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2611059 CF-3647132 Text Search : Solr Patrick Branley Jetty Init Script - Solaris Problem Description: - Solr/jetty Init Script is broken Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds: ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2611058 CF-3647133 Net Protocols : HTTP Patrick Branley HTTP Proxy and XMLValidate Duplicate ID: CF-3653676 Problem Description: HTTPProxy does not work on solaris Steps to Reproduce: Proxy Host - verify jvm.config works #sys
Tracker Issue Upgrade Zingcharts
2612660 CF-3476873 Charting/Graphing Patrick Branley Upgrade Zingcharts The latest version of Zingcharts has the following property [ root » graph » plot » legend-item ] maxChars Numeric Sets the maximum number of characters displayed by the text label. If value is smaller than the length
2614305 CF-3117894 Administrator patrick branley Error when running admin for the first time Problem Description: Steps to Reproduce: install CF10 stand alone with a server already running CF9. Migration wizard appears. http://localhost/CFIDE/Administrator/ Entered my admin password and got