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2946679 CF-4198421 Tim B. The trycf gist, to the example above. Behaves correctly when Lucee engine is selected.
2609112 CF-3928680 External U. Hi Rupesh and Adobe, is essentially useless w/o support for the evalatprint attribute and support for more than these 5 HTML tags: , , , and . I'm disappointed in this tag - cfhtmltopdf had so much potential. Hi Tim, I'm sorry your second question (about using
2608361 CF-4113069 Language : Functions Tim Mixell DateTimeFormat not honoring escape characters per wiki documentation Referencing documentation here: Problem Description: when trying
2609000 CF-3949417 Database Tim Mixell queryExecute null flag on a param doesn't like evaluating statements Related Bugs: CF-3943345 - Similar to CF-3944215 - Similar to I'm used to 's null flag, which will evaluate a statement to determine whether or not to set a field to NULL: I an error
2600240 CF-3039242 Language : Functions Tim Blair Bug 78715:The new, implicit "local" scope within a breaks backwards compatibility with previous versions of CF when creating a var'd variable called "local" Problem: The new, implicit "local" scope within a breaks backwards compatibility
3757338 CF-4200272 Charting/Graphing Tom Lofts Comparison method violates its general contract! null Problem Description: I have a CFChart component which is now reporting the above error. Stack trace: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract! at java.util.TimSort.mergeHi(Tim
2672774 CF-4171358 Scheduler Tim Parker frequent CFSchedule crashes - failing to update neo-cron.xml Problem Description: We are seeing frequent crashes when trying to use CFSchedule - sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it fails Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: crash: Message: java