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Comment on ColdFusion 2016 Update 8 breaks ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm in IE 11 by Samuel E.
Comment on Coldfusion 2018 CFIMAGE: Write an image to a file from Base64 string is not working. by Samuel E.
Comment on ER: spreadsheetAddRows should accept 2D arrays for populating spreadsheets. by Samuel K.
to test the fix, try { a = [1,2,3]; a.each(function(){ throw(type="InsideEachException", message="Blam", detail="An exception raised inside a closure function"); }); } catch(any e){ writeDump(e); } Samuel Knowlton, the issue you raise is beyond the scope of the fix for this bug
Comment on ColdFusion masks correct exception when exception is thrown from within an iteration method using a function expression by Samuel K.
2782783 CF-4198276 ORM Support Samuel Knowlton Specifying a datasource on a persistent CFC with secondary caching enabled causes Another CacheManager with the same name 'cacheName' already exists in the same VM Problem Description: CF supports the specification of a datasource on a persistent CFC