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Server Update Notification uses invalid email address
Update Notification Scheduled Task has malformed URL
Comment on Server Update Notification uses invalid email address by External U.
Comment on Update Notification Scheduled Task has malformed URL by Nikhil S.
Comment on Update Notification Scheduled Task has malformed URL by Aaron N.
Comment on Server Update Notification uses invalid email address by External U.
Comment on Server Update Notification uses invalid email address by External U.
2609288 CF-3861951 External U. test - subscribing for notifications
2613714 CF-3177732 External U. Thanks for the hint about notifications.
In CF admin > Server Update > Updates > Available updates, 'Check for updates' button is not in sync with the notification bulb.
Comment on In CF admin > Server Update > Updates > Available updates, 'Check for updates' button is not in sync with the notification bulb. by Adobe D.
2672349 CF-4197250 Aaron N. ADOBE, You NEED to send out pending comment/vote notifications. The fact that your new tracker didn't have notifications implemented before going into production, doesn't mean that the notifications that should've been sent should just fall into the void. I was never
2609338 CF-3858286 External U. +1...adding vote so it shows up in CF Notifications
2614006 CF-3138032 External U. I never got any notification on this. And no they are not related at all.
2609189 CF-3914314 External U. Hi Immanuel, Just in case SDSoftDev doesn't get a notification of your comment (I, myself, do not get notifications when engineers add comments), I'll just note that I believe #2 is RHEL 5.11 per the Test Configuration section of the ticket. Thanks!, -Aaron
Legorol San SauravGhosh, I believe Miguel made this comment to be able to receive notifications when further comments are made to this blog post. I am not aware of any other method that allows a user to subscribe to notifications about comments on a post. The only relevant entry in the Settings
4288021 CF-4202301 Aaron N. Hi Immanuel and Vamsee, I'm sorry I did not see your message (Immanuel) because Tracker's email notification system has been broken since October. I've compared the timestamp of these errors w/ the timestamps of my PR discussions. I see I was testing Aether's null
Grae Desmond Thanks for posting the links and recaps up here on the portal.  Like having so many avenues of notification to make sure I dont miss one and can read if I do.
2613451 CF-3315068 External U. Those URLs do not appear to be publicly accessible yet. If the docs are moving (yet again), will there be some notification to the community (such as via
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. Problems with a mail notification system having emails disappearing on a random basis, noted in CF logs it has sent, using Sendgrid to monitor but showing emails not left the building.
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. We get complains from users about important emails showing up. The ColdFusion logs indicate that the email was sent, but SMTP shows signs of never receiving the notification.
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. In the digital age, email can be considered a legally binding form of communication. It is imperative that accurate logs are kept regarding whether or not an email was sent. Emails disappearing in to thin air without notification creates trust and legal issues
2596957 CF-3312296 External U. My clients rely heavily on emails from their application for notifications when system critical process occur. Email failures cost my clients time and money. Please help with this problem.
4393429 CF-4202622 Aaron N. I am subscribed to this ticket per my above comment but didn't receive email notification of Ajay's comment. Testing testing 1234.
2609329 CF-3858939 External U. Hi Hari, I never get notified when an engineer adds a comment on a ticket (even when I'm the one that filed the ticket). I only get notified when the ticket status changes. If you change the ticket status to PRNeedInfo, then turtmcfly will likely get a notification
6259329 CF-4205250 Charlie A. Leith, thanks. Though again it's mostly moot now with with the updates released this week, which roll in that fix.. Still, for any who like you may not yet have applied the latest update, perhaps that info could help. As for getting notifications from tracker here
notation. object[method](params) Method: {code:java} mailer = CreateObject("component", "active.cfc.emailNotifications"); if (bUpdated){ method = 'doProfileUpdateNotification'; } else { method = 'doNewProfileNotification'; } mailer[method](dataID); {code} Result
2609626 CF-3818776 External U. Hi Rupesh, Thanks very much for confirming all of that! Very cool about #1 and especially #3 =) And I think this is the 1st time I've received an email notification of an engineer adding a comment, so -maybe- that notification issue has been fixed. And I'm also w
Vamseekrishna Nanneboina @Charlie - The refreshed installers have Java 11 and Update 2 baked in. The "bulb" notification showing "1 update available" can be ignored as installing the same does not change anything.
SauravGhosh Charlie and James, Since we did not make any new change in both the builds, preview and "official", both the builds have the same numbers. Yes, you can use the preview builds, but you must change the update url to receive notifications if future updates.
1723014 CF-4163547 Localization [LOC]: HotFix Update details in the Update section is not localized. Problem: HotFix Update details in the Update section is not localized. Method: 1. Click on the update notification that appears on the Administrator page. Result: The HotFix detail
6547071 CF-4206252 Administrator : HotFix Notification Can't connect to CF update url Problem Description: unable to connect to CF URL to check for CF2016 updates. When attempting to connect to I receive: "Not able to connect to Update Site: Connection
2608735 CF-4014234 Mary J. Absolutely irresponsible to close a bug just because someone did not reply to it particularly as unreliable as notifications are! Nothing should be more important to fix than issues related to keeping our servers secure. The bug report even HAD the information on what
2609077 CF-3935959 External U. Sorry, I did not have email notifications on so didn't see this, but as Paul mentioned, it probably is due to you not testing with anything other than string fields. In our case, we had both integer and string custom fields.
2609298 CF-3861184 Aaron N. Getting tired of finding my "not fixed" comments ignored. Creating a system to monitor my "not fixed" comments and auto-send notifications to Together, let's move this ship forward. Thanks!, -Aaron
2609459 CF-3845979 External U. Hi Immanuel, Thanks very much for the ticket#, and I've voted. You're welcome, and -interestingly- I did get a notification ~10 minutes ago about this ticket here. Thanks!, -Aaron
2611003 CF-3653076 Piyush K. The fix for this bug has been incorporated and released as Update 13 for CF10. You should get an auto notification in the CF admin console to download and install it. For further details you may refer the following article: http
2682167 CFB-4168736 External U. How can this as designed? I understand that is makes sense to show it ONCE, but not every time. How can I disable the notifications? People may be fine with express edition, but they do not like to get notified about not using the full license on every startup.
4521312 CF-4203045 Charlie A. Sure, that looks great. Thanks. (Sorry, I don't always see email sent from notifications about replies here.) I wonder if an installer choice about this should be considered. I realize some would decry more installer choices, but this is no less likely than the one
2682377 CFB-4110535 Aaron N. Hi Teresa, I'm guessing you were never notified of Adobe's question b/c Tracker's email notification system was broken. Could you please share example code? The URL you gave returns 404. Thanks!, -Aaron
4607209 CF-4203132 Philipp C. Hi Kailash, thanks for following this up and reopening the bug! This issue is bugging us in productive applications so a fix would really be appreciated. Note: I did not get an e-mail notification about your message this time (re-checked spam folder). Thanks
5284753 CF-4203969 Charlie A. Hi, folks. I got notification of the plan for this to be fixed in "alpha". Can anyone elaborate on that? Alpha of what? I hope not CF2020. This is an issue in the current docs, and just requires a change to a couple of lines in the docs, it seems (not awaiting some new
2609221 CF-3909712 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I received an email notification, from this ticket, saying: "Target Version updated to 'Alpha'". What does Alpha mean, in terms of CF2018? Or do you mean CF2020 Alpha? What change(s) do you propose? Could you please keep us in the loop? Thanks!, -Aaron
6798667 CF-4207162 Charlie A. I got a notification that this bug had been changed to component "security:sandbox". I disagree with that change. What i report is not a big in the feature, it is in the docs only. (I don't see the change appearing here yet, as it still says "component:" "Documentation
David Byers Using ColdFusion to send a one off SMS Message using AWS SNS (in five lines of code!) Sending a simple SMS Message using ColdFusion and Amazon Web Services' Simple Notification Service quickly and (relatively) painlessly. The post Using ColdFusion to send a one off SMS Message using AWS
2609832 CF-3760334 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Mouse hover to Install button shows text "Download and install" Install ColdFusion Go to Updates Change site url to http://{ip}/pub/adobe/coldfusion/xml/updates.xml Download update Mouse hover to Install button Expected: Mouse hover text
2609925 CF-3743255 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user In Weblogic, Dialog box which pops up after downloading the hotfix does show any buttons. Problem: In Weblogic, Dialog box which pops up after downloading the hotfix does not have any button. For details refer attached screenshot
2609928 CF-3743165 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user ColdFusion Update keeps on checking for the status, if ColdFusion is configured with external webserver. Problem: ColdFusion Update keeps on checking for the status, if ColdFusion is configure with external webserver. Method: Result
2610121 CF-3728133 Administrator : HotFix Notification ext-user We should provide status while uninstalling ColdFusion update. Problem: We should provide status while uninstalling ColdFusion update. Related Bug#3345792 where we are providing status while installing the ColdFusion update. Method
2613159 CF-3342557 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Hot fix must have constant base number with varying build number Problem: While installing Hotfix currently we don't have a constant base number. There should be some base number displaying in the ColdFusion Administrator which should
2682144 CFB-4196741 Editor Features Paul Sussan ColdFusion builder software update failure Problem Description: ColdFusion Builder updates fail universally Steps to Reproduce: Click on any software update notification Actual Result: Error and failure Expected Result: Software update Any
handshake mechanism(notification) to show progress bar at the bottom corner and constantly poll server for latest statusResult . Result: Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4121267 External Customer Info: External
3085992 CF-4198656 John W. Had a notification that this bug's Reason Code has been changed to "Duplicate" Change Details: status updated from 'To Fix' to 'To Test' Reason Code updated from 'BugVerified' to 'Duplicate' Can I ask that when bugs in the tracker are flagged as "Duplicate
wizard i think. Also i totally did not receive any notification that you replied to this, just stumbled upon this when looking through bugs.
't be migrated. The notification, listing which settings won't be migrated, should be displayed 1) during CAR Creation and 2) during CAR Deploy. Should I log a separate ticket? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608652 CF-4033856 Piyush K. Benoit, Can you share the stack traces from your CF exception.log files from the time corresponding to the error notification emails you received. Let us see if we see something akin to what Aaron is suspecting in there. Aaron. Thanks for your input. I think we can
2609894 CF-3750467 External U. Weird. I didn't receive email notifications on your comments. My apologies. The issue is present in CF11 (as well as Railo/Lucee), but seems to be related to the PostgreSQL JDBC driver and connection pooling. Increasing the max allowed connections will help up
2613400 CF-3323518 External U. Hi all, It is difficult to have discussions in b/c it does not send email notifications when comments are added. Thus, I've posted my reply here: and added a link back
2597302 CF-3044009 Rupesh K. PRNeedInfo is applicable to anyone who logs the bug and a notification is sent to that person whenever status reason is changed to PRNeedInfo. As I understand, the dropbox link given did not work and we were not able to reproduce the bug and we had asked for the repro
receive a notification today about the vote. For what it's worth, we are now running ColdFusion 11 and have not seen this issue recently.
6269102 CF-4205271 Charlie A. Thanks for the explanation, Piyush. (Somehow I didn't get or didn't see the notifications about these last few replies.) I see that update 6 is due to fix this:
updater, it starts and after the installanywhere progress bar, the installation disappears without any notification or prompts Steps to Reproduce: Install WAMPServer 2.2D and then install ColdFusion Server 9 and point it to the apache instance in WAMPServer. After installation is complete, try to run
Portal Topic Usability Issues
Aaron Neff Usability Issues Hi Adobe, This CF Community Portal has usability issues: I cannot tell if I’ve already viewed a thread. I cannot tell if a thread has had activity since the last time I viewed it. I cannot subscribe to email notifications. I cannot search for threads (the search tool
Grae Desmond Online ColdFusion Meetup Meeting Coming Up Just got notification of a new Coldfusion Meetup meeting coming up December 14th at noon eastern.  The topic is “Protect your CFML Apps with FuseGuard 3” and given by Pete Freitag.  More details can be found here
notes, and files in one collaborative space, archived for easy recall at any time. Stop the creative spiral with escalated notifications at project trigger points. CreativeQ is built for managing the creative process. It is easily customized to fit your workflow, without the unwanted feature
Charlie Arehart OK, good. I see Sandip that you just experienced the problem, with your first reply looking great, and then I got notification that you’d edited it, and I see it now all smashed together as one big paragraph. Hoping you can find what’s causing this and fix it. Thanks. Oh
Grae Desmond Are there any plans to automate the level notifications?   Just curious.  If not maybe you could add your response on emailing as text on the "Levels & Incentives" page so people will know going forward. I just happened across this thread today as it came up in my "More like this
Charlie Arehart Here's some good news on this matter: I got a notification just today (on that feature request in tracker) that Adobe is scheduling to remove the arg in CF2020, as of an upcoming beta release. Yay. :-) And let that be a lesson to those who say Adobe "never pays attention to issues
to Analyze" as the file's parent directory 3) Ensure "CFM" is one of the file types selected in "Analyze file types" 4) Click "Run Analyzer" 5) See no notification about Secure Profile changes addtoken's default value Verified in CF11 Update 7 (build 11
2609926 CF-3743254 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user After submitting Update URL site, 'Download' and 'Download and Install' buttons do not work. Problem: After submitting Update URL site, 'Download' and 'Download and Install' buttons do not work. Method: 1. Go to CF Admin > Server Update
2612954 CF-3361360 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user ColdFusion Update, "Settings" tab must allow to configure "FROM" address Duplicate ID: CF-3373350 Problem: Under ColdFusion Server Update -> Updates, "Settings" tab we can configure only "To" address. User should be given some options
2613205 CF-3339196 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Multiple installation invocation happens sometimes Problem: While installing hotfix from ColdFusion administrator, sometimes multiple installation invocations happens sometimes. This doesn't happens every time. Method: Result: Sometimes
2613419 CF-3319213 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user clicking on "Download and Install" does not installs Hotfix. This is a random behaviour Problem: clicking on "Download and Install" sometimes doesn't install and shows a message in the ColdFusion Administrator where the HotFix got
2613856 CF-3156476 Administrator : HotFix Notification ext-user Updates page not working as expected for user profiles created using User Manager Problem: 1) If a user is granted admin role (i.e. administrator and API access), he is *still* not allowed to download/download and Install
2614139 CF-3130239 Administrator : HotFix Notification Andrew Scott Updates not working anymore Problem Description: Well I have no idea why, but I have done this before and it has worked. But after installing and uninstalling that many times, I think something has finally screwed up. I have
2614167 CF-3127808 Administrator : HotFix Notification Scott Stewart HotFix hf-10-00002 28th Feb 2012 fails on download Problem Description: HotFix hf-10-00002 28th Feb 2012 fails on download with error: Error occurred while downloading the update: Failed Checksum verification Steps to Reproduce
2614756 CF-3073887 Administrator : HotFix Notification ext-user Uninstalling hot fix from Admin shows message that "ColdFusion Server will stop and restart on uninsallation of Hot fix, but server does not restart Duplicate ID: CF-2927020 Problem: On uninstalling hot fix from admin show warning
: Works Expected Result: Works Any Workarounds: Just Notification
2597897 CF-3042122 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I filed this ticket on September 2, 2010 against CF9.0.1. I just got an email notification saying you closed it as Withdrawn/CannotReproduce. Can you please change the status to Closed/Fixed? You already fixed this issue sometime between CF9.0.1 and Raijin
-open and communicate via email. This new leaves much to be desired regarding communication :) (i.e. comment notifications are never emailed) Please note that this ticket has no comment, or vote comment, history. That is b/c migrated CFB tickets are missing that info. Please see TSBX-147. Thanks
4521312 CF-4203045 Charlie A. Sorry, I somehow missed the notification of your first comment. So first thanks for that. And ok on your first point. That explains it. But why not then at least offer a checkbox in the cf admin, rather than have people need to rely only on that non-adobe blog post
4607234 CF-4203136 Bradley W. Hi Nimit, sorry I didn't reply to your 8/16 message but I never received an E-mail about it. I just checked my inbox and there was no notification. Unless you've done something to fix this, I'm sure it's still an issue. I haven't really been using ColdBox on 2018
4386380 CF-4202619 Charlie A. Hmm. Got a notification today that this bug report had been updated with a minor aspect of the component it's being tracked as, which I assume an Adobe person changed. But it's sad that it's been 14 months since the only brief interaction from an Adobe representative
you can answer this response? (Somehow I never got any notification of your comment when you posted it in April. I did see the notification of James new comment today, which brought me back here.)
reported in the previous update release. If you had installed the preview updates of these releases, make sure that you revert the update URL to the default value to receive update notifications. IMPORTANT: If you will be using the Administrator interface to perform the update, note that you must
it not be the other way around? And obviously neither is actually a problem. And apparently queryExecute() is not vulnerable in these ways, as I get no notifications on those statements. I have to ask... is this feature ready for testing yet? Should I just leave it be? Note: I am not specifically trying to defeat
2609506 CF-3840648 Administrator : HotFix Notification A. Bakia Coldfusion 11 Update 2 impossible due to error in Coldfusion Administrator Problem Description: When you attempt to update ColdFusion 11.0.1 to Coldfusion 11 Update 2 using the update facility in the ColdFusion Administrator, you get
2611887 CF-3577840 Administrator : HotFix Notification ext-user coldfusion.tagext.lang.LockTag$TimeoutException: A timeout occurred while attempting to lock updatecheck. Problem: coldfusion.tagext.lang.LockTag$TimeoutException: A timeout occurred while attempting to lock updatecheck. Method: 1
2612352 CF-3519719 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Users should be notified in case a problem is encountered when applying the update using the ColdFusion Administrator Problem: There have been instances when the hot-fix mechanism fails silently and users are often misled into thinking
2612979 CF-3355842 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user In Admin UI, prompt which shows up for instances during hot-fix installation doesnt contain check box for "Select All" option Problem: In Admin UI, prompt which shows up for instances during hot-fix installation doesnt contain check box
2613119 CF-3345396 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Updates already applied from console, should be restricted from ColdFusion Administrator Problem: If I have already applied Hotfix from console, then ColdFusion Administrator should restrict from reapplying the same Hotfix. Suppose I
2613415 CF-3320393 Hot Fix Installer : Notification ext-user Single click on "Progress Information" dialog box sometimes doesn't work Problem: Apply Hotfix by clicking on "Download and Install". A dialog box pops saying the "ColdFusion server will be stopped and restarted during installation" click
2613970 CF-3141274 Administrator : HotFix Notification Glyn Jackson Updater Failed Checksum verification Error Problem Description: When trying to update using the new updater in the Administrator area I get the following error... "Error occurred while downloading the update:Failed Checksum
notification of some kind. I had a site down for several hours because of a change I made that I thought was innocuous. It was late, I was tired and now I'm grumpy. Annnnd into the black hole it goes....
2608191 CF-4167008 External U. We're experiencing this bug as well on both CF11 and CF16. It seems to be causing, or perhaps the result of a frequently occuring HTTP Error 502 "Bad Gateway". Here's info from IIS failed connection tracing: ModuleName="IsapiModule", Notification
2608339 CF-4118887 Aaron N. *bump* - I received notification that this ticket was updated, yet my questions above remain unanswered. Steps: 1) On Server 1, enable Sandbox Security & Secure Profile 2) On Server 1, create .car of all settings 3) On Server 2, deploy .car created in Step 2 Expected
2609156 CF-3918827 External U. First, I do not get email notifications when you post a request for more info. Should I? It's hard to constantly check in here to see if something is needed. Second, my topnav.cfm file no longer loads all the way because it throws an error so I can't navigate