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2671738 CF-4198171 Charting/Graphing Robert Schwartz Border does not appear in PieChart Problem Description:When creating a pie chart the border is not displaying when using cfchart format="jpg". It only works when using cfchart format="html". However with cfchart format="html" then size
Tracker Issue query from cfoutput
2673147 CF-4149128 Database Robert Schwartz query from cfoutput Duplicate ID: CF-4131212 Problem Description:get error that variable is not defined. If you delete one of the outputs lines that are identical it works but should not have to do this. the identical lines should not be in the code
2673040 CF-4155352 Database Robert Schwartz Coldfusion v2016 using SQL server query using order by right causes error. Duplicate ID: CF-4153580 Problem Description:Have query that worked until v2016. Using order by right(LogNumber,3) DESC get error: Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver
2673114 CF-4150354 Charting/Graphing Robert Schwartz Coldfusion 2016 cfchart not accepting .js Problem Description: Problem Description:js used to format pie chart in coldfusion v11 not working in v2016 { "graphset":[ { "border-width":1, "background-color":"transparent", "foreground
2609067 CF-3938505 Charting/Graphing Robert Schwartz Coldfusion 11.3 cfchart Problem Description: Use pie charts in cf10 and version of cf11 does not work with features needed. I have attached a file from cf10 and cf11. I need them to look and act the same. 1. Legend needs to be stacked centered
2673147 CF-4149128 External U. You should be able to create 2 tables with 1 record each with the fields I am using: Table: tblusers Fields: id: 95 FirstName: robert LastName: schwartz Table: hazusersys Fields: id: 95 Sys: Test1 And then use my code: SELECT