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2608159 CF-4177084 Core Runtime Stephen Baker When enablecfoutputonly is on, output cascades into included templates. Problem Description: tags cascade into an included template with respect to output for the enablecfoutputonly setting, but not for processing #s. Steps to Reproduce: Create two
2612007 CF-3566150 Security : General Stephen Baker EncodeForHTML mangles strings containing %[0-F][0-F] Problem Description: The EncodeForHTML function sometimes does not produce the desired result. Steps to Reproduce: #EncodeForHTML('%Device%')# Actual Result: In code: þvice% On Screen: Þvice
2609149 CF-3920947 Web Services Stephen Baker org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxIOException: Attempted read on closed stream. Problem Description: Under high or persistent load, when using ColdFusion as a client for a WCF webservice on localhost an exception is thrown on an Axis
2609769 CF-3778682 Web Services : General Stephen Baker 0xFFFD character returned instead of undefined when accessing soap webservice Problem Description: When consuming a soap webservice which returns a complex structure containing a float. If the float is nil in ColdFusion 9 getTheFloat() would
2608823 CF-3983656 Language Stephen Baker For ... in loop on single element list fails with coldfusion.runtime.ScopeCastException Problem Description: In as of ColdFusion 10 you should be able to run a for ... in loop over a list. However when the list contains only a single integer from a query
2608937 CF-3956874 Language Stephen Baker Query of queries where in (select ...) not working Problem Description: Contrary to the documentation it doesn't appear that a SELECT statement is allowed in the IN clause of a query of queries cfquery:
2609018 CF-3946143 Caching Stephen Baker Cache already exists error Problem Description: When running cfcache on a site with a lot of concurrent traffic, it occasionally fails with an exception. See other people's experience with the error at