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Comment on ColdFusion and Java 8 and Java 11 Updates by Priyank Shrivastava
Comment on Coldfusion 10 on Windows10 by Priyank Shrivastava
Comment on How to use Performance Management Tools by Priyank Shrivastava
Comment on Unable to change Administrator password for user by Priyank S.
Comment on poor error handling when neo-cron.xml is corrupted or truncated by Priyank S.
5341379 CF-4204012 DENNIS F. This was resolved. Thanks to Priyank Shrivastava for providing the following java jvm argument: -Duser.timezone=NewYork
2612637 CF-3486968 External U. On Feb, 12, 2014 at about 2:20PM EST. I called in to the Platinum Support line 1-866-335-2256 for an update. I spoke to Priyank. He said he will contact his manager and the database team to see if they can provide me with an estimated time for a fix to be provided. He
2608435 CF-4094858 External U. I have just been notified by Priyank Shrivastava that this is now being called a "feature enhancement so it can only be fix in future release." Is this true??? Severely disappointed in Adobe for playing word games to avoid fixing what they have already acknowledged
4321417 CF-4202428 Bradley W. This ticket is not a duplicate of anything. There still is no documentation for the add in installers specifically (not talking about the main CF installers here). I believe this ticket was closed by mistake. Priyank looked for me and said that this ticket
Priyank Shrivastava Connection String for ColdFusion (using Oracle advanced Security) Oracle has introduced a new security feature, Oracle Advanced security, for Oracle databases. This feature provides better data encryption other advanced security features to secure user data. For more details
3411380 CF-4199503 File Management : CFFile Priyank Shrivastava fileUpload needs the continueOnError property Currently if you want to upload a file in script syntax and check errors you have to try-catch the fileUpload() method. This causes a few problems, including but not limited
how too =D): ----------- Product Management, Program Management, Marketing, and Business Team Tridib Roy Chowdhury, Senior Director of Products Ashish Garg, Director, Engineering Rakshith Naresh, Product Manager Rakshith Naresh, Product Manager Priyank Shrivastava, Director of Marketing Kishore