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2682286 CFB-4130077 Project Support Travis Walters Set Default File Encoding During Project Creation in Blizzard Instead of assuming UTF-8 is the default file encoding, it might be nice to ask the developer at some point when creating a project what the file encoding for the project should default
2682648 CFB-3790038 Project Support cfjedimaster Support importing from the New UI I run into this a lot - I go to make a new project and CFB tells me a project already exists there. I'm fine with that, but it should then offer to import it for me. ----------------------------- Additional Watson
2682790 CFB-3724404 Project Support Adam Cameron. "The sample URL is not available" on Server Details screen I am setting up a new project, and on the Server Details page, the Sample URL box declares "The sample URL is not available. (The Project is not in the server web root)" Well of course it
Tracker Issue Stop making index.cfm
2682559 CFB-3980130 Project Support : General Raymond Stop making index.cfm Ok, I know this is a "feature" of CFB3, but the fact that it creates an index.cfm when you create a new project is more annoying then helpful imo. For example, I just made a new project pointing to an existing folder from a
CavanVannice I'm in the same boat, running on CF2016. We will be switching over to Corretto by the end of the month. As of right now, Corretto is an Amazon project and they will be supporting it.
2614152 CF-3129769 External U. This is an important feature used in my development to be able to test code against multiple versions of CF; and to be able to support multiple clients / client projects using different versions of CF.
2682613 CFB-3837075 Mobile Support NPE when generating build for mobile project Problem:NPE was thrown when generating build for mobile project Method: Result: Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3837075
3591417 CF-4200012 Michael L. Given the nature of our project, I don't want to reveal any unnecessary information. How can we verify our database supports this feature?
Support mappings to archive files, similar to to Lucee Archives (.lar files)
Bradley Wood Another idea being discussed in CFML Slack is moving packages that are active over to ForgeBox, which is still actively developed, supports package versioning, is professionally supported, and has CLI tooling already in place.  Many RIAForge projects are already on ForgeBox but we
Comment on Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations by External U.
Comment on OSGi Support is Needed to Assure Secure Code by Charlie Arehart
2682313 CFB-4121374 PhoneGap CF Builder to support Cordova version 6.0 or to latest for packaging Problem: For packaging application, builder has to support latest Cordova library available. Default version in Properties -> ColdFusion Mobile Project -> PhoneGap and changes required in config
2671777 CF-4198082 Suresh J. Developer comments .. h3. tested with the snapshot version of java mail 1.6 and i can see email getting sent to those email addresses. We need
with this processor using node.js and I think it can have an impact concerning modern technology support in CF... Here's a link to the project: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4021465 External Customer Info: External
2608944 CF-3955573 External U. The issues was raised for CF11. You should be fixing it in CF11, which is the current most recent version of CF, and still supposedly "supported" by Adobe. You need to start fixing bugs in the versions they were raised against, and in a timely fashion. "workaround
2613383 CF-3327626 External U. I am on the phone with Adobe paid support right now. Hopefully this will help move things along. But otherwise, please give us some feedback on the status of this bug. The ability to leverage ORM with EhCache is critical for a number of my company's new projects
values. They need to also support objects.See discussion here:{936680a8-3cd1-4d52-bcee-9ef903d7fb02}&topid={f756405c-5439-4062-b84e-6aecbd66562c} Cheers.-- Adam Method: Result
Comment on Bug 75093:Acrobat 9 has a "portfolio" feature which makes PDF projects by combining various contents by External U.
Comment on Bug 75093:Acrobat 9 has a "portfolio" feature which makes PDF projects by combining various contents by External U.
Comment on Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations by External U.
frameworks like angular, ember, knockout a breeze with these IDEs. Net beans even supports a way to download these libraries and install in your project. Also live chrome loading and testing for building theses enhanced html5 apps. It is clear that nowadays if you are building cf web apps. You are using
to implement it. So you need to *complete* the implementation. This isn't an open source project by a chap balancing his laptop on his knee in his bedroom. It's something you sell as *enterprise* software. List operations in CFML need to support delimiters (and empty elements as well). Not "when we've already
hansdampf234 Eventually, github is a brilliant idea, it reflects the tendency to centralize repos and go with the future proof portals. And I support Charlie absolutely, the projects on riaforge are still valuable for many people, not only for historic but practical reasons. We are the leading
2613824 CF-3160217 Language : Framework Support Andrew Scott ContentBox another ColdBox application will not run on CF10 but runs fine on CF9.01 and railo Problem Description: The following will not work on ColdFusion 10, with IIS connectors. However this will work on CF 9 and railo. https
2611476 CF-3617930 Mobile Support : Custom Tags ext-user Included CSS file using link tag are not included in packaged mobile code I have attached a mobile project. Unzip it in wwwroot. When you run the application in browser or in the shell app, bootstrap styles are applied properly. Now package
't like SQL Server's pricing. And just as they (SQL Server shops) can look to free and open source alternatives, clearly many still choose to pay for it. And even open source projects often have paid support, whose annual costs often FAR exceed the cost of a CF license (which is in fact perpetual, other
Comment on Bug 75032:(Watson Migration Closure)Requesting API or other support for developing Code Coverage tools by External U.
Comment on Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations by External U.
Comment on Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations by External U.
, 2017 according to their site ( Lastly, it appears as though Tomcat "says" JDK 8+ is supported, So that's encouraging. Perhaps just a few more months!?
2599850 CF-3039656 ORM Support Joe Rinehart Bug 79410:javax/transaction/Synchronization isn't found - appears to be no JTA jar in my install! Problem: javax/transaction/Synchronization isn't found - appears to be no JTA jar in my install! Method: 1. WAR installation of CF92. In Eclipse, create
2600842 CF-3038597 Text Search : Solr Pankaj Sarin Bug 77293:(Watson Migration Closure)Would like support for: Problem: Would like support for: 1. define our own fields, besides the standard ones and the CUSTOM1-CUSTOM4 using the cfindex/cfsearch options See forum topic:
Bug 75093:Acrobat 9 has a "portfolio" feature which makes PDF projects by combining various contents
an more "future-proof" to the increase speed of hardware that will make brute forcing hashes easier. It would be nice to have bcrypt support either built into the existing hash() function or added as it's own function. Method: Result
-ORO. I was just looking into this some more. ORO hasn’t seen any development since 2003. Is it about time Adobe upgraded to a regex implementation that’s still seeing development, and possibly has support for some of the more contemporary features available to regexes now? This is from the ORO project
2682646 CFB-3791428 Server\RDS Support jceci-m3 Code Completion does not work when opening a file via RDS Problem Description: If I open a file via File Explorer or Project, code completion works as it should, if I open a file via RDS code completion does not work. Test on 5 computers, 4 Windows
Comment on Bug 75031:(Watson Migration Closure)This is an ER to request support for relative component paths by External U.
2602280 CF-3037031 ORM Support Ben Archibald Bug 74193:I'd love to see access to the hibernate interceptor Problem: I'd love to see access to the hibernate interceptor. Please see thread:{936680A
2611070 CF-3646062 ORM Support Cody Martin Hibernate Criterias, HHH-817: Please upgrade hibernate to a later version of Hibernate 3 Problem Description: When using hibernate criteria, there is a bug in the version of hibernate that ships with CF that causes an error. It is fixed in a newer (minor
2602401 CF-3036891 ORM Support Raymond Camden Bug 73863:I'm seeing an odd issue with ormExecuteQuery Problem: I'm seeing an odd issue with ormExecuteQuery. When I do an inline struct, sometimes the values fail to work. I only saw this in a CFC method, not in a plain CFM. I describe this more
2673674 CF-4118903 Security Analyzer Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Security Analyzer extremely high CPU usage Security Analyzer extremely high CPU usage Repro 1: From 2+ machines, I ran Security Analyzer on projects using the same CF2016 server. Repro 2: 1) Ran Security Analyzer against a project
.2.0\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\rpc\] at coldfusion.air::SessionToken/[D:\p4\depot\ColdFusion\cf_main\tools\AIRIntegration\OfflineSupport\src\coldfusion\air\] at coldfusion
priyajitb45137735 Java.null.pointer error while migrating to Coldfusion18. Hi, I’m migrating from cf11 project to CF18 with the help of this resource ( I have kept a copy of cf11 neo*.xml files and uninstalled cf11. Proceeding further
5747785 CF-4204399 David B. I reported this error to Abhishek Jah at ColdFusion support on May 10th, 2019 as it relates to our development environment. We're using CommandBox locally for development (so a WAR deployment) and we have a couple of projects that are cfhtmltopdf() intensive. I
2608265 CF-4148154 ORM Support Geoffrey Demoulin ORM inheritance working incorrectly Problem Description: Using entity inheritance causes incorrect SQL statements to be generated by coldfusion. I have the following structure: The Company component has offices. The Office component inherits
the origin query itself in the correct order ) according to the input ( ideally it’d support a comma delimited list of column names but even just 1 column would already provide some serious efficiency assuming this was reasonably performant ) and then use that temporary, sorted query as the loop provider
Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations
Comment on Bug 77662:(Watson Migration Closure)I had a client / customer (I support Flex / CF as the product focal for our enterprise), and he wanted to be able to delete a column out of his query display coming back into a flex app by External U.
2600163 CF-3039322 ORM Support Adam Cameron Bug 78857:Summary: CF-ORM docs for collection mapping sneeds to be improvedIt's not very clear exactly how one actually implements these concepts: all that's shown is the syntax of the tag Problem: Summary: CF-ORM docs for collection mapping sneeds
OffHeapRemove count operation [EHC-1152] - Missing net.sf.ehcache:ehcache-parent:2.21 artifact in maven central [EHC-1153] - Drop Java 6 and 7 support in order to fix a security issue See the change-log at
2610893 CF-3671657 ORM Support Abram Adams Implement oData (Open Data Protocol) API via ORM/Hibernate to Produce and Consume oData With development trends moving rapidly to mobile platforms (as well as a trend back to thick client paradigms: SPAs, web native OS, Chrome Apps, etc..) and CF's new
2602177 CF-3037145 Language : CustomTag John Farrar Bug 74757:(Watson Migration Closure)Read this thread for discussion Problem: Read this thread for discussion...{81302E9C-2163-4C37-9582-D9C14B236AE
2602353 CF-3036950 ORM Support João Fernandes Bug 73961:[ORM] One-to-one relationships using the fkcolumn approach doesn't work Problem: [ORM] One-to-one relationships using the fkcolumn approach doesn't work. generated hbm.xml is using many-to-one instead of one-to-one. The problem is described
Bug 78843:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: add CF-ORM support to CFFORMWouldn’t it be nice if one could do this:[code][code]This would take either the name of an entity (for a data entry form for a new object
2673461 CF-4126524 Mobile Support Dave Ferguson Javascript closure causes cfml error in cfclient The code below will cause a cfml error when inside cfclient tag. However, the code is valid. Furthermore it is javascript and shouldn't be processed by at all. a = $('li
2601095 CF-3038328 ORM Support Bob Silverberg Bug 76833:(Watson Migration Closure)Requesting an EntityNew() function and onNew()handler Problem: Requesting an EntityNew() function and onNew()handler. I would like an EntityNew() function to be made available, which would allow for the creation
2601117 CF-3038305 ORM Support Jon Hartmann Bug 76803:I'd like a function such as EntityNew() that accepts an entity name and returns a new entity of that type Problem: I'd like a function such as EntityNew() that accepts an entity name and returns a new entity of that type. This would be unlock
2602048 CF-3037288 ORM Support David Aden Bug 75030:I originally posted but 74969 about CFDUMP which is where the issue showed up Problem: I originally posted but 74969 about CFDUMP which is where the issue showed up. But in addition to that, CF seems to create a circular reference when doing two
2597850 CF-3042251 ORM Support Raymond Camden Bug 84373:(Watson Migration Closure)If you do HQL against a column that does not exist, or use the wrong case, you get a NPE error Problem: If you do HQL against a column that does not exist, or use the wrong case, you get a NPE error. The error should
2608796 CF-3991872 Language : Framework Support Dan Wilson Form Fields with the same name are converted to arrays when Fusebox 5.5 is used. It appears the behavior of Form Fields with the same name has changed after I updated ColdFusion 11 to Update 5. The application had been working
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: cfpdf doesn't support a variable in some attributes by CFwatson U.
2613236 CF-3337574 ORM Support Fuck You The ability to define a subscope (structure) for instance variables created via cfproperty Duplicate ID: CF-3130900 A generally accepted practice for OOP CF developers in CF8 and prior was to define bean attributes in a structure defined in the variables
with several other encodefor* functions (encodeforjavascript, encodeforurl, encodeforcss, and more). These all do MUCH more than the old htmleditformat (which handled only a few "worrisome" characters), being based on the OWASP ESAPI project. (For the sake of completeness, even later updates