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2609231 CF-3870997 Document Management : PDF generation Reto Aeberli DDX not working when CHF3 applied Problem Description: DDX is not working anymore when CHF 3 applied Steps to Reproduce: #isDDX(trim(ddx))# Actual Result: No Expected Result: YES Any Workarounds: Uninstall CHF3 (not
2609696 CF-3800047 Core Runtime Reto Aeberli setEncoding breaks cffile action=uploadall with some empty file fields Problem Description: Using setEncoding for form breaks cffile action=uploadall when empty file fields are submitted. This code works fine on ColdFusion 9, it looks that the fix
Tracker Issue Images missing
2609833 CF-3760258 Debugging Reto Aeberli Images missing Problem Description: The Debug Output is referencing images for the display of the execution time. On CF11 installations there are missing images displayed. One file is /CFIDE/debug/images/endDoc.gif but there is no such file on the disk
2609847 CF-3758430 Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF) Reto Aeberli cfhtmltopdfitem units of margin attributes Problem Description: According to the docs of cfhtmltopdfitem the default unit used for the margins are inch or if specified the value of the unit attribute
2609855 CF-3756789 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfChart uses space and border for empty title Problem Description: The generated chart uses space and a border for a title even if no title atrribute is set or the value is empty. On earlier version in this case no space was reserved and no ugly
2609856 CF-3756754 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfchart shows legend even when disabled by showlegend="false" in some cases Problem Description: cfchart shows the legend even when disabled by showlegend="false" in some cases. In my case I was able to nail it down to the existence of the attribute
2609857 CF-3756744 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfchart 3d tooltip shows wrong values Problem Description: The Tooltip with the bar item shows wrong values depending on the position of the mouse pointer. This value changes when hovering over the same bar. It seems this happens only in 3d
2609858 CF-3756738 Charting/Graphing Reto Aeberli cfchart style value works not as before and documented Problem Description: cfchart with attribute style="blue" doesn't work anymore in ColdFusion 11. According to processmonitor ColdFusion tries to open a file called blue without extension. Using