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2672771 CF-4171993 Core Runtime Tim Parker 400 error thrown when attempting to call a module named 'bootstrap.cfm' (certain directories only) Problem Description: It seems that CF has an over-eager security test for certain modules named 'bootstrap.cfm' - see steps Steps to Reproduce: create
2672827 CF-4161484 Debugging Tim Parker Stack traces inconsistent with previous CF releases Problem Description: Stack traces report inconsistent paths for modules in the same directory - module called directly by web server shows symlink (un-translated), other modules (called by the originally
2609544 CF-3834534 Language Tim Parker Argument validation broken, at least with ReplaceList Problem Description: Calling ReplaceList() with extra arguments results in no reported errors and unexpected results - same code run on CF9 throws expected runtime exception Steps to Reproduce: run
2610132 CF-3726695 Language Tim Parker allow blocking of certain tags in modules invoked with CFModule and CFInclude Our product provides ways for our customers to provide their own CF modules which we call for certain operations. For various reasons, many CF tags (such as CFAbort and CFLocation
2612005 CF-3566202 Platform Support Tim Parker test: reported bugs getting lost? Problem Description: I attempted to add a bug report last week... and this form appeared to accept it - but this bug is not in my list of reported bugs - Is this because my issue got lost? or is there some sort
2672774 CF-4171358 Scheduler Tim Parker frequent CFSchedule crashes - failing to update neo-cron.xml Problem Description: We are seeing frequent crashes when trying to use CFSchedule - sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it fails Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: crash: Message: java
2596691 CF-3834866 Core Runtime Tim Parker String methods process single quotes differently when CFSet is used inside a CFQuery block Duplicate ID: CF-3585643 Problem Description: If CFSet is used within a CFQuery block, string functions double any single quotes in their return values Steps
2596699 CF-3726686 Caching Tim Parker Code changes not reliably seen if 'Cache Template in Request' is enabled Problem Description: code changes don't reliably take effect if the 'Cache Template in Request' setting is used. This problem has been reported to me with both CF9 and CF10 (see test
2611932 CF-3573384 Language Tim Parker hand-built query objects coerce timestamps to wrong type Problem Description: when a query is built by hand (QueryNew/QueryAddRow/QuerySetCell) and a timestamp is inserted into a cell, the underlying logic creates an object of type java.sql.Date - resulting
2613357 CF-3330658 Text Search Tim Parker CFCollection (Action=list) errors out, resolved by Jetty restart Problem Description: CFCollection (action=list) occasionally errors out, throwing: Error getting collection information.: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error handling 'status
2611935 CF-3572565 Core Runtime : Session Management Tim Parker CF10 writes CFID and CFToken cookies incorrectly, causing session problems (fatal for CF9) for all other instances in domain Duplicate ID: CF-3593673 Problem Description: CF10 is writing CFID and CFToken cookies as DOMAIN cookies
2610720 CF-3681626 Scheduler Tim Parker poor error handling when neo-cron.xml is corrupted or truncated Problem Description: if neo-cron.xml does not contain valid XML, 'scheduled tasks' tab of CF administrator crashes. Most (all?) attempts to use CFSchedule also fail with un-helpful message