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Comment on cfexchangecalendar changing timezone on recurring events by Paul M.
2896112 CF-4198384 Dattanand M. @Paul this looks like an edge case. We are not sure how useful this can be for other users. If you have any use case please share it with us.
3302573 CFB-4198228 Manas M. Hi Paul, It is not designed that way. 1. You can either configure a web server with CF and place your files in Web server root 2. You can also create Virtual Directory in CF incase you want to change default web root of CF
2612193 CF-3546046 External U. Hi Rupesh, I'm not sure what exactly you mean.. Do you mean Paul's idea can't be done?: Paul's comment from 5:25:45 AM GMT+00:00 Jan 3, 2014 -------------------------------------------- The other option is you can specify a non void returnType. But you have
2609499 CF-3842370 External U. Hi Paul, I was unable to reproduce the issue on CF10 Update 14, CF11 Final and CF11 Update 3 (11,0,03,292245(PreRelease)) using the following repro: 1) IIS mapping "cart" => C:\WEBROOT\_shared\cart 2) CF mapping "/puzzlewarehouse" => C
Jack_Allred2 Paul, this is exactly the fork I've been laboring over. The "standalone" option creates a server under the ColdFusion2018 directory structure, which is not what I want. The JEE options installs coldfusion and lets me configure my iis servers. I truly hope I'm not misremembering
3414193 CF-4199507 Accessibility Paul Hopkinson integration with common control panels - plesk / cpanel etc Unfortunately Parallels pulled native support for CF from Plesk version 10. Do you at Adobe have any plans to create a Plesk plugin to allow CF to work in a Plesk environment? It would
2609891 CF-3750731 External U. You're missing the point, Paul, sorry. It's not *for the website* to dictate how "HotBox" objects are serialised... HotBox already knows how to (de)serialise its objects... it's just got no way of having this wired-in to the website's serialiser CFC, short of actually