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2608074 CF-4196745 Language Shirak Avakian IsValid not validating email properly Problem Description:IsValid('email','shirakavakian@gmail') returning yes even the .com is missing Steps to Reproduce: dump the result of IsValid('email','shirakavakian@gmail') Actual Result:YES Expected Result
2672779 CF-4170889 Document Management Shirak Avakian Unable to open Sanitized PDF using acrobat reader Problem Description: After Sanitizing PDF file, I'm unable to reopen the file to view whether with adobe reader or cfdocument Steps to Reproduce: Please use attached zip file Actual Result
2672796 CF-4168923 Document Management Shirak Avakian CFPDF setinfo action cant set custom properties When using CFPDF action=setInfo cant set custom properties the only properties allowed are Title, Author, Keywords, and Subject. It will be nice to have the capability to set custom properties. see
2672778 CF-4170890 Document Management Shirak Avakian Imported metadata file xmp is not setting the values to the new PDF Problem Description: When I import existing metadata file to PDF I'm expecting to see the values from the xmp file inside the new PDF, but the properties showing empty string
2608182 CF-4168921 Document Management : PDF manipulation Shirak Avakian CFPDF read/getInfo is not showing custom properties properly Problem Description: When a pdf has custom property the read/getinfo action is showing properties as [[Ljava.lang.String;@705d99a8] on both CF11 and CF2016 Steps
2609637 CF-3816892 AJAX Shirak Avakian Make underlying ExtJS framework version selectable from CFAdmin Since CF11 upgraded ExtJS framework to version 4, and upgrading to this version will require a lot of code changes to accommodate new version requirements, it is wise to make framework version
2608146 CF-4182090 Security Shirak Avakian Unable to connect to SQL server when Sandbox checked Problem Description: When Sandbox security checked I'm unable to connect to SQL server anymore even when I add the dsns to Enabled Data sources Steps to Reproduce: create dsn to SQL server, check
Shirak Avakian is here I’m excited to announce my beta release of powered by ColdFusion 2016. If you need to add a signature field, stamp, redact, barcode, and properties without using Adobe Acrobat DC (PRO), then you need to check out My
3198052 CF-4198865 CFPRINT Shirak Avakian Add new functionality to choose printer tray In many batch print processors, printed documents have different source tray base on the document type. For example, if I'm running batch to print client invoices or statement the cover letter should be selected
3036566 CF-4198559 Core Runtime Shirak Avakian Elvis operator fails when using with argument scope Problem Description: After deploying lastest update 4 for ColdFusion 2016, using Elvis operator with arguments scope the runtime will throw error value undefined in arguments Steps to Reproduce: 1
2608959 CF-3952949 CFPRINT Shirak Avakian ColdFusion 11 CFPrint not printing portion of PDF generated by Adobe Central (jetForms) Problem Description: After upgrading to CF11 cfprint stoped printing 1 portion (paragraph) from a PDF form generated by Adobe Central Print aka JetForm Steps
3920091 CF-4200898 Web Services Shirak Avakian Unable to create object from (netSuite) WSDL Problem Description: ColdFusion is taking forever to create objects for netSuite WSDL "". Eventually will throw and error. I was able to create