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2682150 CFB-4193624 Nikhil D. Eric, I was trying to replicate the issue you mentioned but I was unable to reproduce. Can you please provide SQL code in which ColdFusion Builder stops responding. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards Nikhil Dubey
NIKHIL DUBEY Performance Monitoring Toolset- Incoming Services Monitoring Incoming services In Performance Monitoring Toolset, we have dedicated a section for monitoring incoming services to ColdFusion. There are three types of services- REST, SOAP, and RPC. Any webservice or RPC call hitting a
NIKHIL DUBEY CF Server Section – Performance Monitoring Toolset The primary job of Performance Monitoring Toolset is to monitor CF Servers. It provides end-to-end monitoring for all kinds of setups including individual nodes, individual cluster, J2EE environment or a combination of one or more
NIKHIL DUBEY Mystery of Health Score – Performance Monitoring Toolset The mystery of calculating Health Score in Performance Monitoring Toolset Performance Monitoring Toolset can measure how your system is performing. In various pages of our brand new toolset, you can find health scores for node