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Comment on Public beta for Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) and Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) by Thomas Case
2609035 CF-3943345 Nimit S. Hi Chris/Thomas, Can you please provide the isolated repro case along with the exception stacktrace? If you are unable to paste lot of content, then I would recommend attaching the repro case and exception as a file.
Comment on Allow cfproperty default to be a CFML expression by Thomas H.
2596878 CF-3518082 AJAX : UI Components Thomas Lettau Updating Data with CFGrid HTML Format causes Data Corruption Duplicate ID: CF-3525182 Tags: Data Corruption, Data Loss, Incorrectly Functioning Problem Description: Changed data rows in CFGRid not alway sent to the action page. Some rows
2610252 CF-3714584 AJAX Michael Thomas CFTEXTAREA richtext="true' and IE 10+ - NOT COMPATIBLE Duplicate ID: CF-3709472 Problem Description: In IE 10+, when a text box has the rich text area enabled, it only shows a small textbox. Steps to Reproduce: Use IE 10 or above and look at a form with a