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Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by T. O.
Comment on Scheduled Tasks Deleted after installing CF11u16 CF2016u8 by T. O.
Comment on CFDBINFO doesn't return COLUMN_DEFAULT_VALUE by John O.
5361900 CF-4204021 John S. @T.O. thanks, restoring that file from a backup now.
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Justin T.
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Justin T.
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: cfgridupdate doesn't honor default data source by Uday O.
Comment on Columns added w/ QueryAddColumn w/o a datatype specified that have at least one value in the column fail during a for-in loop by Justin T.
2612749 CF-3434100 Uday O. Hi Aaron , We are looking into this ticket. We can't change the behavior of 'update' action as it will have backward compatibility issue. What name do you suggest for new action : edit, realupdate,fecthandupdate,updatenodelete etc Another way to handle backward
3120812 CF-4198746 Richard O. Ok, so I stumbled on the fix accidentally while working on client's PHP site: Still needs some work though. TLS and SSL don't work. And some clear instructions somewhere, probably in the CFdocs, would be a
Comment on Bug 83515:(Watson Migration Closure)It seems that errors raised in onApplicationEnd() and onSessionEnd() won't show up in the CF Application log files by Uday O.
" (db.`" "" "tbc,_ `~"Yuu,_ .d" l`T' '= ~ `""Yu, ,dO` gP, `u, b,_ "b7 d?' ,d" l, `"b,_ `~b "1 ,8i' dl `l ,ggQOV",dbgq,._" `l lb .df' (O, " ,gg
2613240 CF-3337394 External U. Can you pls provide a CFC-based example of this, Rupesh? I tried this, and it doesn't work: // C.cfc component acccessors=true { property string title; property string surname; } // test.cfm o = new C(); o.title = "Doctor"; o.surname = "No"; writeOutput(serializeJson(o
Comment on Office 365 and Mail Server Error 550 by Richard O.
and access the component via Ajax the exception occurs. Details at Method: 1. Enable request debugging on. 2. put a trace in cfc 3. call the cfc via ajax index.cfm oT=new testTrace(); oT
, if I type "C" I get an auto complete for C. Not Camden, Raymond, just C. If you view source, it is easy to seew why: _cf_autosuggestarray="|C|a|m|d|e|n|,|R|a|y|m|o|n|d|||S|m|i|t|h|,|J|o|h|n".split("|"); ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson
certificates. The error is "I/O Exception: hostname in certificate didn't match: != .
5368724 CF-4204029 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, Basically, if additional attributes are added as parameters to FileWrite(), they'd need added to FileWriteLine(), FileAppend() and FileAppendLine() where relevant. This ticket reveals an unclear direction in the planning of CF8's I/O functions. I wasn't
2596837 CF-3589407 Language Adam Cameron Threads add weird methods into CFCs Run this: // C.cfc component { public void function f(){ var t1 = false; thread name="t1" action="run" { // nowt } } } // test.cfm o = new C(); md = getMetadata(o); writeDump([o
! This should just work: // General.cfc component { property x; function getX(){ return x; } function setX(x){ variables.x = arguments.x; } } // general.cfm o = new General(); o.x = "value"; // calls setX() writeOutput("Value from o.x: #o.x#"); // calls getX() It shouldn't *need* a setting
2596899 CF-3488734 Language Adam Cameron Assigning an expression to a struct key via struct-literal notation won't compile Problem Description: See the repro case. The commented-out statement should compile fine, but it doesn't Steps to Reproduce: y = 1; z = x = y + y; o1 = {}; o1.z= x = y
2608884 CF-3971083 External U. +1 to Mary's comment. Adobe, if you can't specify the "Fixed In Build" field when closing a ticket, then please leave the ticket open. Closing tickets w/o filling in that field just causes confusion. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608549 CF-4066964 Server Manager Raymond Camden Clicking the "down arrow" causes SM to hang Clicking this arrow: causes SM to hang. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID
2610296 CF-3712186 External U. Hi Adam, I did +1 that ticket. It looks like those remaining member functions from my previous comment probably won't get added for a while.. Those functions were actually listed in the description, and they *still* Closed/Fixed this ticket w/o implementing them
2612467 CF-3506757 REST Services Johnny O Exceptions in REST Services doesn't trigger Application.cfc's onError or Site-wide Error Handler Problem Description: When exceptions occur in ColdFusion 10's new REST Services, the standard exception handling mechanisms don't work. Steps to Reproduce
Comment on cfdocument format=pdf and cfhtmltopdf doesn't pass the adobe acrobat pro 508 complience check. by Bouton J.
2597622 CF-3043162 Language : CF Component Nathan Strutz Bug 85965:Can't call the java Problem: Can't call the java.lang.Object' methods on any CFC. This includes common methods like cfcInstance.toString() and cfcInstance.getClass(). Method: // Instantiate a CFC: o = new myCFC;// try to get
this error: "I/O Exception: hostname in certificate didn't match: != OR OR "
to get the year portion (2015 in this case) w/o any additional calculations. Suggestion: year(date, "isoweek"). This ticket can't be closed if week(date, "iso") is only returning 50% (week but not year) of what the spec says. Thanks!, -Aaron
3732699 CF-4200189 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, And we shouldn't have to always worry so much about someVar's data type. For example: I should simply be able to loop across the columns of a query row and call .trim() on each value, w/o having to worry about if the boolean/integer/datetime/etc data types
2609803 CF-3765535 External U. This is marked as fixed in build 296264, but doesn't seem available in CF 10 Update 18 or CF 11 Update 7 (build 296330). I'm trying this: DateTimeFormat("2001/2/3 4:5:6","iso") and the output is "i6o". Can anyone get this working?
2609376 CF-3852284 Document Management Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: Support : 1) supports writing thumbnails to disk (good) 2) doesn't support writing thumbnails to ram:/// 3) doesn't support returning an array of CF image variables This ER is to support #3: For action="thumbnail", cfpdf will return
(required numeric x){ return x; } And this: // UsingRuntimeMixin.cfc component implements="I" { function init(required string mixinFile){ include mixinFile; } } Then this should work: // usingRuntimeMixin.cfm o = new UsingRuntimeMixin("functions.cfm"); writeOutput(o.f(1)); It doesn't. The logic
2612578 CF-3496254 External U. That regex has no letters in it, so the NoCase is just noise. It's also not very efficient - a better way is /\*(?:[^*]+|\*(?!/))*\*/ (This applies to most situations where .*? is used.) But the crux of the issue is that it doesn't know whether you're in a string
(attributes.stringtosoundex); stclength = len(stringtoconvert); leader = left(stringtoconvert, 1); leadervalue = leader; body = right(stringtoconvert, stclength - 1); body = replacelist(body, "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z", "0,1,2,3,0,1,2,0,0,2,2,4,5,5,0,1,2,6,2,3,0,1,0,2,0,2"); leadervalue
2608557 CF-4065543 Scheduler Aaron Neff [ANeff] ER for: cfschedule startdate and starttime default to now for non-chained tasks Interval doesn't make sense for chained tasks. Thus, if interval is specified, then user is creating a non-chained task. In this case, startdate and starttime can both
the current request, and all other currently-running requests, to continue running in a defunct state w/o their per-app mappings and stuff. And we don't want OnSessionEnd() to not be called. ApplicationStop() doesn't even clear the application scope (that right there is an inconsistency). Looks like what we
3554339 CF-4199855 Language : Functions Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: tag vs script wrt typed array arguments Tag allows "." in typed array arg path. Script doesn't. Repro: Application.cfc ----------- {code:java} component { = "TagVsScriptWrtTypedArrayArguments"; THIS
, and whether the object is clustered, nonclustered, or a heap.  How it "works" is dependent upon whether the table is clustered or a heap.  That's why I posted my original comment, because MS isn't always clear on what's going on and it's hard to know that the same compression settings works differently
Bug 86824:(Watson Migration Closure)Even very simple querys take a large performance hit (x2 up to x10 times longer to execute) using the Query CFC rather than CFQUERY, basically meaning they can't be used for any frequently accessed si
3415550 CF-4199509 Database : CFDBINFO John O'Connell CFDBINFO doesn't return COLUMN_DEFAULT_VALUE Problem Description: CFDBINFO always returns "empty string" when querying column info on DB for COLUMN_DEFAULT_VALUE along with REMARKS Steps to Reproduce: Created Table with 3 columns, one having a
2609112 CF-3928680 External U. Hi Rupesh and Adobe, is essentially useless w/o support for the evalatprint attribute and support for more than these 5 HTML tags: , , , and . I'm disappointed in this tag - cfhtmltopdf had so much potential. Hi Tim, I'm sorry your second question (about using
), it requires writing each of the sections to disk as separate PDFs and then reading them back in. So, it's more code and disk I/O. While Acrobat doesn't support conditional expressions in header/footer, cfhtmltopdfitem still needs an evalAtPrint attribute (ex: to left-align header on odd pages and right
similar bit of data) in it, CF interprets the minutes and seconds part of the timestamp as parameter names Steps to Reproduce: q1 = queryNew(""); queryAddColumn(q1, "id", [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]); queryAddColumn(q1, "daysofWeek", ["R?hina","R?t
2612607 CF-3492620 Aaron N. When an ODBC DSN can be created via CF Admin w/o error, and queries run successfully, then this is fixed. That is, ultimately, the goal here. To be able to run a query.. against an ODBC DSN. If you compare the registry entries CF Admin creates vs the registry entries
2608644 CF-4036452 General Server Mary Jo Sminkey URLDecode() Removed normal Alphanumeric Characters Problem Description: In cases where URLDecode() is getting test strings, it's removing characters that it shouldn't. Steps to Reproduce: Test: writedump(URLDecode( "Save Up To 30% on Orders
Comment on Daily task w/o startDate gives a bad error by External U.
Comment on Daily task w/o startDate gives a bad error by External U.
Comment on ColdFusion won't start automatically after Windows Update ot >net Framework 4.5.1 by Anit K.
Comment on [ANeff] ER for: addition of "Upgrade" button to wsconfig.exe's UI (to update connector w/o losing config) by External U.
6138330 CF-4205068 Language : Functions [ANeff] Bug for: Array Case functions cannot find XML Issue: Array Case functions cannot find XML The ArrayFind/ArrayFindAll/ArrayContains/ArrayDelete docs say these functions search for complex objects excluding COM/CORBA. However, this isn't currently
Cluster instances still don't start after upgrading to CF11 HotFix 5
5932990 CF-4204710 Language : Application Framework [ANeff] ER for: 'startTime' metadata for Application and Request Issue: SessionGetMetadata() returns 'startTime', but the same doesn't exist for Application or Request. Steps to Reproduce: write
Bug 79271:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] ER for: getWSDL() for getting WSDL from CFC w/o requring network call to CFC
5241384 CF-4203901 Aaron N. Hi Michael, Named parameter syntax `csrfGenerateToken(forceNew=true)` isn't valid until CF2018. Pre-CF2018 that'd be positional syntax `csrfGenerateToken("", true)`. It's a bug if it worked pre-CF2018. Hi Adobe, If you run `csrfGenerateToken(forceNew=true)` in CF2016
2608288 CF-4137857 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, I've verified this is fixed in CF2018 Public Beta Update 1 (build 2018.0.01.308605). This ticket should be changed from "Closed/Won't Fix" to "Closed/Fixed". +1 to what Brad said, BTW. CF is a loosely typed language and needs to act like it. To act otherwise
2610268 CF-3713706 Installation/Config : Installer Johnny O ColdFusion won't start automatically after Windows Update ot >net Framework 4.5.1 Problem Description: I'm ColdFusion 10 Update 13 on Windows Web Server 2008 R2. After Windows Update was applied on 2014-02-25, ColdFusion wouldn't start
JsafeJCE provider used by CF11 doesn't seem to support some ECC curves
2611467 CF-3618494 REST Services Johnny O ColdFusion 10 Rest API mangles international characters in the request Problem Description: ColdFusion 10's new Rest API mangles international characters in the request. For example, a request that looks like this: PUT http://www.bcjobs.local/rest/v1
Comment on JsafeJCE provider used by CF11 doesn't seem to support some ECC curves by S V.
2612945 CF-3364479 External U. @CF_Coder, CF10 changed the behavior of dateConvert(). In CF10, it only converts the string representation but not the underlying value. This is why cfquery w/o cfqueryparam mimics CF9 behavior while cfquery w/ cfqueryparam does not. This is also why serialize
2610648 CF-3689049 External U. Yeah... you're misreading the RFC and the diagram on the JSON site, because they absolutely do NOT say that. Did you actually bother to read the links I gave you? Because we go through it all in there. You didn't did you? No. Did you think I posted them
Tracker Issue Bug 80536:In 8
2599290 CF-3040371 Core Runtime : Session Management Andrew O Bug 80536:In 8 Problem: In 8.0.1, Breaking behaviour in sessions when security hotfix HF801-1875.jar applied, when using sessionmanagement with clientcookies and clientmanagement off. Haven't got time to reproduce this in CF9 yet
ldap queries - and some dodgy connectivity to our ldap cluster. The timeout should save us - but I can't get it to work at all. Method: ">">, o="> Result: No error message ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3042411 External
2608615 CF-4048967 External U. Hi Henry and Adobe, I've reproduced this. Two bugs: 1) [Regression - worked fine in CF10] Height of HTML grids (header, panel and both toolbars) isn't correct when unhiding an initially-hidden grid. When grid's height="" attribute is specified, then panel
Tracker Issue Bug 82239:On CF 8
2598709 CF-3041029 Scheduler Andrew O Bug 82239:On CF 8 Problem: On CF 8.0.1, after an out of heap space memory error, sometimes certain scheduled task that are scheduled to run will be completely ignored. Strangely, only some tasks are ignored, some continue to run fine.The task that is ignored
")//gets ISO8601 week in year dateTimeFormat(dateTime, "u", "", "iso")//gets ISO8601 day of week (note: currently "u" isn't supported and 1=Monday; and there's no non-ISO8601 1=Sunday mask) dateTimeFormat(dateTime, "yy|yyyy", "", "iso")//gets ISO8601 week date's year dateTimeFormat(dateTime, "Y", "", "iso' does not match the certificate subject provided by the peer (CN=*, O=Google Inc, L=Mountain View, ST=California, C=US)" Looks like there is an error in 4.4 which CF2016 now uses: Lucee upgraded to 4.5.1
2596846 CF-3566218 External U. [stevejaeger949] "Working in CF10" isn't a valid fix to this bug. (Especially since there are currently too many outstanding CF10 issues that we are still reviewing.) [aaronf91] I'm not sure the case matters. I changed it and the error message is the same
in that thread you linked did work. I don't know if there is another version mismatch issue somewhere along the line, but if other people continue running into this issue using your installer, I would recommend they try the other one. The Google Drive link for that one is
Comment on Daily task w/o startDate gives a bad error by External U.
2609270 CF-3863477 External U. Hi Tim, Aha, okay. Reconfiguring the IIS connector via wsconfig.exe should resolve the issue. What's happening is CGI.PATH_INFO should be null when browsing directly (i.e. w/o submitting the form) to both and http
Custom serialiser: canSerialize() doesn't seem to function sensibly
Fusion is "Authentication has failed. Please check the logs for more details.s" Looking at the exception logs in CF Admin shows the following exception: "Error","ajp-nio-8018-exec-12","07/30/18","20:09:53","","'' Can not decode string ""C59C17FB2B9F91BC_ODGvJ cMMwzj9RhNvDJcNk5pl6a5Zokmb8o6PlR13cs===="". The input string
Bug 73852:(Watson Migration Closure)While the Admin API is nice, it is basically unusable to anyone on a shared host, or someone writing code for OS apps where you can't be sure the end user will have Admin access
CF2016: cfhttp - use of buggy 4.4.1 http components (hostname verification fails when it shouldn't)
) on Windows 2003 x32 and CF10 32-bit. The does not happen on Server 2008 R2 with 64-bit CF10 or if you use a non-console RDP session. Steps to Reproduce: Log in o to a Windows 2003 x32 server running CF10 via the console session. Log back out of Windows. Try and pull up CFAdmin adn you will receive a
Comment on Exceptions in REST Services doesn't trigger Application.cfc's onError or Site-wide Error Handler by HariKrishna K.
. However, I don't think that the feature should ship without it as it makes it very cumbersome to use the feature and is a step backwards in language modernization. Consider the following possible options (and please propose your own) Maybe optional types (which would have other benefits) Add optional
Comment on [ANeff] Bug for: Inconsistencies between I/O tags and functions regarding write, append, and newline by Mukesh K.
. That is no longer necessary, since CF7 (as indicated on the CFML ref page So the last section's wording and example could/should be changed to refer to a more useful example of a header one may want to set, such as "importance
.HTTP.setMethod('GET'); variables.HTTP.setCharSet('UTF-8'); variables.HTTP.setURL(''); // Add the reference // variables.HTTP.addParam( type='url', name='reference', value='CoQBdwAAACTLpBJRqdorlL1nGkNWOyx2KerLJI96cY9r_3TGa03vW9DRxnzFmO9sDZcOfB_q8z0px3ZVPuc
Tracker Issue Bar Chart Node Issue
5107418 CF-4203491 Charting/Graphing Bar Chart Node Issue Hello, We have a process that produces an "academic standing" bar chart that depicts the academic standing for each of our students, compared to the rest of the class (S = superior, O = outstanding, etc). When the graph is generated
?If yes, please give the nature and degree of injuriesDo you have an original long-form D.O.T. physical certificate or card?Motor Vehicle Record Part OneList all driver's licenses held in the past five yearsStateLicense NumberClass/TypeExpiration DateEndorsementsList all traffic convictions
still experiencing this with the "Final" build of CF 10, as is at least one other person, so I am not alone. I have confirmed that it is related to the mod_jk modifications for the web server connector. It does not happen if you use Tomcat w/o Apache (using the built in webserver). I have confirmed
[ANeff] Bug for: Inconsistencies between I/O tags and functions regarding write, append, and newline
.drda.ddo.a(Unknown Source) at macromedia.jdbc.db2.drda.ddp.b(Unknown Source) at macromedia.jdbc.db2.ddh.o(Unknown Source) at macromedia.jdbc.db2base.dde0.x(Unknown Source) at macromedia.jdbc.db2base.dde0.t(Unknown Source) at macromedia.jdbc.db2base.dde0.execute
steps I have performed: 1) Installed fresh copy of CF11 Update 19 and CF2018 Update 4 onto windows 10 desktop. 2) Installed "CN=IdenTrust Commercial Root CA 1, O=IdenTrust, C=US" certificate into cacert file for CF11. Verified this certificate is already present in the CF2018 cacert file and has a
\wwwroot\WEB-INF\exception\java\security\AccessControlException.cfm Apr 30, 2018 01:30:38 AM Error [http-nio-8500-exec-1] - null C:\ColdFusion2018\cfusion\wwwroot\WEB-INF\exception\udf.cfm Apr 30, 2018 01:35:58 AM Error [http-nio-8500-exec-6] - '' Can not decode string ""993D057CE43599B7_vckuK29mbH5J6e1coDLg30JosHNidn/h31kaPKGM9O14dwmdGjS1rq kzDh03KckfpVHBhehLLga /BAN