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2609294 CF-3861324 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron Add CASE construct to query of query As per the ANSI standard, eg: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID
4424941 CF-4202730 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Query-of-query has incorrect letter sorting Problem Description: If we build up a query and select names with order, the order of names is incorrect compared to MsSQL query result sets that are ordered properly. Steps to Reproduce: See attached
3868981 CF-4200663 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Anthony Morse XML data type is no longer supported in 2016 version of Query of Queries The following code works in versions prior to 2016 and returns the error "Unsupported SQL type java.sql.Types.SQLXML" in the 2016 version. Example sql server
Tracker Issue QoQ CAST() bug
2611154 CF-3636794 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron QoQ CAST() bug See: Summary: casting to DATE, TIME do not do what they imply they do: they both simply return a full date
2900888 CF-4198386 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) matt wilde QueryMap breaks Query-of-Query Problem Description: After building a query and running QueryMap or it's member function on this query, it can no longer undergo a Query of Queries without throwing an ArrayOutOfBounds Exception. The reverse
2596683 CF-3928373 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Dorin Moise Query of queries doesn't support subqueries Problem Description: An old problem described here: Steps to Reproduce: {code:java} SELECT foo FROM bar select
2610677 CF-3687749 Language Adam Cameron Please add some additional functionality to query of queries in upcoming versions This is a recreation of an E/R that was in the old system but never migrated to the new system: {quote} Open Enhancement 71968 (Query-of-Query (IMQ)) Submitted By: Hemant
6161713 CF-4205096 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) The mathematical operation is not interpreted properly Problem Description:The query of query mathematical interpretation, when it has three operands Steps to Reproduce: {code:java} qty1=64 qty2=32 qtyOnHand=96 select qtyOnHand,qty1,qty2,qty
2612355 CF-3519030 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) ext-user There seems to be regression for "select where between" clause in Query of Query. Problem: There seems to be regression for "select where between" clause in Query of Query. Consider following query : select * from queryfromdb where id
Tracker Issue modulus in QoQ
3612573 CF-4200041 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Jack Drysdale Jr modulus in QoQ I know that QoQ doesn't have all of the functionality of most standard queries, but it would be nice if QoQ could support modulus. For example, imagine I queried a database and named it myQry: SELECT columnA, column
2610651 CF-3688938 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) ext-user casting to DATE do not do what they imply they do: it simply returns a full date+time. Problem:Problem: casting to DATE do not do what they imply they do: it simply returns a full date+time. For reference see: http
7049426 CF-4207962 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) "first" and "last" are reserved keywords when used in a Query-of-Queries Problem Description: Some column names (provided by a third-party) throw errors when attempting to query within a QofQ in CF10, 11, 2016 & 2018. More info at https
2609297 CF-3861312 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron Improve joining in query of query CFML's QoQ is very limited in how it can join queries: * only two queries * only old-school filter joins (eg: from q1, q2 where * no outer joins This implementation is lovely for a proof
2609974 CF-3740190 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: queryAddColumn() casts to bit if preceeded by bit column and QoQ had a prefixed ORDER BY queryAddColumn() casts to bit if previous queryAddColumn() was bit and if appending to a QoQ-created query that used a prefixed
2612578 CF-3496254 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Chris Phillips Please parse out /**/ SQL style comments in Query of Queries. If you put a /**/ (slash star) comment in a query of queries (dbtype=query), you will get a syntax error. This is not huge deal. But, it has caused me to lose time
2798314 CF-4198283 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Michael Clark Division by zero in a QoQ returns 1.#INF Problem Description: I believe there are actually two bugs here: 1. When division by zero is encountered in a query-of-query, a value of \{numerator} .#INF is returned, rather than throwing
6617320 CF-4206460 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Query-Of-Query syntax error when filtering by a string with two dashes Problem Description: If you try to run a query of queries with a parameter containing two dashes (-) an exception will occur indicating an there was a Query of Queries syntax
2599609 CF-3039910 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Dave Ferguson Bug 79761:Using DirectoryList with a return of query script based query does not reconize the the query returned from DirectoryList as a query Problem: Using DirectoryList with a return of query script based query does not reconize
2609630 CF-3818587 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) JF Robichaud Incorrect cast when iterating over an array of elements containing values from a query object. Problem Description: When populating the value of an array by iterating over a query object containing Int/BigInt ArrayFind doesn't produce
2673267 CF-4138764 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) ext-user [ANeff] Bug for: QoQ incorrect casting Related Bugs: CF-4121934 - Similar to Problem: [ANeff] Bug for: QoQ incorrect casting Original bug #4121934 reported by Aaron Neff Issue: CAST(myBitColumn AS VARCHAR) returns YES/NO instead of 1
2613922 CF-3146604 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Adam Cameron QoQ getting ccolumn data type wrong G'day: What do you make of this: [code] SELECT AVG(myCol) AS avgMyCol FROM qBase [/code] Yields: [quote] Error casting an object
2598005 CF-3041855 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Jorrit Janszen Bug 83749:-(Watson Migration Closure)There is a problem when you do a query of query when you use a queryService query of a queryNew() query Problem: There is a problem when you do a query of query when you use a queryService query
3804410 CF-4200408 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Sander Schoemaker Multiple order by statements add column to result Problem Description: When you use this the query.cfc component to build a query of query (QoQ) of another ColdFusion Query and use order by on several colums, the last column
2598749 CF-3040986 Database : Query-of-Query(IMQ) Mike Nicholls Bug 82178:With ColdFusion 9 CHF 1 installed, using a column name when using query-of-queries on a query returned from entityToQuery() which has had an extra column added using queryAddColumn() throws the error Problem: With Cold