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Add JSR 223: Scripting for the JavaTM Platform Support
Comment on Add JSR 223: Scripting for the JavaTM Platform Support by External U.
Comment on Add JSR 223: Scripting for the JavaTM Platform Support by External U.
2612473 CF-3506018 Platform Support : 64 bit ext-user Enhancement request for Glassfish Support Problem: Enhancement request for Glassfish Support Method: Result: Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3506018
2613422 CF-3318770 Platform Support Nate Marler Support for Windows Server 2012 Problem Description: Windows Server 2012 is not supported by ColdFusion 10 yet, GA from Microsoft 9-6-2012 Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds
2608638 CF-4039762 Platform Support : 64 bit Charles Caplan AIX Support in ColdFusion 11 It looks like AIX is not currently supported with ColdFusion 11 even though it was in previous versions. Will ColdFusion 11 ever support AIX or has AIX support been dropped? If it has been dropped, can you
4254300 CF-4202162 Platform Support PDF Generation for Solaris PDF generation is supported on both Windows and Linux operating systems. On Windows, there are no additional requirements for generating PDFs. Why is it not available for Solaris? All our servers are Solaris and we really need
2608453 CF-4090535 Platform Support Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: ticket 3044064 was deleted ticket 3044064 was deleted The CF11 Update 5 doc says 3044064 was fixed, but I'm unable to view 3044064. Please restore the ticket. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2673007 CF-4157230 External U. And I'll add you may not be that far away as many of these are the same requirements for mobile apps. Outside of platform support and licensing issues, your mobile features assume user input upon install. In IoT many times there is no user input after acquisition. You
2609310 CF-3859966 External U. BTW, the bug tracker's "language and platforms" section does give the option for Ubuntu 14, which is supported and is the platform I am running.
2609838 CF-3759721 External U. Easily reproduced bug on a supported platform and Java version. Sounds to me like it needs to be fixed.
2598219 CF-3041598 Platform Support : 64 bit David Collie Bug 83158:Please ignore and close Problem: Please ignore and close Method: Result: Twitter Report reporting not being able to log bugs in public bug tracker. Please ignore and close. ----------------------------- Additional Watson
5771799 CF-4204456 Suchika S. Hi Philip , We support Scheduled Tasks in all platforms . Can you share the kind of task you are creating ? Also , have you tried executing the task on any other platform ? Thanks, Suchika
2673014 CF-4156843 Wishlist Aaron Neff [ANeff] Wishlist for: XMP metadata Adobe XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) supports reading/writing metadata from/to MANY file formats, including: images, audio, video, PDF and more. Note: CF currently has some image metadata functions, but they are read
Comment on Provide more fully featured version of Query of Queries (QoQ). Support more functions by External U.
2603208 CF-3035879 External U. This is one that really should be implemented. Also now running into the need for this. NTLM support needs to work across ALL PLATFORMS, not just Windows.
2602387 CF-3036907 External U. Coldfusion needs full native 64 bit support on all supported editions and platforms. The reason is to be able to take advantage of larger heaps. 64 bit support will sell more upgrades than ORM or converting all tags to script.
2598663 CF-3041079 Platform Support : 64 bit Shawn Kallner Bug 82345:(Watson Migration Closure)CFIIS is needed Problem: CFIIS is needed. We need a tag that enables the complete automation of setting up a website including adding it to IIS. This feature alone would drasticly increase the amount
2597251 CF-3044064 Platform Support : IPV6 Bug 87138:-(Watson Migration Closure) IsValid("url", ...) and IsValid("email", ...) do not correctly validate values that use IPv6-based addresses Problem: IsValid("url", ...) and IsValid("email", ...) do not correctly validate values that use IPv6
). With that warning out of the say, and for someone damned and determined to run CF10, and in your case on Windows 10, see the discussion in the updated blog post from Adobe which addressed this, back in 2013: platform-support-for-coldfusion-10-and
2597043 CF-3173463 Adobe D. Windows 8 is not a supported platform for 9.0.1 (Comment added from ex-user id:evelinv)
SauravGhosh Does Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) have 32-bit support? No. Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) cannot be run as a 32-bit application on the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS. For details about supported platforms, see the ColdFusion system requirements
2598180 CF-3041653 Platform Support : 64 bit Raymond Garrett Bug 83344:The cfperfmon_9 Problem: The cfperfmon_9.dll file that comes with the 64-bit version of ColdFusion 9 appears to be incompatible with Windows 7 64-Bit. When the ColdFusion performance counters are installed, the Performance
2600116 CF-3039372 Platform Support : 64 bit Jon Cavanaugh Bug 78939:When creating a Access DSN error is receivied Problem: When creating a Access DSN error is receivied. Proc Mon shows jrun trying to access the following registry key which does NOT exist on a Windows 2008 64bit install
game changing release for ColdFusion with significant focus on modernization of the platform, cloud integration and support for microservice architectures. Here is the vision statement for ColdFusion next: “To be the modernized platform of choice for building cloud-native microservice applications
Vamseekrishna Nanneboina To add: Solaris 11.3 also is supported in 2016 since Java 11 mandates the version of Solaris to be 11.3 or higher. As and when we certify other platforms such as Win Server 2019 and Mac OS X 10.14, we will update the support matrix for 2016.
2611003 CF-3653076 External U. So yet again Adobe has decided to just not support a widely used platform. Again the issue here isn't OS X! The issue is Adobe failing to support newer versions of APACHE Web server. Apache is one of the most widely used web servers out there. Adobe has failed! Again
versions of Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS. For details about supported platforms, see the ColdFusion system requirements." we pulled that com object call from ColdFusion and create a new website in IIS that makes this call and made sure this website is not configured to Cold
Comment on spreadsheetAddRow support array by Vamseekrishna N.
2609008 CF-3947725 Piyush K. Richard, I am not sure if that is the case, but while submitting this bug report you seem to have indicated that you are on Win XP Prof., which is not a supported platform. You can find the supported platforms at http
Jerry Borsh Probably not a bad idea for Adobe to give away the product and sell a support at a reasonable rate. Rank support by tier so top dogs get an immediate rush of all hands support for system down and scale back the response time and size by the amount of money paid for the agreement
2609830 CF-3760466 Platform Support J S PDF output truncated by ColdFusion/IIS when passing URL parameters Problem Description: Attempts to load a template with URL parameters limits output to first ~800 bytes, whereas the same template without URL parameters works correctly. Only occurs when
2612005 CF-3566202 Platform Support Tim Parker test: reported bugs getting lost? Problem Description: I attempted to add a bug report last week... and this form appeared to accept it - but this bug is not in my list of reported bugs - Is this because my issue got lost? or is there some sort
2597803 CF-3042550 Platform Support : 64 bit Brian Dunfee Bug 84760:(Watson Migration Closure)The server running windows 2008 R2 Standard 64bit Problem: The server running windows 2008 R2 Standard 64bit. We installed CF9 64bit. Your system requirements states that Apache 2.2.11 or later should
2596979 CF-3226380 Suchika S. Verified on build no: Platform tested: Windows 7 64bit testcase location://depot/qa/cf/regression/newmanual/coldfusion/tags/filemanagement/AmazonS3Support/
5771799 CF-4204456 Scheduler Scheduled tasks not working in Dev/Mac version Scheduled tasks in ColdFusion 2018 do not seem to run on my local server. This could be due to scheduled tasks generally not being supported on MacOS or not being supported in the developer edition or just be a bug
2609440 CF-3847104 Piyush K. Nigwizzle, Looks like Apple stopped supplying Windows installer for Safari from v6 on. Ref. I have verified that the check boxes are rendered as expected in the current versions of Safari on OSX. I am closing this, since Safari
2598047 CF-3041805 Platform Support : 64 bit Sean Thorpe Bug 83651:Clean install of ColdFusion 9 64-bit Problem: Clean install of ColdFusion 9 64-bit. on a new Windows 7 64-bit machine. The ColdFusion 64-bit installation program works with no problems. (The ODBC server and agent
Comment on Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations by External U.
2610612 CF-3691289 Database Tom Kostiainen Microsoft Access with Unicode driver not available on 64 bit platform Problem Description: The Microsoft Access with Unicode database driver is no longer available. The only available driver does not support unicode. Driver availablility is mentioned
5693489 CF-4204293 Vijay M. Hello Ryan, I looked into the issue and seems like expandPath doesn't support absolute path as of now. I also found that there is no single way to handle the absolute path for all platforms. So, what I propose is -  we will expose a new Built in function expand
they can have a version ready by the time the final version of macOS is released. This is *very* frustrating and is the #1 reason why we have been considering other alternatives to CF, as we feel the platform does not get the support it deserves from Adobe.
Fusion development and support) to consider migrating away from ColdFusion to a different platform. Updater 3 was apparently a disaster (thank God I checked for community feedback before installing it), but I've not heard a single follow up about the fix to this problem since the Updater 3 was recalled by Adobe
2609620 CF-3819753 Platform Support Philipp Cielen ColdFusion 11 on OS X 10.10 Yosemite/Java 8 Problem Description: CF 11 does not run on OS X 10.10 Steps to Reproduce: Installed CF 11 on OS X 10.10 and I get the the below error message. Probably caused by OS X 10.10 not supporting Java 7. Just
Comment on Microsoft Access with Unicode driver not available on 64 bit platform by External U.
2597043 CF-3173463 Platform Support Taimoor Qureshi ColdFusion 9.0.1 Updater won't run on multi server developer edition running on Windows 8 x64 and WampServer 2.2D Problem Description:I'm trying to run the ColdFusion 9.0.1 updater on a developer edition multi server installation that is running
tomfaller Beeing a CF developer for 20 years and a C# developer for 10 years I must say your selection of comparison points is very limited and very biased (which was to be expected from a dying platforms promoter). What about runtime performance. What about security (CF is Java based - did you
Fusion should have a fallback, in the case when getRealPath returns null, of leveraging whatever information it is using to correctly serve "/mysubdir/hELlo.cfm". Since JEE Deployment on Tomcat 9 is a supported platform for ColdFusion 2018, and since there is no bug in Tomcat causing this issue, a change needs
Michaela Light 5 Reasons Why Adobe ColdFusion is Better Than C# The .NET framework is one of the web’s most popular developing platforms. It consists of many different languages under one umbrella framework.  C# is one of these languages. Others include VB.NET and F#. It gets a lot of support as a
2608616 CF-4048867 External U. Thank you for the languages and platforms you have created to aid us lowly developers in our daily lives. Please attend to this bug as this is threatening to cause us a major roll back given the size of our system. While this doesn't compare to many of your customers
2597102 CF-3114788 Document Management : PDF generation Neil Pugh CFDocument missing letter-spacing implementation Problem Description:The ColdFusion 9 documentation for cfdocument lists the CSS feature letter-spacing as supported. Under no circumstances is this feature supported. Steps
2611496 CF-3616845 Adobe D. Hi, The update 13 is meant for users running ColdFusion 10 on Mac OSX As suggested on the Blog # -- This update introduces support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks. It fixes the web server connector issue
of scalar functions an SQL implementation ought to support. Obviously Adobe are not in the business of creating a DB platform, but as a minimum a few ought to be added: * time part extraction like year() / month() / day() / hour() / minute() / second() * datediff() / dateadd() * substring() / replace
?), but there are really a lot of scalar functions an SQL implementation ought to support. Obviously Adobe are not in the business of creating a DB platform, but as a minimum a few ought to be added: * time part extraction like year() / month() / day() / hour() / minute() / second() * datediff() / dateadd() * substring
management, especially on a 32-bit platform (necessary for COM object support). However, we have 3 servers that are suffering from this issue, including a 64-bit version of ColdFusion 11. Steps to Reproduce: ColdFusion 10, Update 11, 32-bit Set Windows Task for a reboot (shutdown -r -f -t 60) -or- Set
the Administrator is able to detect the platform ColdFusion is running on, why not check if the platform is a Windows OS and if it is, disable those two buttons. Furthermore, if it is a Windows OS, add a paragraph that instructs the user how to manually install the update, such as: -Open a command window using
2609822 CF-3761317 ORM Support Giancarlo Gomez ehcache files are being generated at site root with ORM app with secondary cache enabled Problem Description: An Application with ORM secondaryCacheEnabled is creating an ehcache file at site's root and this never happened on 10 or 9. Steps
2610893 CF-3671657 ORM Support Abram Adams Implement oData (Open Data Protocol) API via ORM/Hibernate to Produce and Consume oData With development trends moving rapidly to mobile platforms (as well as a trend back to thick client paradigms: SPAs, web native OS, Chrome Apps, etc..) and CF's new
away for free so that the masses use it, and a percentage of those people and companies will pay for ongoing support of that platform, meanwhile a large developer community is built around it and plugins can be made and sold for it. However, I don't think asking $1500 either, is unreasonable per seat
Comment on Adobe could support and bolster the ColdFusion Community by creating a CF focused jobs portal by David Byers
2601133 CF-3038289 ORM Support Neil Middleton Bug 76773:I would like to see if we can have some sort of ActiveRecord style ORM search helpers as per Rails/Grails etc Duplicate ID: CF-3037605 Problem: I would like to see if we can have some sort of ActiveRecord style ORM search helpers as per
2609403 CF-3850033 Nitin K. If you are looking for fix for this, please contact support. Details of the fix: ---------------------- When there are large set of data sources to import (Say more than 1000 data sources), import fails with timeout repetitively. This can happen
doesn't seem to have changed regarding REST support in CF2016 or above, readers should note that CF2018 did add a REST Playground feature that may interest them, and of course CF2016 Enterprise had added the API Manager for managing APIs of all sorts (it's technically separate from CF, and useful
}/cfusion/ConnectorInstall0.txt ----------- Linux os.version: 2.6.18-348.6.1.el5 os.arch: amd64 platform: intel-linux64 command line: -ws SunJWS -dir /opt/Webserver7/https-www/config -cfide /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/wwwroot/CFIDE -v web server: SunJWS web server directory: /opt/Webserver7/https-www/config apialloc
Jason Caldwell Thanks Charlie for the well thought out reply. I'm a seasoned Systems Engineer for some 32+ years and program in over 10 computer languages fluently. I support very large corporations and their worldwide datacenters. In all my years of supporting, building and maintaining
2610514 CF-3698408 ORM Support Jonathan Clausen PostgreSQL: ormtypes "char" and "character" set incorrect length Problem Description:When using the ormtype of "char" and "character" in a persistent property, all columns are set with a length of "1" with the "length" attribute of the property being
, but since insrq wrote "Just an update, Adobe Support and Engineering has been working with us on this issue and they are, in turn, working with Microsoft to diagnose the issue. We are providing them with trace logs and other requested information which will hopefully lead to a fix in the near future
2682696 CFB-3751819 Mobile Support itisdesign [ANeff] Bug for: "Generate PhoneGap Build" does nothing (silently logs error) Clicking "Generate PhoneGap Build" does nothing (no error displayed either). If I check {workspace}\.metadata\.log, I see this error: !ENTRY org.eclipse.ui 4 0 2014-04-29 04
2609894 CF-3750467 ORM Support Jonathan Clausen ORM Indexing of Large Recordsets Fail to Complete Problem Description: When attempting to index a persistent entity with joined properties with greater than 10,000 records, the function ormIndex('EntityName') hangs the server, even if there is only
.5.0/Classes/charsets.jar /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/JavaApplicationLauncher.framework/Resources/LauncherSupport.jarjava.ext.dirs: /Library/Java/Extensions /System/Library/Java/Extensions /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home