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2610243 CF-3715101 Core Runtime Sanjeev Krishna ColdFusion 10 cannot read the cookie value with = character Problem Description: ColdFusion is not reading the cookie value properly if the value contains any special characters Steps to Reproduce: [__test.cfm__] Actual Result: name "c1
2611631 CF-3605332 Language Sanjeev Krishna Error with returning an implicit struct in tag mode only **** Problem Description: **** -------------------------------------------- Returning an implict struct in a in tag modes throws an undefined element error **** Steps to Reproduce
2611634 CF-3605215 Language Sanjeev Krishna Error when returning an implicit struct in cfcatch Duplicate ID: CF-3605332 Problem Description: When returning an implicit struct from inside CFCATCH with cfcatch as one of its key value, CF throws an undefined element exception. public STRUCT