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Comment on RIAForge decommissioning by Tom Chiverton
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Comment on EWS End of life and Microsoft Graph by Tom Chiverton
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2800609 CF-4198286 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton isDate returns true for numbers Problem Description: isDate(17824761) returns true Steps to Reproduce: #isDate(17824761)# Actual Result: true Expected Result: false Any Workarounds: no
2608461 CF-4088913 Net Protocols : IMAP Tom Chiverton CFIMAP action="getHeaderOnly" transfers message bodies When using CFIMAP with action=getHeaderOnly then only the headers should be transferred from the server. In fact full mail bodies are, which causes excessive network traffic and overhead
2609510 CF-3840078 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton CFCHART should accept absolute paths as the 'style' argument, not only retaliative ('../../foo.json') Enhancement Request ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3840078 External
2608462 CF-4088896 Net Protocols : POP Tom Chiverton CFPOP doesn't create the query given by name="" with updater 7 installed Pre-updater 7, and as documented, CFPOP's name argument can be used to name the query returned. Post-updater 7, this errors with " Variable MAIL is undefined. The error
2597624 CF-3043159 Core Runtime : Application Tom Chiverton Bug 85961:(Watson Migration Closure)isJSON (etc) don't understand the application-level 'secure' JSON prefix settings Problem: isJSON (etc) don't understand the application-level 'secure' JSON prefix settings Method: #is
2609275 CF-3862961 Language Tom Chiverton isDate('9.69p') eq true Duplicate ID: CF-3859758 Problem Description: isDate('9.69p') eq true Steps to Reproduce: #isDate('9.69p')# Actual Result: YES Expected Result: NO Any Workarounds: NO ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2608340 CF-4118773 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton fileCopy() between S3 breaks meta data Problem Description:fileCopy fails to correctly copy meta data between resources on S3 Steps to Reproduce: Create a file on S3 with Content-Type of 'application/pdf' and Cache-Control of 'max-age=300' run file
2609313 CF-3859758 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton isDate('16.51p') eq true Problem Description: isDate() validates as true obviously invalid dates. Steps to Reproduce: Case 1: #isDate('16.51p')# #dateformat('16.51p')# Case 2: isDate('9.69p') eq true Actual Result: YES 16-May-14 Expected Result
2609395 CF-3850838 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton Pie chart vanishes when a single 100% item, even though others in data set with value 0 Problem Description: When there are many values to put on a pie chart, but one comes out as 100%, the whole chart vanishes Steps to Reproduce: Run attached
2609477 CF-3844756 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton bar extends off left side of axis Problem Description: The bar for the first stacked series starts in the wrong place Steps to Reproduce: run attached, rename to t.cfml Actual Result: top bar extends beyond left side of axis Expected Result: top
2609478 CF-3844752 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton unremovable white border on bar charts Problem Description: extra white space added between stacked series in bar chart Steps to Reproduce: run the attached (rename to t.cfml and hbarChartStyle.json Actual Result: white bar at end of each stacked
2609237 CF-3865484 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton CF11 update 3 breaks chart style json that uses legend Problem Description: Under CF11 update 2, you could turn legnds on CFCHART off using ZingChart's style JSON files. Under update 3, this causes a ColdFusion exception (!) Steps to Reproduce
2609491 CF-3842831 Installation/Config : Installer Tom Chiverton Install disk space check checks root file system, not installation folder I set the install folder to the default in /opt, yet the installer at the end moans: Installation Directories: Product: /opt/coldfusion11 ... Disk Space
2609492 CF-3842819 Charting/Graphing Tom Chiverton incorrect series total in tooltip Problem Description: When drawing a stacked series, Steps to Reproduce: run attached CFML file. You'll need to rename it. hover over the (small) 'bar' stack Actual Result: tool tip says '0 of 1' Expected Result
2597494 CF-3043735 Language : CF Component Tom Chiverton Bug 86824:(Watson Migration Closure)Even very simple querys take a large performance hit (x2 up to x10 times longer to execute) using the Query CFC rather than CFQUERY, basically meaning they can't be used for any frequently accessed si
2609403 CF-3850033 Installation/Config : Config Tom Chiverton Unable to import large CF9 settings (~1500 data sources) Problem Description: When importing my CF9 settings, the migration wizard hung for exactly 50 minutes, then stopped with a time out. Restarting the wizard the same thing happens
2609114 CF-3928294 File Management : VFS-RAM Tom Chiverton Global Memory Limit for In-Memory Virtual FileSystem exceeded messages on createObject / new Query that don't use RAM drive Problem Description: Intermittent "Global Memory Limit 300 MB for In-Memory Virtual FileSystem exceeded" messages
file. In reality it's for converting a spreadsheet object into binary to facililitate WRITING it to file.Tom Chiverton suggested "spreadSheetToBinary" which sounds about right to me. Then again, perhaps this functionality is just the remit of toBinary(), and that should be adjusted to work
2609494 CF-3842800 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton ColdFusion breaks itself when the disk fills up Problem Description: When the disk containing the CF install root has no disk space, CF still attempts to rewrite various neo*xml files, creating empty or partial versions, which will break CF on restart
2596884 CF-3508592 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton CF9.0.1 CHF 3 breaks valid CFC syntax Problem Description: Valid CFCs throw undefined variable run time errors, fine without CHF3 applied. Steps to Reproduce: Put both files in test configuration on a CF 9.0.1 server with CHF3. 1.6 or 1.7 JVM doesn
2608824 CF-3983192 Core Runtime Tom Chiverton CFLOCk with name does not always only allow one request at a time Under only moderate load, we get pairs of stuck threads due to trying to duplicate() a shared object in a CFC. To prevent this, we use a named CFLOCK to single thread requests. However
2609086 CF-3934737 Performance Tom Chiverton CFHTTP does not always abort after timeout interval Even with setting a timeout on CFHTTP calls, sometimes the thread sticks and doesn't terminate untill CF is restarted. We set a timeout of 30, but have requests that run into tens of thousands