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Comment on ColdFusion Blog redirection to ColdFusion Community Portal by Stephen Walker
Comment on Elvis Operator incorrectly treating false values as undefined by Stephen J.
Comment on jsessionid cookie present when J2EE disabled from admin by Stephen W.
Comment on ColdFusion Blog redirection to ColdFusion Community Portal by Stephen Walker
Comment on ColdFusion Blog redirection to ColdFusion Community Portal by Stephen Walker
Comment on CFChart does not allow percentage based width and height by Stephen W.
Comment on not valid in MacOS 10.14 Mojave by Stephen C.
Comment on Elvis Operator incorrectly treating false values as undefined by Stephen J.
Comment on generates a file with data corrupted. SPREADSHEETNEW() does not. by Stephen J.
Comment on On finding what’s new in CF2018 (per the current state of the beta docs) by Stephen Walker
Comment on On finding what’s new in CF2018 (per the current state of the beta docs) by Stephen Walker
Comment on On finding what’s new in CF2018 (per the current state of the beta docs) by Stephen Walker
Comment on On finding what’s new in CF2018 (per the current state of the beta docs) by Stephen Walker
Comment on Between CF 11,0,04,293328 and 11,0,10,300066, DataDirect Oracle JDBC driver updated and now causing closed connections. by Stephen J.
2608822 CF-3984812 Immanuel N. Will be following up on this one. Thanks Stephen.
Comment on null/blank clob value returned as reference cursor from select statement in oracle causes No More Data Available To Read by Stephen J.
2608159 CF-4177084 Nimit S. Stephen, I am closing this bug for now. If there are enough votes to this. We may revisit this bug.
2609237 CF-3865484 External U. Stephen, the pie charts we have require a legend for the way they are built.
Anit Kumar Panda Stephen, can you share the links of article from the legacy site, you are referring to, for better clarity?
2671761 CF-4198125 S P. Hi Stephen, Closing the bug for now with the reason being as stated in the previous comment. But do let us know if you have issues with the same, we will look into it. Thanks!
2608159 CF-4177084 Nimit S. Thanks Stephen for pointing this out. This is a very old behavior. I am able to repro the same issue on CF8 as well. Fixing this issue may break backward compatibility.
2608388 CF-4104009 Suchika S. Hi Stephen, The file is being backed up to update "lastran" info & "lastran" info is important for a task. Hence, this is not a bug and so closing it. Thanks, Suchika.
2608564 CF-4062560 Poonam J. Stephen, Is soap compilations failing with external JRE 1.8. If this is the case , have you tried copied the tools.jar file from the Java 8 JDK into the {cfinstall}/lib directory and restart the server?
2608564 CF-4062560 Poonam J. Stephen, right now I am closing this track. In case, this issue reproduces again please open this or new ticket so that we can have a repro case to investigate. Thanks again!
2609409 CF-3849572 S P. Hi Brian, According to Stephen, resetting IE to the defaults and deleting personal settings has resolved the issue. Can you try this and confirm if you are still facing the issue? Thanks!
2609862 CF-3755497 extuser +1 - And, Adobe, please answer Stephen's question. It should be dynamic, not just on/off.
2682311 CFB-4126170 Mukesh K. Hi Stephen, Please let us know if you are still facing the issue . Please go through my previous comments and let us know your feedback on that . Thanks, Mukesh
Tracker Issue Support for IIS 10
2608822 CF-3984812 Installation/Config : Connector Stephen Walker Support for IIS 10 Windows 10 with IIS 10 is currently in pre-release and will be live later this year. To prepare for IIS 10 we need to begin testing now. Please modify the installer and most importantly wsconfig so that we can
2613520 CF-3298214 Documentation Stephen Walker Incorrect information regarding cfchart Documentation for cfchart states “Specify the rendering method. Applies only if format is html. The supported values are canvas, flash, svg, and vml.” Unfortunately, if you follow these instructions, you
2608159 CF-4177084 Core Runtime Stephen Baker When enablecfoutputonly is on, output cascades into included templates. Problem Description: tags cascade into an included template with respect to output for the enablecfoutputonly setting, but not for processing #s. Steps to Reproduce: Create two
2608591 CF-4055832 CFForm Stephen Brown Integer and Float validation passes input commas On html input forms using and validate="integer" or validate="float" I find that inputting a comma into the field isn't trapped so an error is thrown when the form is submitted and the input value passed
2609199 CF-3912622 Language Stephen Walker LSTimeFormat not available as Member Function The LSTimeFormat function throws an error when used as a member function #now()# #now().dateFormat('long')# #now().timeFormat('long')# #now().lsDateFormat('long')# #now().lsTimeFormat('long')# Results
2609557 CF-3831838 Database : ODBC STEPHEN WALKER ODBC Connections Fail after Installation of Update 1 After installing update 1 all ODBC connections fail. Steps to Reproduce: Install update 1 Actual Result: All ODBC connections fail Expected Result: All ODBC connections should work as they did
2609653 CF-3815267 Scheduler Stephen Walker Scheduled Tasks Firing but Return 404 I have multiple scheduled tasks that I migrated from CF10 to CF11 that no longer function properly. The scheduled task appears to fire on schedule, but in looking at the coldfusion-out log they are returning status
2598600 CF-3041149 Installation/Config : Config Stephen Rittler Bug 82434:At the end of installation, the message reads:"Congratulations Duplicate ID: CF-3040837 Problem: At the end of installation, the message reads:"Congratulations. The Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.1 has been successfully installed to
2682311 CFB-4126170 Security Code Analyzer STEPHEN WALKER Mapped Drive and Server Drive Must Match We setup a new development server and developers are required to map to their specific folder. The folders are located on the F drive, but if a user maps to a drive other than F, the security
2671761 CF-4198125 S P. Hi Stephen, Could you try disabling the option "Allow Remote Inspection" under Debugging & Logging-->Remote Inspection Settings. And then try running your testcase, you would not see the jsessionid cookie. Please do confirm the same. This setting is disabled by default
2608071 CF-4197019 Nimit S. Stephen, My apologies for replying late on this. We are already in touch with DataDirect to get the latest driver. We will update this bug after verifying the fix. Thanks, Nimit
2673013 CF-4156860 External U. Hi Stephen, Yes, I remember the video portal that CF12 was supposed to have. I wonder what ever happened to that. I hope they're still working on it. Adobe Media Server integration would be very nice. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608823 CF-3983656 External U. Hi Stephen, Using variables.q['Bar'] is the same as using variables.q['Bar'][1]. Meaning, both only reference the Bar column's 1st row (not all rows in the Bar column). Hi Awdhesh, I assume the only thing fixed here is the exception? (b/c, the exception shouldn
2609018 CF-3946143 Mukesh K. Hi Stephen, I have tried the same example what you have provided below with some load , but didn't able to reproduce the issue . Can you please let us know the approximate load you have tried so that we can repro with the same ?
2609111 CF-3928688 Piyush K. Stephen, You seem to have a lot of custom parameters set in your jvm config file. Can you try bumping up the number for -Xss parameter to, say, -Xss512k. If that doesn't help can you pls. verify if the issue exists with the default ColdFusion jvm.config file?
2609111 CF-3928688 Piyush K. Stephen, Keen to hear back on the result from the steps I suggested. I'm closing this, since I haven't been able to reproduce the behavior with the default ColdFusion JVM settings. But we can reopen this if the suggested steps do not resolve the issue.
2609216 CF-3910367 External U. Hi Adobe, This ticket should be Open/ToTrack/ThirdParty since you said "We have already logged an issue with Acrobat for the same" and we're unable to track that Acrobat ticket. This ticket should *definitely* not be "Withdrawn"! And +1 to what Stephen said
2609557 CF-3831838 Nimit S. Stephen, Have you tried verifying the datasource after applying the update? Is this issue reproducible? Please tell me OS name where you are facing this issue. I will try to reproduce this issue to understand it. Regards, Nimit
2612769 CF-3431165 Piyush K. unable to repro the issue on an unpatched CF10 (on Win2008R2 / IIS / OO3.3). accept = "application/msword" works on a .doc file with or without OO. @Stephen can you try strict="false" parameter with the cffile tag to see if there's any change in the behavior.
2682311 CFB-4126170 Mukesh K. Hi Stephen, You mean to say that , if CFServer is remotely located and CF IDE is located in your locally system , then when you try to run Security Analyzer from even done Mapping correctly , then it is throwing File does not exist . Please let me know it is the same
2682311 CFB-4126170 Mukesh K. Hi Stephen , Please reply with detailed repro steps . I didn't able to repo at my end , hence closing this bug as Not reproducible . Also , please make sure the mapping is correct before running security analyzer . -Mukesh
2608388 CF-4104009 Scheduler Stephen Rittler neo-cron.bak should not be generated after task execution Problem Description: neo-cron.bak should only be updated when the task parameters are updated so we can see what changed and when. It appears that the backup file is re-created every time the task
2608527 CF-4071593 Security Stephen Walker Admin Visible Regardless of IIS Config The CF Administrator is visible for the server FQDN ( and IP even though full hardening guide was followed (including URL Deny filter for /cfide
2608748 CF-4011401 Net Protocols : HTTP Stephen Walker Certificate Manager for CFHTTP With all government sites mandated to use https by the end of 2016 (, and more and more commercial services moving to https, there needs
2609216 CF-3910367 Document Management Stephen Walker cfhtmtopdf does not import alt tag information Problem Description: Hotfix 3 updated cfhtmltopdf to meet accessibility requirements however, images fail during validation because the alt attribute information is not imported. Steps
2610191 CF-3721707 Database Stephen Johnson When will CF 9/10 support Oracle 12c? The Oracle JDBC drivers for CF9/CF10 packaged in ColdFusion9/lib/macromedia_drivers.jar support up to Oracle 11g R2 only. Oracle 12c has been out since June of 2013. When will 12c be natively supported? Cold
2613521 CF-3298213 Charting/Graphing Stephen Walker Various Charts Will not render in IE7 Problem Description: When using cfchart format=html, certain charts with multiple series will not render in IE 7 and IE 8. So far I have identified the problem in area, bar, and line charts. The problem
2597638 CF-3043072 Language : CFSCRIPT Stephen Withington Bug 85822:(Watson Migration Closure)implicit struct fails to be evaluated in cfscript depending on the order in which it appears Problem: implicit struct fails to be evaluated in cfscript depending on the order in which it appears. blog
2598079 CF-3041765 Database : General Stephen Rittler Bug 83575:After installing 9 Problem: After installing 9.0.1 MSSQL datasources do not work (existing and new) Method: it appears as though a corrupted macromedia_drivers.jar file is the problem. Replacing it with the prior version (helpfully
2598166 CF-3041668 Installation/Config : Config Stephen Rittler Bug 83373:(Watson Migration Closure)Is there any reason why the installer starts the cfusion instance and Problem: Is there any reason why the installer starts the cfusion instance and .NET, ODBC, and Search services after
Aaron Neff Hi Charlie, Stephen, Saurav and Anit, Thank you very much for getting the Beta page easier to read, and getting the download links into bulleted lists. I agree the order should be: 1) "Documentation" 2) "Report a bug" 3) "Downloads" IMO, the Beta's ROI would improve if prospective
2608819 CF-3985498 External U. Sorry, Stephen: this is not a bug. Any string-yielding dynamic expression withing tags has any single quotes escaped. This is by design. It's not very clear, but it's documented behaviour: I
2609660 CF-3812163 External U. Thanks very much for that help Stephen. Anuj, you are right, I just now ran this ticket's font.xml thru cfchart_xmltojson.bat and it generated a more verbose font.json than the one in the ticket and this ticket's example then worked. So, verified this ticket
2609695 CF-3800237 External U. Stephen that *Zingcharts* is working "as it should" is not being contested. 's implementation of ZingCharts is NOT working as it should as what I detail is regressive behaviour compared to how used to work, pre-ZingCharts. It should be neither here nor there what
2608819 CF-3985498 Language Stephen Johnson The product of listLast(x) and listFirst(x) changes in the context of cfquery and outside the context of cfquery Problem Description: My expectation is that listFirst() and listLast() should behave like a static idempotent subroutine. And yet both list
3199706 CF-4198866 Charting/Graphing Stephen Walker CFChart does not allow percentage based width and height Creating a chart using cfchart with a width or height of 100% or other percentage value will not work. The underlying charting library (ZingChart) has supported this since December 2010 (v
2612007 CF-3566150 Security : General Stephen Baker EncodeForHTML mangles strings containing %[0-F][0-F] Problem Description: The EncodeForHTML function sometimes does not produce the desired result. Steps to Reproduce: #EncodeForHTML('%Device%')# Actual Result: In code: þvice% On Screen: Þvice
2612536 CF-3501428 Scheduler Stephen Rittler Scheduled task does not allow ":" in url Problem Description: tried to set up a scheduled task with the url of Scheduled task interface in cf admin refused to accept it ("URL is specified in wrong
2608388 CF-4104009 External U. Hi Stephen, I find the "last ran" timestamp to be useful information. I would not want the "Last Run" column to be removed from CF Admin, nor "result.lastfire" to be removed from cfschedule(action="list",..) (and same for Admin API's equivalent). That said, I
2608793 CF-3993581 Language Stephen Johnson In CF11 (not 9) , structKeyExists() returns false when cfdump shows true. Which is it? Problem Description: In CF11 and, I suspect, CF10, structKeyExists() returns false for a structkey generated via the deserializeJSON() function. CFDUMP, on the other
2608823 CF-3983656 Language : General Stephen Baker For ... in loop on single element list fails with coldfusion.runtime.ScopeCastException Problem Description: In as of ColdFusion 10 you should be able to run a for ... in loop over a list. However when the list contains only a single integer from
2608937 CF-3956874 Language Stephen Baker Query of queries where in (select ...) not working Problem Description: Contrary to the documentation it doesn't appear that a SELECT statement is allowed in the IN clause of a query of queries cfquery:
2609018 CF-3946143 Caching Stephen Baker Cache already exists error Problem Description: When running cfcache on a site with a lot of concurrent traffic, it occasionally fails with an exception. See other people's experience with the error at
2612769 CF-3431165 Document Management Stephen Walker CFFILE - Unable to set MS Office MIME Types if OpenOffice installed Problem Description: When OpenOffice is installed and set in the CF Administrator, you no longer have the ability to use Microsoft Office MIME type in the "accept" attribute
2616132 CF-3041954 Installation/Config : Config Stephen Rittler Bug 83966:Going forward, can we get the ability to specify the proxy port at the time of creating a new CF instance? Always bugged me that I had to go digging into an XML file to find it so I could hook up with Problem: Going forward
2597940 CF-3041922 Administrator : Administrator Console Stephen Cassady Bug 83897:The scheduled task page is throwing an error being unable to corretly parse the ODBC/other date (this should be read as 22 August 2010) Duplicate ID: CF-3041779 Problem: The scheduled task page is throwing an error
2598458 CF-3041311 ORM Support Stephen Rittler Bug 82665:Insanely frustrating exception from Hibernate:Message Following superclasses referenced in extends not found: ,Detail org Problem: Insanely frustrating exception from Hibernate:Message Following superclasses referenced in extends not found
2609149 CF-3920947 Web Services Stephen Baker org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxIOException: Attempted read on closed stream. Problem Description: Under high or persistent load, when using ColdFusion as a client for a WCF webservice on localhost an exception is thrown on an Axis
2609769 CF-3778682 Web Services : General Stephen Baker 0xFFFD character returned instead of undefined when accessing soap webservice Problem Description: When consuming a soap webservice which returns a complex structure containing a float. If the float is nil in ColdFusion 9 getTheFloat() would
3061421 CF-4198591 Piyush K. Stephen, The behavior is intentional. While processing query data, if the double values are detected the cell type is set to numeric. While the point you are making is also reasonable, but the case can be argued both ways. If you need the data to be interpreted
2608071 CF-4197019 Nimit S. Hello Stephen, This is a duplicate of another bug #CF-4165262. So, closing this bug and we will track it with the original bug. We are in the process of validating the fix. Please subscribe to the original bug for an update. However, You can access QA verified
2682311 CFB-4126170 Mukesh K. Hi Stephen, Correct my understanding if I am wrong somewhere ... You have added remote server( running in remote machine) and scan folder is present in the local machine and remote machine . Did you correctly mapped the local file path and remote file path location
2608071 CF-4197019 Database Stephen Johnson Between CF 11,0,04,293328 and 11,0,10,300066, DataDirect Oracle JDBC driver updated and now causing closed connections. Problem Description: Issuing a SELECT against a table with NCLOB data causes subsequent SELECT queries to fail with the following
2612413 CF-3515355 Dreamweaver Integration Stephen Walker Adobe ColdFusion 10 Extensions for Dreamweaver Removes HTML5 Tags When you install the Adobe ColdFusion 10 Extensions for Dreamweaver, the html tag library no longer includes html5 tags. The work around for Windows is a follows: When you
2609111 CF-3928688 Language Stephen Paulson Error with reReplace when text being replaced is over a certain size. We upgraded our java to 1.7.0_75 and while testing came across an error. We narrowed it down to a specific reReplace() call. Error is caused by amount of text being replaced. This call
3366553 CF-4199440 Language Stephen Johnson The Elvis operator seems to have been botched under CF 2016. CF 11 it was fine. Problem Description: Elvis operator returns different results in CF 11 vs. CF 2016. The results under CF 11 make sense. Those under CF 2016 don't. We are having to back out
2608619 CF-4048126 External U. Hi David and Stephen, The only workaround I found was to bind to a hidden input field. I agree this regression should be fixed. Here is a workaround: index.cfm -------------- var myGridInit = function() { var grid = ColdFusion.Grid; var tbar = grid
2597063 CF-3133682 Performance Stephen Johnson Relative to CF8, CF9.01 consumes heap space at an alarming rate leading to performance degradation and Out of Memory errors. Duplicate ID: CF-3119991 Problem Description: Recently, we moved from ColdFusion 8 Enterprise stand alone to ColdFusion 9
3061421 CF-4198591 Language : Tags Stephen Johnson generates a file with data corrupted. SPREADSHEETNEW() does not. Problem Description: I validated that this bug goes back to CF 9. Assume that an XLSX is being generated on the basis on a query where one of those query values happens
2612591 CF-3494728 Web Container (Tomcat) Nikolas Stephens Using ColdFusion as a custom 404 handler in IIS causes hanging requests Duplicate ID: CF-3488063 Problem Description: When setting the 404 url in IIS to use a ColdFusion file, we get hanging requests when our PCI compliance scanner scans
2612810 CF-3426811 Web Container (Tomcat) Nikolas Stephens CGI server_port not correct Duplicate ID: CF-3435653 Problem Description: CGI.server_port is not correct when using any type of port forwarding, such as in the case of an enterprise environment using SSL offloading. If specified