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Deleting a SoapProxy API, throws 500 Internal server error
SoapProxy API not accessible when changing the LifeCycle from Draft to Published
APIM throws SoapProxy related exception when we update the existing REST API.
2888972 CF-4198370 API Manager : SOAP Proxy APIM admin server domain URL: support for multiple domains. Problem: APIM admin server domain URL/SOAP proxy feature: support for multiple domains. Method: ColdFusion API Manager 2016,0,0,301768 (reported by the customer - GCC) issue 1: The user
Swagger import options and logging for API request and response. It also fixes several bugs in security, publisher portal and server core and workflows related to SOAP proxy, Swagger and SOAP to REST. For further details on the new features, the installation instructions and […] Adobe Cold
", Method = "GET", URL = "" //, ProxyPort = 8888, // ProxyServer = "" ); l.h.addParam (type="header", name="Authorization", value="Basic bm92YV9tZ2JfYXBwX3Rlc3Q6NzB4
5013135 CF-4203414 Web Services Webservice: duplicated "Authentication" record being injected into the request header in CF2016  Customer reported issue:  (Fixed by Mayur) We have a customer who is consuming an external Web service in ColdFusion (under proxy) and its failing because there are two
the cf server to throw the "Variable DEBUGGER is not defined" error.Removing the cftrace from the test or the code under test gets rid of the errorThe MXUnit plugin uses SOAP to talk to ColdFusion Method: Create a new mxunit testadd a cftrace into the testrun the test from the plugin Result: Variable
:\www\fax\testFile.cfm, line: 16 " java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.axis.description.TypeDesc.(Ljava/lang/Class;Z)V at com.esker.soap.submission.WSFile.( at SamFax.processRequest( at coldfusion.tagext.CfxTag.doStartTag( at coldfusion