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Comment on Cannot use /usr/bin/env to create executable by Sean C.
Comment on CFM templates do not parse == and/or != operators by Sean C.
Comment on Cannot use /usr/bin/env to create executable by Sean C.
Comment on Bug 74105:(Watson Migration Closure)Please make semicolon optional in CFSCRIPT by Sean C.
Comment on On the fly app specific mappings not registering correctly by Sean C.
Comment on WDDX Serialization of date objects is broken by Sean C.
Comment on nested arrayEach parent execution context scoping issue by Sean C.
Comment on Chained function calls silently do the wrong thing by Sean C.
Comment on Interface checks are now runtime and not at CFC creation, breaking TestBox by Sean C.
:\Project\hello.cfm -logdir=C:\Project\logs Example7: cfcli.bat C:\Project\hello.cfm -outputdir=C:\Project\classes -logdir=C:\Project\logs Example8: cfcli.bat C:\Project\hello.cfm foo name=bar -outputdir=C:\Project\classes -logdir=C:\Project\logs Thu Aug 06 15:47:33 (sean)-(jobs:0)-(~/cfml) Expected Result: (! 823
pairs for object literal argument notation: in addition to the current As Sean Corfield noted, CF already allows : in named arguments... function func( foo, bar ) { return foo & bar; } x = func( foo : 42, bar : "answer" ); writeOutput(x); Also: x = func( argumentCollection : { foo = 42
2601383 CF-3038022 General Server Raymond Camden Bug 76222:You can't put UDFs in structs anymore Problem: You can't put UDFs in structs anymore. Pretty bad bug here. Code below thanks to Sean. Method: function stuff() { writeOutput("I was called"); } function callit(f) { arguments
2602177 CF-3037145 Language : CustomTag John Farrar Bug 74757:(Watson Migration Closure)Read this thread for discussion Problem: Read this thread for discussion...{81302E9C-2163-4C37-9582-D9C14B236AE
.id = 0; Also, Sean made a good observation - please see the 1st reply in this thread:{A8760B70-42A5-45FC-8BA2-DFCF173A9580}&topid={3CC148C6-D952-403D-9EC9-741120B5D654} It mentions how
2609882 CF-3752424 External U. Sean, yes I understand that. When was the last time you saw Java throw an exception that was a fault in the c++ libraries? I think the misconception here is that I am looking at segregating ColdFusion exceptions and Application specific exceptions. Is narrow
"Unable to initialize Runtime service: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Boolean". All future requestst of the runtime service fail, resulting in 500 Server Error on all pages. Method: My document root is c:\htdocs. I have installed Sean Corfield's FrameWork/1
2601595 CF-3037794 Server Manager Sean Corfield Bug 75855:Tag validation error in servermanager Problem: Tag validation error in servermanager.cfc when client retrieves data sources. It seems to be about ODBC data sources - and I'm on a Mac so I don't have any ODBC services. Presumably just code