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Comment on Reload/Redirect Loop caused by HTTP2, IIS10 and Safari. by Patrick H.
Tracker Issue Bug 83622:In 9
2598056 CF-3041792 AJAX : Plumbing Patrick Liess Bug 83622:In 9 Duplicate ID: CF-3041793 Problem: In 9.0.1 some SerializeJSON bugs (the int to float bugs) have been fixed. But now the serializing a query is completly broken. All Integer fields become Strings. Method: Do a cfquery with SELECT ID
2614305 CF-3117894 Adobe D. Hi Patrick , Can you please provide more details , Such as web server you have configured ? Because we are not able to repro the issue . Also this looks much of a setup issue . So if you can give more details , we can try to debug the issue . (Comment added from ex
2598055 CF-3041793 AJAX : Plumbing Patrick Liess Bug 83638:The patch notes state that the int to float bug has been fixed Problem: The patch notes state that the int to float bug has been fixed. It says that 10 will turn to 10, 012 will turn to "012" (which is fine) and 10.25 will turn to 10
2598277 CF-3041515 ORM Support Patrick Heppler Bug 83047:(Watson Migration Closure)When using EntityLoad() passing-in an invalid option, there is no error Problem: When using EntityLoad() passing-in an invalid option, there is no error.For example: gb=EntityLoad("guestbook",{active=1},"date Desc
2599335 CF-3040317 CFIMAGE Patrick Heppler Bug 80396:imagenew() can't read TIF-File on Mac OS X 10 Duplicate ID: CF-3039861 Problem: imagenew() can't read TIF-File on Mac OS X 10.6.1, while same code works on RedHat EL 4. Both running ColdFusion 9 with Apache 2.GetReadableImageFormats() tells me
2611059 CF-3647132 Text Search : Solr Patrick Branley Jetty Init Script - Solaris Problem Description: - Solr/jetty Init Script is broken Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2614176 CF-3126957 Language Patrick Heppler Function to run CFML stored in database Would be a nice feature to run cfml straight from a query result. For example a database table called content contains a field whith cfml code stored as string, so you could do this: SELECT bodytext FROM content
2611058 CF-3647133 Net Protocols : HTTP Patrick Branley HTTP Proxy and XMLValidate Duplicate ID: CF-3653676 Problem Description: HTTPProxy does not work on solaris Steps to Reproduce: Proxy Host - verify jvm.config works #sys
Tracker Issue Upgrade Zingcharts
2612660 CF-3476873 Charting/Graphing Patrick Branley Upgrade Zingcharts The latest version of Zingcharts has the following property [ root » graph » plot » legend-item ] maxChars Numeric Sets the maximum number of characters displayed by the text label. If value is smaller than the length
2614177 CF-3126940 Installation/Config : Connector Patrick Heppler Apache version Check on Linux box Problem Description: Installer checks for supported Apache version, but the minor versions supported are outdated Steps to Reproduce: Run installer on linux box with Apache 2.2.15 Actual Result
2614305 CF-3117894 Administrator patrick branley Error when running admin for the first time Problem Description: Steps to Reproduce: install CF10 stand alone with a server already running CF9. Migration wizard appears. http://localhost/CFIDE/Administrator/ Entered my admin password and got
2601994 CF-3037353 Legacy Area : Usability Patrick Heppler Bug 75158:(Watson Migration Closure)When using ColdFusions built-in AJAX features, you're unable to validate your site as XHTML Strict!!! It would be nice, if the ColdFusion generated JavaScript would be either placed in a separate file
3194404 CF-4198861 Database : Oracle Patrick Mackay ColdFusion errors when inserting, updating or selecting Oracle 12c Varchar2 columns that are over 4000 characters Problem Description: Oracle 12c can now store over 32k of data in a Varchar2 columns instead of the previous limitation of 4000