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Comment on WebSocket implementation does not support ping/pong (keepalives) by Mosh T.
Comment on Unescaped query.column as struct key name yields unexpected results by Mosh T.
Comment on Unescaped query.column as struct key name yields unexpected results by Mosh T.
Comment on REST restPath attribute not supporting regex that defines restpath argument as optional by Mosh T.
Comment on REST restPath attribute not supporting regex that defines restpath argument as optional by Mosh T.
2923599 CF-4198401 Language : General Mosh Teitelbaum " #i# {code}   Actual Result: theList Expected Result: 1 2 3 Any Workarounds: Surround the variable name with hashes/pound signs as in:
3046932 CF-4198569 Poonam J. Mosh, We can follow up on bug CF-4198401. Let me know your issue is resolved or not. You can comment on the bug #4198401.
3046932 CF-4198569 Language : General Mosh Teitelbaum Bug #CF-4198401 Incorrectly closed Problem Description: Bug #CF-4198401 is incorrectly marked as withdrawn/closed. I never withdrew the bug and, as of the latest update, it is still not resolved. Please reopen the bug. Steps to Reproduce
2851134 CF-4198337 CFComponent Mosh Teitelbaum setMetaData() for component properties There are currently CF functions to set the meta data (e.g., datatype) of specific struct keys and array items via the structSetMetaData() and array.setMetaData() functions. This is essential for proper
3046930 CF-4198568 HariKrishna K. Mosh, The usage is incorrect, when the content-type is "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", then the data that should be sent will be of type "formfiled". Here is the sample snippet:
2923599 CF-4198401 Poonam J. This behavior is expected. To provide list in the cfloop , the list name should be surrounded by hash. @Mosh: Could you check and confirm
2923599 CF-4198401 Poonam J. @Mosh : This behavior is expected and as-designed. The loop over list or array in CF , it should be surrounded by hash. cfset behavior is different compare to cfloop. This is as-designed.
2923599 CF-4198401 Poonam J. @mosh, You will the same behavior for in cfloop when looping over array or any other attribute like collection etc. Also, I understand your point here and will check on this ,if this can be taken as an enhancement. Thanks
2888738 CF-4198371 Poonam J. Hi Mosh. We can column notation in this way as well. and    In first one we are using the value of num while in second we are defining a column name as age.It is not about assignment but using the value for defining new column/key.I hope I am able to clear my
2672357 CF-4197195 REST Services Mosh Teitelbaum Order of REST handlers affects accessibility Problem Description: In a CFC that defines REST endpoint handlers, the order in which the different functions are defined can affect ColdFusion's ability to process that endpoint/pattern. Specifically, I
2672537 CF-4190101 REST Services Mosh Teitelbaum onError() and onMissingTemplate() don't work to catch 404 and 405 errors Duplicate ID: CF-4164063 Problem Description: The onError() method of the Application.cfc does not catch 404 or 405 exceptions ("Not Found" and "Method Not Allowed") generated
2888738 CF-4198371 Language Mosh Teitelbaum Unescaped query.column as struct key name yields unexpected results Problem Description: When creating a struct key and trying to use the value from a query as the key, not escaping the queryname.columnname returns an unexpected result. Instead
3454893 CF-4199598 Web Socket Mosh Teitelbaum WebSocket messages do not support non-ASCII characters in the case of websocket proxy Problem Description: Sending a message that includes non-ASCII characters (unicode, emojis, etc.) results in the non-ASCII characters being replaced with multiple
2672362 CF-4197166 REST Services Mosh Teitelbaum REST restPath attribute not supporting regex that defines restpath argument as optional Problem Description: Following up on Bug 4197164, in order to support CORS preflight requests, every endpoint in the API must define an OPTIONS handler. Some
2672538 CF-4190050 REST Services Mosh Teitelbaum Exceptions in REST services do not pass exception information to Application.cfc onError() handler Problem Description: Exceptions thrown in REST services are caught by the Application.cfc file's onError() handler but the handler's "Exception
3046930 CF-4198568 REST Services Mosh Teitelbaum Sending request with application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Type causes Jersey error Problem Description: I'm developing an application that uses a REST API, using the built-in ColdFusion REST functionality, for the back-end. Any request sent
2672363 CF-4197164 REST Services Mosh Teitelbaum CORS Preflight unable to be caught by Application.cfc onRequestStart function. Uses built-in jersey handler instead. Problem Description: When the client source code originates from a different source as the server on which the REST API code resides
2596938 CF-3338219 Document Management : PDF Form Mosh Teitelbaum cfpdfform does not release handle on written file Problem Description:When using cfpdfform to populate form fields within a PDF file, ColdFusion does not release the file handle to the written file upon completion. All subsequent
3454891 CF-4199597 Web Socket : WebSocket Proxy Mosh Teitelbaum WebSocket messages sent to client are cut off at semicolons Problem Description: Using the ColdFusion WebSocket proxy, and sending a message from the server to the client. If the message includes a semicolon, the proxy receives