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2608535 CF-4070214 S V. I have ran sample test with sha-256 writeoutput(hash('pavankumar','sha-256')); The result is A92A8D0A9CDD4AF917C4BCEA0E3BE0BC62C2554E789DE9C533F70957F0FCFFDA And the converter you have also given the same result. Thanks
2608291 CF-4136028 S V. Escaping control characters (0x00-0x1F & 0x7F) with its unicode sequences (\u00nn) except few special characters in this character space which are already getting escaped. \b Backspace (ascii code 08) \f Form feed (ascii code 0C) \n New line (0A) \r Carriage return (0D
2610939 CF-3662524 S V. Here's the documentation of coldfusion 10 locking --Copied from the documentation Note: You cannot upgrade or downgrade a lock from one type to another. In other words, do
''%e3%81%be%e3%81%a9%e3%81%8b%e5%a4%89%e8%ba%ab%e5%be%8c; filename*1=.pdf charset is appended and non ascii characters are encoded. But as you said CF is not currently adhering to the rfc 2231 as below when asterisk is specified: Note that it is perfectly permissible to leave either the character
/stop permissions for any service unless explicitly provided for any least privileged user. Also please do share the installation logs found at C:\ColdFusion11\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-11-00010. Thanks!