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2922762 CF-4198399 Language Samuel Knowlton Chaining Elvis operators fails in ACF11 Problem Description: Using more than one elvis operator in a statement with a failsafe option produces UNDEFINED rather than the failsafe option. This works correctly in ACF11. Steps to Reproduce: (code snippets
to test the fix, try { a = [1,2,3]; a.each(function(){ throw(type="InsideEachException", message="Blam", detail="An exception raised inside a closure function"); }); } catch(any e){ writeDump(e); } Samuel Knowlton, the issue you raise is beyond the scope of the fix for this bug
2613427 CF-3318104 Web Container (Tomcat) Samuel Knowlton Service Temporarily Unavailable after arbitrary amount of time + heavy usage Problem Description: The problem is described in detail in this thread: CF 10 under Windows 2008 x64 and IIS7
2613399 CF-3323800 Language : Functions Samuel Knowlton TimeFormat does not display UTC times correctly after dateConvert Duplicate ID: CF-3309220 Problem Description: When converting a time to UTC using DateConvert, TimeFormat does not display the converted date correctly. Date
2609829 CF-3760484 Database Samuel Knowlton JDBC driver fails on updating entities with NULL bit fields in MSQL: specified SQL type is not supported by this driver. Duplicate ID: CF-3518916 Problem Description: When trying to update an entity inside a transaction, if the entity contains a Steps
2614153 CF-3129766 Net Protocols : HTTP Samuel Knowlton CFHTTP crashes when CLIENTCERT is specified Problem Description: When using the CFHTTP tag with a client certificate, the page crashes before the http request is sent. The same code works correctly in CF8 and there is no problem
2782783 CF-4198276 ORM Support Samuel Knowlton Specifying a datasource on a persistent CFC with secondary caching enabled causes Another CacheManager with the same name 'cacheName' already exists in the same VM Problem Description: CF supports the specification of a datasource on a persistent CFC