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Bug 83960:-(Watson Migration Closure)Rich text area not shown in TAB layout
cftextarea: The rich text controls for textarea are not rendered properly in a tabbed layout in IE.
Building a server side functionalities rich mobile application using new CF Mobile features
2610252 CF-3714584 AJAX Michael Thomas CFTEXTAREA richtext="true' and IE 10+ - NOT COMPATIBLE Duplicate ID: CF-3709472 Problem Description: In IE 10+, when a text box has the rich text area enabled, it only shows a small textbox. Steps to Reproduce: Use IE 10 or above and look at a form with a
2608570 CF-4060898 External U. iText library's newest versions support xml population of pdf forms with rich text fields, this should also be updated in CF
2609301 CF-3861021 External U.
2609543 CF-3835071 Piyush K. unable to observe this on Chome. closing this. In IE11, the rich text controls are not rendering, raising another bug (#CF-3861393) for that.
2612435 CF-3512735 External U. Data entry forms that require the use of rich text cftextareas are broken throughout our intranet application for users using IE10.
2612435 CF-3512735 External U. Same thing here rich text editor does not work in ie10 (windows 8) unless you turn on compatibility View.
referenced discusses rich text strings. But nowhere in that document does it say HTML in headers/footers is limited to those rich text strings. So, again, what is the issue? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608570 CF-4060898 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: cfpdfform() throws java.lang.NullPointerException on richtext fields Bug for: cfpdfform() throws java.lang.NullPointerException on richtext fields Repro: 1) Download attached MyPDFWithRichTextField.pdf 2) Run cfpdfform
2682572 CFB-3936098 Installer Rich Uninstaller doesn't always run Problem Description: When running the uninstaller for CFBuilder3 the uninstaller simply won't run. Steps to Reproduce: Close the application, in Finder navigate to the Uninstaller and double click. Actual Result: Nothing. Expected
as that will be more feature rich and performance. Solving this issue now will require some language api changes, which is not worth the effort.
2609301 CF-3861021 External U. StackOverflow also shows that people have run into this:
Comment on cftextarea: The rich text controls for textarea are not rendered properly in a tabbed layout in IE. by Uday O.
2600456 CF-3039007 Language : Functions Rich Kroll Bug 78158:When using cfinvoke to call a method that returns void, and assigning a struct variable as the returnvariable, the result causes a key be created in the struct that contains 'undefined' Problem: When using cfinvoke to call a method
Portal Topic API Manager
and clean.  The Manager is rich with features. Analytics – The Manager provides detailed analytics that are customizable and provide very detailed information. We currently have the API Manager setup in […] The post API Manager appeared first on ColdFusion. API manager,Success Stories
artifacts is limited to the 5 tags (body/p/i/b/span) that Rich Text Strings allow. Since this is not a PDF spec limitation, is the limitation the cf-acrobat.jar? And thus this is a valid ticket for the Acrobat team? Thanks!, -Aaron
2609112 CF-3928680 External U. Hi Chinoy, You and Rupesh referenced page 664 of that PDF, which says: ----------- Beginning with PDF 1.5, the text contents of variable text form fields, as well as markup annotations, can include formatting (style) information. These rich text strings
2609543 CF-3835071 External U. Hi Piyush, Just noting that I'm unable to verify this on CF10 Update 8, CF10 Update 14 and CF11 Update 3 (11,0,03,292245(PreRelease)) using Chrome 39.0.2171.65 m with all 3 of those CF versions. I'm able to type in the rich text editor in all those cases. Repro
/scripts/ajax/ckeditor/ directory. This directory has been created by the patch but is empty. Steps to Reproduce: Update Coldfusion 11 with patch 11. Run and CFM template using the rich text editor. It fails. Actual Result: Update seems to be pointing to a directory containing new version of ckEditor, but the resources
2608896 CF-3968971 File Management : CFZip Rich Wild cfzip and cfzipparam does not rename file entries when entrypath is used Problem Description: In CF9, when a different filename to the source filename was used in the "entryPath" attribute for cfzipparam, cfzip would rename that file
2682569 CFB-3939862 General - IDE Rich Adobe ORM CFC Generator throws error on Mac Problem Description: The ORM CFC Generator throws an exception when the Generate button is clicked after selecting tables. Steps to Reproduce: In RDS Dataview, right mouse click on a table and launch Adobe CFC
:"bob"}]} ] As you can see, this would allow you to build out rich relational data structures fairly simply. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 4073770 External Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: Abram Adams External
Scripts for HTML datefield, rich textarea and grid (see example #1). This causes negative behavior, if the page contains additional forms. If a 2nd form has same name, then 0 grids are displayed (see example #2). If a 2nd form has different name, then 2 grids are displayed (see example #3).Tested in CF9.0.1 & CF9
"/> Runlog"/> Admin"> Users"/> Logout"/> Result: CFMenu seems to have an issue when a CFFileUpload tag is used right below it. The menu wants to go behind the CFFileUpload Flash component and is cut off. The CFMenu works fine with CFGrid, Rich
row only, getRow(0).getPhysicalNumberOfCells() ] - Column Names [ cell.getSheet().getRow(0).getCell(currentcellIndex) .getRichStringCellValue().toString() ] Item #2 Add functionality to cfspreadsheet would allow us to: - Read from only visible Sheets/Tabs - Read from only the first Sheet
/connectors/' + _QuickUploadLanguage + '/upload.' + _QuickUploadExtension + '?Type=Image' ;*/ FCKConfig.ImageUploadURL = FCKConfig.BasePath + 'ckfinder/core/connector/cfm/connector.cfm?command=QuickUpload&type=Images' ; 5) Run bug82364-richText-fckUpload.cfm 6) You will see two textareas (first one using cftextarea