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2609055 CF-3940802 External U. As Scott Stroz would say, "If only that meeting had lasted 5 more minutes..."
2613539 CF-3284123 Language Scott Stroz RegEx search for structKeyExists It would be cool if structKeyExists() could test against a regular expression. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3284123 External Customer Info: External
2608295 CF-4134089 Flex/Flash Scott Stroz Blaze not working after Updater 17 applied Duplicate ID: CF-4049214 Problem Description: After applying Updater 18, an app that relies heavily on Blaze stopped working correctly. I no longer see calls to flex2gateway/cfamfpolling in the network tab
2609748 CF-3785874 Text Search : Solr Scott Stroz CategoryTree not working in ColdFusion 10 Problem Description: When adding or updating a record in an index, the categoryTree does not get populated. Steps to Reproduce: Create an index, populate index with a value for categoryTree Actual Result
2609748 CF-3785874 External U. I have gotten to the bottom of why this issue happens. Please see Also, please note that if the tech on this issue had actually tested the code submitted by Scott Stroz, they WOULD have been able to reproduce the issue. Techs
2615493 CF-3043284 Language : Datastructure Scott Stroz Bug 86176:If you call arraySort() on a database query row the result is that the sort will leave the first element in place and then sort the remaining elements Problem: If you call arraySort() on a database query row the result
.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 1" (code attached) Just submit the form and see the exception. Credit goes to Scott Stroz for finding that it only happens when a single field is set. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3131288 External
2611847 CF-3583147 ORM Support Scott Stroz Issue with ORMREload() and Secondary Cache Problem Description: When secondary cache is enabled, and there are objects in the cache, and a request is made that triggers a call to ormReload() and before that request is completed, another request is made