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2608781 CF-3999633 S P. Hi Pawel, I have tried to repro this issue according to the steps as specified below with a domain user. I have in fact have tested it with different sftp servers: FreeSSHD as well as Core SFTP Client. But I am unable to see the above mentioned Exception message. Though
2608185 CF-4168447 Administrator Pawel Czarnota Jetty ports are being reset on every ColdFusion update installed Problem Description: We use multiple instances and each of them needs to have a different jetty port assigned to each instance. The ports are defined on lines 61, 106, and 192
2608781 CF-3999633 Net Protocols Pawel Czarnota CFFTP secure requests just keep spinning without giving an error when connection fails Problem Description: When attempting a secure FTP connection to unix ftp server, cfftp fails to recognize that the connection failed on unix system (with "Timeout