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Comment on Oracle Java support for Adobe ColdFusion by Ron.Stewart
Company: External Customer Name: Ron Stewart External Customer Email: External Test Config: 10/12/2011
2613667 CF-3193643 Database Ron Stewart CFUPDATE support for fetchClientInfo attribute The previously-published "new features guide" does not indicate CFUPDATE supports new fetchClientInfo attribute, despite the other database interaction tags supporting it. Unknown whether this is a documentation
2613668 CF-3193637 Database Ron Stewart CFSTOREDPROC missing cacheID, cacheRegion attributes Duplicate ID: CF-3191221 CFSTOREDPROC appears to be missing the cacheID and cacheRegion attributes supported by the other database interaction tags. Per discussion on the Adobe Labs CF10 forums, this is a
2608366 CF-4110576 Debugging : CFDump Ron Stewart CFDUMP and writeDump() fail when hiding struct elements via "hide" attribute/argument Problem Description: Under certain circumstances both CFDUMP and writeDump() will throw an exception when dumping a struct and the "hide" attribute
3152347 CF-4198818 Charting/Graphing RON STEWART CFCHART within CFDOCUMENT generates red "X" rather than chart image Problem Description: On Windows servers running ColdFusion v11 update 12, including a CFCHART inside a PDF CFDOCUMENT fails to render the chart, and generates a red "X" instead
2613669 CF-3193632 Documentation Ron Stewart Missing "width" attribute in CFCHART attributes in new features guide The previously-published CF10 "new features guide" at atures.pdf includes a description of the CFCHART
2612855 CF-3378447 Web Container (Tomcat) Ron Stewart Java Servlet Exceptions prevent ColdFusion10 server from starting Problem Description: I updated one of my development boxes, running CF10 in standalone mode (just Tomcat on port 8500). The update downloaded and appeared to stop the server fine