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Comment on How to quickly solve outofmemory metaspace errors by Paul Mascari
Comment on Oracle’s Java policy change by Paul Mascari
Comment on Cannot get Coldfusion 11 started by Paul Mascari
Comment on CF 2018 Spreadsheet Functions by Paul Mascari
Comment on Overview of the new Performance Monitoring Toolset Webinar :: Recording by Paul Mascari
Comment on Overview of the new Performance Monitoring Toolset Webinar :: Recording by Paul Mascari
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5 and ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 12 released by Paul Mascari
2608089 CF-4194954 Document Management : Office Integration Paul Mascari CFSpreadsheet With QUERY Attribute Will Not Write to RAM Drive Duplicate ID: CF-3925916 Problem Description: This problem is similar to bug 3178676. However, as noted in the comments on that bug it was never fixed when
2608158 CF-4177644 CFExchange Paul Mascari CFExchangeCalendar All Day Event Always Spans 3 Days on Office 365 Problem Description: When using CFExchangeCalendar to create an All Day calendar event the result on exchange is a 3-day span. Steps to Reproduce: Open a calendar connection and create
2609694 CF-3800311 Charting/Graphing Paul Mascari CFCHARTSERIES Data Attribute Will Not Produce Pie Chart According to Documentation Problem Description: Documentation for the "data" attribute of CFCHARTSERIES says this for pie charts: "This is an array of arrays.Specify the data as follows
2609705 CF-3798825 Charting/Graphing Paul Mascari CHCHARTSERIES Pie Chart Attribute "datalabelstyle" Has No Effect Problem Description: Chart Items are displayed as pie chart labels when values were specified. Steps to Reproduce: When creating a pie chart and wishing for the chart data VALUES
2609709 CF-3797316 Charting/Graphing Paul Mascari CFChartSeries Attribute "Colorlist" No Longer Works Problem Description: In the past a list of colors could be given for each piece of data to be charted. This list is now ignored for bar and horizontalbar chart. Steps to Reproduce: Build a
2608895 CF-3968983 Document Management : PDF manipulation Paul Mascari CFPDF Thumbnail Function Performance With Java 8 Incredibly Slow Problem Description: Attempting to make thumbnails with CFPDF (Action="thumbnail") on CF11 with Java 8 installed will often time out. Even if a timeout error does