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2608930 CF-3959931 Charting/Graphing Scott Brady HTML CFCharts conflict with prototype.js Problem Description: When using type="HTML" in cfchart and using prototype.js, charts don't render due to a conflict in the automatically rendered "$(document).ready()" Steps to Reproduce: 1) Create a page
2609031 CF-3944215 Database Scott Brady queryExecute() can't parse SQL statements containing xquery Related Bugs: CF-3943345 - Similar to CF-3949417 - Similar to Problem Description: When using queryExecute() with a SQL statement that includes an XQuery search that contains colons, the parser
2610775 CF-3679387 Documentation Scott Brady isValid() - numeric/float behavior difference Problem Description: The documentation for isValid() implies that "float" and "numeric" types are interchangeable (by being listed together). However, they yield different results when dealing
2611037 CF-3648713 File Management Scott Brady cffile action="upload" not reporting results correctly in default result scope Problem Description: If you are doing multiple file uploads (using action="uploadAll") but don't specify a result variable, the default results (CFFILE.*) only display