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Comment on How to write onError method by Steve Sommers
sangeetab51931146 Thank you Steve Sommers How to call this onError method and where we need to call? or it will be called when the application got started ?
2597027 CF-3185305 Security Steve Sommers RE: Duplicate ID: CF-3137285 Problem Description: Uninformative error response and no logging. Steps to Reproduce: Install the above reference patch and send a request that exceeds
2596916 CF-3424179 Language : Functions Steve Sommers JSStringFormat incorrectly handles single quotes Problem Description: JSStringFormat incorrectly handles single quotes. Steps to Reproduce: Simply use the function to send data to a client using AJAX (I use the latest version of jquery
2598417 CF-3041357 Language : Tags Steve Sommers Bug 82726:(Watson Migration Closure)cfinput should not always include the terminating slash in the associated input tag that it generates Problem: cfinput should not always include the terminating slash in the associated input tag that it generates
Steve Sommers Websocket – channels? This may be a noob question, and I admit that I am a noob when it comes to websockets. With ColdFusion, channels seem to be part of the core but when I research websockets in general, excluding ColdFusion, I cannot find documentation on channels. Are channels
3653683 CF-4200077 Language : DateTime Functions Steve Sommers TimeFormat backward compatibility bug Problem Description: TimeFormat minute mask is not backwards compatible with earlier versions - m or mm. Steps to Reproduce: #TimeFormat(now(),"hh:mm:ss")# Actual Result: 12:mm:35 Expected Result
2608170 CF-4173251 Language Steve Sommers Query scope descrepancy between tag and script Problem Description: I'm fairly certain I found a scope bug. I'm using CF11 and FW/1 and I have the following query -- the tag works, the cfscript equivalent triggers a "Table named rc
2837511 CF-4198327 Core Runtime Steve Sommers Strange Happenings with UTC Conversions Problem Description: DateTime comparisons seem to apply an underlying hidden time zone indicator to the comparison Steps to Reproduce: local.dttm1 = createDateTime(2017,02,01,01,00,00); local.dttm1UTC = date