-4125124 Language Mingo Hagen Missing member equivalent of arrayContainsNoCase Problem Description: The newly added arrayContainsNoCase is missing its member function equivalent. Steps to Reproduce: test = ["a","b"]; writeOutput( test.containsNoCase( "A" )); Actual Result: Error
2608350 CF-4116730 Documentation Mingo Hagen Missing images on the Advanced Mapping documentation page On this URL the images are missing. They are still visible on the old (cf9) docs
3401696 CF-4199483 ORM Support Mingo Hagen Using PostgreSQL shows an error in coldfusion-out I'm seeing this error in coldfusion-out: INFO HHH000424: Disabling contextual LOB creation as createClob() method threw error : java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
2672574 CF-4186948 Core Runtime Mingo Hagen CF's .toJson() should not trigger on Java object with the same function name Problem Description: When calling .toJson() on a java object which has a method implemented with that name, ColdFusion tries to run it's own version of a function with that name
2608161 CF-4176011 Language Mingo Hagen Setting a cookie to a non-simple value doesn't throw an error in scope-syntax Problem Description: When setting a cookie to (for example) a struct-type variable using the cfcookie() / syntax throws (as expected) an error, doing the same using scope
2673124 CF-4149665 ORM Support Mingo Hagen ORM: has() doesn't take the property's where attribute into account Problem Description: Given this property: property name="bars" singularname="bar" fieldtype="one-to-many" fkcolumn="fooid" cfc="bar" where="deleted=0"; The hasBar() function doesn't use
2608433 CF-4095369 Language Mingo Hagen NULL values are handled differently by serializeJSON() for ORM entities Problem Description: Using serializeJSON() to convert an object to json gives a different result than when using serializeJSON() to convert a struct to json when it encounters a NULL
2608476 CF-4085376 ORM Support Mingo Hagen CF generates different .hbmxml files at different times. Problem Description: As mentioned in bug 4024472: CF generates different .hbmxml files at different times. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Set this.ORMSettings.saveMapping to true 2. remove previously
3401697 CF-4199484 ORM Support Mingo Hagen saveMapping=true logs WARN messages Problem Description: The hbmxml files seem to be generated with an out of date DTD reference: WARN HHH000223: Recognized obsolete hibernate namespace Use namespace http
: it shouldn't copy when using mappedSuperClass=true. If you are saying I'm not correct and that this is not a bug, can you show me where my mistake is in the sample code I provided? Best regards, Mingo Hagen.
2608066 CF-4197116 Language Mingo Hagen Unexpected behaviour from setLocale when used inside cfthread Problem Description: Having setLocale() in a cfthread can throw a NullPointerException errors at (seemingly) random intervals or simply not work. I have tested with CF9, CF10, CF11 and CF2016
2672667 CF-4178506 ORM Support Mingo Hagen The `sqlType` argument in a mappedSuperClass is not being propagated to its inheriting classes Related Bugs: CF-4024472 - Similar to CF-4024472 - Similar to Problem Description: A primary key property in a mappedSuperClass will be used by its descendants
2673611 CF-4122530 Database Mingo Hagen Duplicate doesn't work on cached queries Duplicate ID: CF-4126391 Problem Description: Having a cachedWithin argument with a non-zero value in a cfquery, query.cfc or queryExecute() results in an empty query object when duplicate() is used. Steps
2673654 CF-4119653 Language : Scopes Mingo Hagen Setting non-scoped variable in a udf in CF2016 behaves differently from CF11 Related Bugs: CF-4031746 - Similar to Problem Description: Setting a non-scoped variable in a udf in CF2016 behaves differently from CF11. In CF11 the repro code below
2608736 CF-4013936 Database Mingo Hagen Postgres cast shorthand :: doesn't work when using cfscripts new query() Problem Description: When using PostgreSQL as a datasource the shorthand SELECT '10'::int will generate an error, the reason is that a the query.cfc file interprets a colon as a named
2609678 CF-3809112 ORM Support Mingo Hagen Empty cfcomponent which extends a mappedSuperClass doesn't get persisted Problem Description: A cfcomponent with no properties but which has persistent="true" and extends a base class with mappedSuperClass="true" doesn't get persisted. Steps to Reproduce
2608676 CF-4024472 ORM Support Mingo Hagen ORM entities are incorrectly created when using single table inheritance with mappedSuperClass Related Bugs: CF-4178506 - Similar to CF-4178506 - Similar to Problem Description: When you have a base component (base.cfc) with MappedSuperClass set