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Comment on Concurrency issue accessing / verifying a datasource - "could not locate" datasource by Paul K.
2609783 CF-3774074 Piyush K. Paul, just to reaffirm, the initial fix was pulled from Update 5.
2613568 CF-3222748 Rupesh K. @PaulG, could you please confirm that you re-configured the connector after applying the update?
5666487 CF-4204277 Piyush K. Paul, Pls. share the information requested my my previous comment. I have attached the test code that I used to attempt to reproduce the issue.
2682164 CFB-4172368 Mukesh K. Hi Paul, We cannot able to reproduce the issue . Can you please apply the latest update on ColdFusion Builder ? Thanks, Mukesh
5137641 CF-4203610 Piyush K. Hi Paul, Can you pls. confirm if it would be possible for you to check if the patch works for CF 2016 on the latest update.
2608231 CF-4159711 Akhila K. Hi Mike, As Paul has mentioned below, please try with specifying "wsversion" for Axis 1 and let us know. Thanks, Akhila.
5137641 CF-4203610 Piyush K. Paul, We have not certified CF with office 365 service. Is there a way you can find out the exchange version of the exchange service you are using? The supported versions are: 2010_SP2, 2010_SP1, 2010 and 2013. 2016 will also be supported with a soon to be released
2608258 CF-4151061 Mukesh K. Hi Paul, Did you install updates with admin privileges ? If no , can you please try and let us know . 1. Launch the command prompt with admin privileges . 2. install updates with using coldfusion jre . Can you please also share updates level before and after
2608258 CF-4151061 Mukesh K. Hi Paul, I have tried in my system and not able to reproduce the issue . Can you please share CF10 hotfix19 installation logs file ? You can also get in touch with the CF support team at for help with narrowing down the issue. Thanks, Mukesh
5137641 CF-4203610 Piyush K. Thanks Paul. Can you also confirm the update level of your client's CF 2016 server. If it it not patched with the recently released update 8, will it be possible to you to check if the problem crops up when you apply the update, and if using the patch shared here
5137641 CF-4203610 Piyush K. Paul, There are some new changes and checks to support the new Exchange 2010 service packs and the newer exchange versions 2013 and 2016. These changes are also included in the recently released update 8 for CF2016. So, if cfexchangemail is working for your client
5666487 CF-4204277 Piyush K. Paul, Can we replicate the issue outside your environment I tried by load testing some simple session start and end test code, (with CF2018u3) but did not observe the NPE error. Is it possible for you to come up with some test code with which the issue can be reproduced
2682164 CFB-4172368 Mukesh K. Hi Paul, We did not hit the product crash issue in windows 10 . Also , we usually shutdown the system during maintenance and didn't encounter product crashes during start up the very next day . Also , we didn't heard from any of the customer facing this issue
2682144 CFB-4196741 Mukesh K. Hi Paul, Can you please let us know about the CFB build or version number on which you are trying to apply updates and let us know which eclipse version ? Also , Can you please retry with below steps to check for CFB updates : 1. In ColdFusion Builder, choose Help
Comment on CFTRACE does not work when invoked as web service by Akhila K.
Comment on Bug 86928:(Watson Migration Closure)first off, cf SMS gateway converts sent SMS hex IDs to decimal by Sanjeev K.
2612467 CF-3506757 HariKrishna K. Hi Aaron, This bug is actually fixed as part of ColdFusion 11 itself. And for the second part of the bug(Site wide error handler), you can see Paul's comment below in the comments section, but for convenience, I am adding it here: Site wide error handler works