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Comment on cfdocument generation of PDF occaisionally hangs for all PDF generation by Simon J.
Comment on [Linux] expandPath() encoding of filenames lost when using absolute path as argument by Simon R.
2596685 CF-3910255 Piyush K. Thanks for reverting Simon. withdrawing this.
2596685 CF-3910255 Event Gateway simon pithers DirectoryWatcher gateway crashed on invoking a CFC Problem Description: DirectoryWatcher gateway crashed on invoking a CFC Steps to Reproduce: set up onADDfile function to run when new .htm file added to directory Actual Result: Error invoking CFC
2610067 CF-3734606 Mobile Support Simon Free content:// files error on readAsBase64 (cfclient) Problem Description: When using readAsBase64 function in cfclient it errors when reading in a URL that starts with content:// and gives the error message 'File Encoding Error' but works fine with URL
2596685 CF-3910255 Piyush K. simon_pithers, I am unable to observe the issue with CF902 / Win 7x64. I can receive emails on add events for .htm files in the watched directory. I don't see the FORM scope/variable being used in the listener cfc code you've shared. Can you please check the CF
2608365 CF-4110955 Kailash B. Hi Simon,   You mentioned "But if I try to generate one of the proper PDFs it times out. Then the simple PDF times out as well". Can we take a look at how this PDF is generated? If code can't be shared, can we go on a call for this? Please drop me an email at
2596685 CF-3910255 Piyush K. simon_pithers, Thanks for those details. The error is quite clearly with the FORM variable used, at line 45 in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\commonspot\utilities\dashboard-cmd-fatal-error-abort.cfm. That page seems to be a part of your application. Not sure about the relation
2610626 CF-3690524 Administrator Simon Horwith CF Admin - Datasource Advanced Settings Form Values Don't Persist Problem Description: The Allowed SQL checkboxes in the advanced settings for a datasource reset to the default values when you edit a datasource - seems to only happen after the server
2596858 CF-3546237 ORM Support Simon Hooker getMetaData() after objectLoad() causes NULL POINTER error Problem Description: In CF 9.0.1 if you perform a getMetaData() call on an object that was just loaded with ObjectLoad() then you will have a NULL POINTER error. If you call a method
2613189 CF-3339690 Installation/Config Simon Janssens Starting Solr on RHEL 6 64 bit Duplicate ID: CF-3123145 Problem Description: Attempting to start teh Solr service fails Steps to Reproduce: Execute the /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/jetty/cfjetty script Actual Result: Service wouldn't start
2610683 CF-3687315 Scheduler Simon Janssens Scheduled Tasks won't complete after CF instance is restarted Problem Description: I have noticed that after a reboot of our ColdFusion instances the scheduled tasks we had setup in the administrator weren't running correctly. When I looked
)Disabling CryptoJ works because the way JCA/JCE works is that it will simply use the next Crypto Provider available, which in this case is the Sun Provider, which works just fine. It can also be worked around by removing the KeyAgreement from the provider at runtime (Credit: Simon Free and Pete Freitag)Do your