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Comment on Either datafile XML or data XML contained in the PDF document is invalid. by Paul J.
Comment on not able to delete log files from Admin only in case of J2EE server by Paul N.
Comment on Log4J patterns doesn't use text qualifiers for empty application names by Paul N.
1723012 CF-4164063 Suresh J. Comments from Paul We do not have such a feature. And it will not be possible to provide onMissingTemplate support. During REST service registration, we generate the JSR 311 annotated classes and provide it to Jersey. From these annotations, Jersey creates the Rules
Paul Mascari After installation of this update on CF2018 (Windows, IIS) we're finding that the CFLOGIN attribute, allowconcurrent, seems to be 'stuck' on: FALSE. According to the j-l/cflogin.html" rel
2609057 CF-3940769 Installation/Config : JEE Deployment Paul Cassar J2EE EAR Packaging failing on Updates 2 & 3 Duplicate ID: CF-3728267 Problem Description: We are deploying EAR files packaged via the ColdFusion admin J2EE packaging screen and they are failing each time with an error: javax
3283113 CF-4199031 Suchika S. The script variant of cfloop now supports looping over list , structures , array and  query . {code:java} cfloop(list="1,2,3,4", index="i", item="j"){ writeoutput("index:" & i) writeoutput("item:" & j & "") } {code} {code:java} myArray = ["John", "Paul", "George
2608236 CF-4158918 Application Deployment Paul Cassar WEB.XML - Deployed EAR file Problem Description: After the EAR file was generated via ColdFusion 11, our customized web.xml which was configured in order to comply to our security procedures was replaced by the default ColdFusion web
2790612 CF-4198279 Application Deployment Paul Cassar Error: Monitoring service is not available when multiple EAR files deployed at same time Problem Description: When deploying multiple Coldfusion deployments as a J2EE Ear file on the same server, some of them may not start due to a conflict
2613060 CF-3348475 Administrator : Administrator Console paul karlin Concurrency issue accessing / verifying a datasource - "could not locate" datasource Problem Description: We periodically see an error of the following form: "Could not locate [DATASOURCENAME_REDACTED]. This usually means