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3117314 CF-4198740 Debugging : CFDump Richard Davies Missing cftimer image in debug output Problem Description: Images added to debug output by result in "404 Not Found" errors in browser console. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result:
2608317 CF-4129246 Language : Functions Richard Davies ParseDateTime() ignores DST and converts time to standard time Problem Description: ParseDateTime() returns an incorrect value when converting timezones if the server is currently in daylight savings time. Steps to Reproduce
2608240 CF-4158130 Core Runtime Richard Davies GetApplicationMetaData() sometimes returns data from a different application Duplicate ID: CF-4155785 Problem Description: GetApplicationMetaData() is supposed to return a struct containing metadata properties of the current application
Tracker Issue cfquery cachedafter
3150896 CF-4198817 Database : CFQuery Richard Davies cfquery cachedafter Problem Description: cfquery returns cached results even when the cachedafter date is updated to be after the date of the original cached query date, but is still a past date. Steps to Reproduce: See example.cfm to reproduce