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2609769 CF-3778682 External U. I believe the example had been removed sometime between then and now through a git reset or cleanup. Please try again now.
trouble spots even more difficult. We were running into an issue with an API that we published in the Publisher Portal. We were experiencing some odd behavior with the response. The Try It Now feature is a good an […] Blog,api manager,logging,response and request logging,Try it now
that someone may be concerned about putting too many columns on the screen, but if you set a max width for the DSN, it's hard to imagine many monitors that wouldn't be big enough to display at least a couple or a few more columns, making the page more valuable, especially when trying to get a high
correctly then I would agree, but as the IDE also states it is invalid then the IDE also needs to be fixed. To people at Adobe actually read these tickets and try to duplicate them before closing tickets, or does Adobe assume something else entirely. The amount of tickets I have to re-open because
2614006 CF-3138032 ORM Support Andrew Scott I reported this once before and it was marked user error Problem Description: I wanted to try this again and get you to understand how important this error is. Currently I am trying to find a way to write audit logs for my entities, and have been trying
6447484 CF-4205828 Functions Package access validation seems case-sensitive when it shouldn't Problem Description: InvalidPackageAccessException is incorrectly thrown sometimes when a component C1 in package P1 tries to invoke a package-access init method on itself or another component in package
this again and get you to understand how important this error is. Currently I am trying to find a way to write audit logs for my entities, and have been trying to find a way for this using entities for now 4 years. I will give you the basic code, but rest assured that this is also being checked to see
2597241 CF-3084797 Documentation : General Paul Hastings Bug 87144:-(Watson Migration Closure)document the now undocument getTime() method on cf datetime objects & make it official Problem: document the now undocument getTime() method on cf datetime objects & make it official. its quiet handy
on Hostek for the last 10 months. It appears that somewhere when getting the settings, it is throwing an exception on line 1246. Which seems to indicate that a variable is actually null or something, it would be nice to try to track this down. Problem is that to date, there is no known way to duplicate
Bug 80981:(Watson Migration Closure)When trying to define an ID it should be assumed that one should only be able to do thisproperty name="id";This should default to an int, it should also be a primary key and it should be identity
Create SP and register an IDP. Now disable the SP and logout of admin. Now try to login to IDP. Shows internal server error. Should show proper error message
. This is invalid syntax for some older DOCTYPE's. Method: Create a template using the following doc type:Now create a cfform. Include one of two cfinput tags. Try to pass the markup validator. Result: cfinput always included a closing slash in the input tag that is generated: generates This is incorrect
of the ColdFusion product page, eg: "Try it now! Simply Unzip and run! [direct link to .zip file]" You guys are *appalling* at getting your product in front of people to use. The nest way to pick up new "bums on seats" is to make it easy for people to get hold of the software.
Comment on Create SP and register an IDP. Now disable the SP and logout of admin. Now try to login to IDP. Shows internal server error. Should show proper error message by Ameya S.
Comment on Create SP and register an IDP. Now disable the SP and logout of admin. Now try to login to IDP. Shows internal server error. Should show proper error message by Ameya S.
Comment on Create SP and register an IDP. Now disable the SP and logout of admin. Now try to login to IDP. Shows internal server error. Should show proper error message by Tang C.
for it to use an array if asked to ("Wow, another Well Ray said he wanted an array so I'll use that instead.") Method: Create a form with 2 (or more) fields of the same name. Use commas in your value. Now try to figure out which is which. Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson
Bug 79247:The Settngs Summary page now has a Export to PDF option, but, it doesn't use cfcontent to rename the binary to something
2611175 CF-3634391 External U. The other thing is that this could be a caching issue, as ContentBox uses that to cache some things. I have noticed this in another thread, where the cgi scope was no longer available when trying to log that info via a thread. Which got me into thinking
, cfwddx tries to serialize the THIS scope, if CFC extends another CFC. Bad. If extended CFC is edited/re-saved, then error goes away. If CF is restarted or "Clear Template Cache Now" is clicked, in CF Admin, then error comes back. Verified correct behavior in CF11 Update 7 (build 11
Charlie Arehart I realize you're trying to present a balanced perspective here, Michaela, but I do think in this case it would be worth considering putting that "originally published at" indication at the top. That way readers can understand from the outset that this was written
2609912 CF-3744955 Rupesh K. I cant think of any reason why it is not working. It is working fine at my end. I have now tried on both ColdFusion 10 & 11 and it works fine.
2611003 CF-3653076 External U. I am experiencing the same thing and will be trying Mike's file to see if it works for now.
update 2 (creating an instance on it, looking for the ent man in that instance) because A.B. had referred to being on that update (reporting in a comment above on 2/29 that "The ColdFusion build number is 2018.0.02.313961"). Then I went ahead and updated to update 3 and tried again, and I DO see
2608945 CF-3955565 Nimit S. Hi Darien, It is working for me. Have you tried editing CFM template after changing the value of "this.serialization.preserveCaseForStructKey" property? If not, please try that. As of now, this property is being evaluated only at compile time. There is another bug
if we try to create any other instance after that( even with english name server) , we are not able to do that Expected: Workaround: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3096196 External Customer Info: External Company: External
2612274 CF-3531688 External U. I turned off "Use J2EE session variables" on a remote server. I logged out, logged back in, tried to turn them back on, which failed. Now any change I try to make fails with the same error message.
Bug 86612:(Watson Migration Closure)When I try to do a CacheRemove for a specific CacheID, it works on our Dev server (which is running 9
2609882 CF-3752424 External U. So the rule is: Log errors inside a try/catch but only if they are X, which you have defined as "helpful to sys admins." Do you recognize that that is still nebulous? You need to get more precise here. Personally, I'm even more against this now. I can see... although
nimsharm Hi Charlie, Thank you for reporting this issue. We have fixed this issue now. Can you please try and confirm? -Nimit Sharma
5042269 CF-4203437 Mukesh K. Hi Kevin, As of now , Can you please try adding output="false" in below function getID and let us know .  {code:java} Hello {code} Thanks, Mukesh
. This function deals with HTTP, it's nothing specific to REST." You seem to be missing the point I'm trying to make: this function *could* be used - and ben quite useful for - for non-REST responses too. So why make the artificial limitation? -- Adam
2613476 CF-3309220 External U. Just ran into this problem... trying to insert UTC date/time into sql server using this code: rightNow = Now(); nowUTC = DateConvert("Local2UTC", rightNow); crDateODBC = CreateODBCDateTime (nowUTC); the variable nowUTC is correct, but crDateODBC show the local
to Reproduce: Setup a small app using ORM and define an event handler just like the examples, when it tries to load it will throw this error. Actual Result: Breaks. Expected Result: FOr it to work. Any Workarounds: Do not use eventHandler ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
to Reproduce: Setup a small app using ORM and define an event handler just like the examples, when it tries to load it will throw this error. Actual Result: Breaks. Expected Result: FOr it to work. Any Workarounds: Do not use eventHandler ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details
2608280 CF-4139772 External U. Already tried that, All the services and app pools are now running in the service accounts and they have Admin privileges to both. If there was this access problem then should it not have triggered earlier too ?
2612201 CF-3542825 HariKrishna K. Please follow these steps: 1. Open httpd.conf file present in Apache\conf 2. search for and add Alias /webRootAlias "C:/aliasFolder/" 3. At the end of module tag add Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None Require all granted 4. Now try accessing
2609865 CF-3755230 External U. OK the issue is based on 2 new functions in the IEventHandler. You need to now include preFlush and postFlush. Did I miss this somewhere on your noites? Did you guys even write this anywhere!!!
. Now it is not showing in the list anymore. I tried to recreate, and I get the already exists error. I can't restart CF because the server is in production.
2609540 CF-3835411 External U. Unfortunately those log files are not available from when we were trying to use the CF-supplied Tomcat Connector. We are now trying to use the Boncode connector, but that is not without its own set of issues. We are still seeing strange disconnects. I've attached a
2610330 CF-3710326 S V. Added the new change. The new behavior will be 1) By default only cfm files gets compiled in cfinclude tag and all other file types gets included statically. 2) The key allowedextforinclude now can be specified at the application as well. 3) Added the setting to Server
time very now and then that the Grid looses the scrollbar if there is more records than the height of the grid. This happens in both IE and FireFox.I have also tried this same code in ColdFusion 9 and have found that the problem is still problematic.This needs to be fixed, as we are getting support
2672349 CF-4197250 Aaron N. Sigh, the task in broke CF2018's "Edit Tasks" page :( In CF Admin, if I try to edit that now-expired task, I get: java.lang.NullPointerException ----------- The error occurred in scheduleedit.cfm: line 879 Called from scheduleedit.cfm: line 800
uday ogra Custom cache plugin – How to implement it Introduction to Custom cache plugin As discussed in previous blog we have introduced new caching engines in ColdFusion and we are not tightly bound to ehcache now. But even after adding 3 more engines, customers might have a requirement to plugin
2608391 CF-4103546 HariKrishna K. Hi Sandra, I have tried sending an email to a non-existent email address from gmail, and I received a mail from postmaster saying"problem in delivering email to user". Now I have tried accessing this account using cfimap action getall, and it works. Can you let me
3365188 CFB-4198231 Deb S. Additional info: I just tried to use a feature in CFB2 and got this error message: "Standard Edition trial expired. Only the Coldfusion Builder 2 Express Edition features are now available. The feature you are trying is not available in the Express Edition
the scope of the variable being used. The behavior in this scenario of the IsDefined and IsNull methods and of trying to output the value of the variable is not the behavior I would expect or want. This issue also exists in CF 8, though slightly different now in CF 9 with the introduction of the local
2610330 CF-3710326 External U. Adam - I agree that my suggestion could become somewhat confusing to end users. Maybe the original way was best, it just needed some admin / server settings. Given that we now understand the security issues this feature was designed to mitigate I don't think
2682320 CFB-4120160 Adobe D. Hi Peter/Aaron, We have updated the hotfix now, please try and let us know. Thanks, Priya. (Comment added from ex-user id:prk)
2612740 CF-3434652 Awdhesh K. A complete script support has bben added for function definition in CF10. Now multiple key-value based atttribute can be defined for function param. Earlier only limited syntax was supported for cfparam and hence above mentioned check was possible. Now the attribute
error in Java, although it could also mean you have tried to use a foreign object in a different way than it was cannot be cast to coldfusion.runtime.Array ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3043877 External
2611146 CF-3637491 External U. Datasource is verifying fine and has been working for almost a year now in a production website. The tasks have been working for the same amount of time without being clustered. Just trying to cluster them now. From what I can tell, it looks like the issue it runs
2614006 CF-3138032 External U. And I am also guessing you haven't tried it either...
2597062 CF-3134331 External U. Ugh. Please stop trying to out think us poor developers.
action="write" file="#temp#" output="#toBinary(fake)#">But I have to leave it at that for others to try, for now, as I have a scheduled client call to take.
The following code will not work in the line debugger. Updating #local.stackList.stackName# It gets to the second loop and the next line you try to step over will execute all
Scott15205 I've tried to access the links for both 2016 and 2018, but neither one is working now.  Did they pull these patches?
2612970 CF-3358792 Immanuel N. WSConfig now backs up connector configurations after unconfiguration, If configured with the Apache web server, the mod_jk.conf file is also backed up. Backup directory: /config/wsconfig/backup/.
2614216 CF-3125298 External U. OK, we're now on the release AFTER that. Can you pls reopen and deal with it. There's no way code should ever be ignored!
2682692 CFB-3754039 External U. Adobe are good at this Ray, you should know that by now. Anyway if it is any consolation, I was able to replicate it exactly as you said it happened.
2612186 CF-3547238 Mobile Support : Cordova Integration ext-user should support including javascript files Problem: to include javascript file is to be fixed. Its not working now if we try to include javascript(.js) file. Method: Code snippet to repro : Result: Expected: Workaround
Anit Kumar Panda Charlie, can you try to editing your post now? " Again, I really appreciate your quick response to the original post. In fact, I want to edit it, to indicate how much of it has been addressed already. But in the past I found that if I edited a post here, it will be “removed” while
2866269 CF-4198344 API Manager : SOAP Proxy SoapProxy API not accessible when changing the LifeCycle from Draft to Published Problem: SoapProxy API not accessible when changing the LifeCycle from Draft to Published Method: 1. Create a Soap Proxy API and save it as draft. 2. Now try to publish
2612631 CF-3488063 External U. Yes, I've now tried this with CF10 Update 18. As another data point, even when using IIS rewriting to work around this we are seeing a similar symptom when sending PDF files for download with CFCONTENT. We are seeing the file truncated as IIS sends a content
5350991 CF-4204018 Nimit S. Luis, Can you please share the repro case for this issue? I tried but unable to repro it with my sample code. -Nimit
2608216 CF-4162515 Nimit S. Pierre, By looking at the log, it looks like hotfix installer was unable to stop ColdFusion server due to which it results in these fatal errors. 1. Are you able to access ColdFusion administrator now? If yes, then try to un-install it from CF admin. 2. Are you
2609627 CF-3818770 External U. +1 "Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?" - Han Solo, Star Wars
2682178 CFB-4166921 External U. I think the KEY reason why this happens is the installation folder. I tried to grant full permission to the user to Eclipse and all subfolder, but it has still not worked. It need to be read-only, but this was just may last try to workaround the issue. No idea what I
Bug 80978:When trying to write a log out inside an event it doesn't write
2682274 CFB-4130093 Installer Jason Dean Will not install Blizzard into directory with a space in it Problem Description: When installing Blizzard Alpha it defaults to installing the application into c:\Blizzard. When I try to change it to c:\Program Files\Blizzard, it errors and tells me it cannot
brookd I did try that also (java.home=C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk-11.0.2) I think my issue is the connector.. checking on that now...
SessionFactory().openSession() to get the session and then call save/saveOrUpdate on it. There is nothing much that we can do now. We can revisit this for the next release.
2609627 CF-3818770 External U. Sigh. +1 vote to fix. "Vote must be between 25 and 4000 characters". Now it is.
2609460 CF-3845963 External U. Excrement that it's been fixed. Now: when's it being released? Let's try to get some momentum going with find/fix/release.
2601027 CF-3038398 Debugging : CFDump Raymond Camden Bug 76932:(Watson Migration Closure)When you cfdump a simple value, cfdump will just display it Problem: When you cfdump a simple value, cfdump will just display it. I think it should respect the label attribute. So given the following
2682926 CFB-3718648 General - IDE : General TagWizard feature is missing in CFB3.0, it was present in CFB2.0 Problem: TagWizard is not ported in CFB3. But it's important to note that, TagWizard is not a feature that is commonly used by users and in fact no user has even reported that this feature
2609627 CF-3818770 External U. Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, only realize the truth... THERE IS NO SPOON. Then you will see that it not the spoon that bends, it is yourself.
2613414 CF-3320414 Krishna R. Uninstaller is copied to all the applied instances it is applied on so that when tried uninstallation from any instance, uninstaller still works.
2613554 CF-3231157 External U. Echo Adam's congrats to Anuj. Did you try with IDN domains as well e.g. username@domain.?? ?
on these created Instances. Now uninstalling hotfix from cfusion1, must remove the Hotfix from all the Instances including cfusion. This is how the ideal behaviour should be, but on uninstalling Hotfix from cfusion1 its only able to remove the applied hotfix from cfusion and cfusion1. I could still see the Hotfix
3653683 CF-4200077 Dattanand M. @Steve: I tried this on ColdFusion 2016 Update 5 Code:#TimeFormat(now(),"hh:mm:ss")# Result: 10:25:02 Please let us know on which update of CF you are facing this issue.
4486139 CF-4202965 Dattanand M. @Michael We could see that you have used getDate() in the code, if you are setting anything specific to time zone or locale in this function please share with us, it would be helpful for us to repro. We tried the code below, we have used now() instead of get
and it was not working but I was trying to pull back all 13,000+ by mistake! This was after copying the example code! Method: Here is the code I used: IMAP Mail Client Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID
have searched high and low ever since ColdFusion 9 was released, I have also tried every know trick to get this to work. So please tell me how inside an event handler?
2614006 CF-3138032 External U. Again, please be aware that this is an issue and it is highly sort after when dealing with companies that are ISO9001 certified. Because they have a requirement that auditing take place on all and any changes to the database, the global events is the best place to try
2597088 CF-3123428 External U. Sorry but I don't consider this fixed at all and to be honest I think it is a balls up to say the least. First I gave an example that uses 3 Event Interception points, that I had been trying to find a solution for. Now I get it is fixed only to find that the sample I
2609335 CF-3858665 Database sailendra behera DBVARNAME attribute is not working as it is suppose to be Duplicate ID: CF-3865064 Problem Description: With CF11 update 3 fix for Bug 3808734, dbvarname attribute value is now matching with the parameter name of stored procedures. Before
2596918 CF-3418667 HariKrishna K. As there is no response from customer, and its close it a year now that this bug is waiting for info from customer. Closing this bug as Cannot reproduce. If you have a repro case, you can attach to the bug. We can re-open this bug.
2673355 CF-4126703 CFwatson U. Added By:aksriniv Note Added: Thanks Raymond for trying with Java 8. Closing this bug, since the issue is resolved now. Date Added :2015-07-20 05:16:56.0 Added By: PreRelease User User Name:Raymond Camden Note Added: Entered Bug. Date Added :2015-07-17 12:26:36.0
2682244 CFB-4138268 Mukesh K. Verified the fix in build#298421. We are now NOT observing the file not exception when trying with running with operation like report genration , run security analyzer ,etc .
Comment on Bug 80610:When trying to use the ternary operator in the default attribute of a cfargument it dies a horrible death by External U.
Comment on Bug 80610:When trying to use the ternary operator in the default attribute of a cfargument it dies a horrible death by External U.
Bug 77588:Tried to make a database connection using MySQL 4/5 and it failed
11, confirmed DNSs showed up in the RDS database view. I then right clicked in a query again and the dropdown was still blank. I tried the Refresh button but it didn't work. I had to shut down and restart CFB. NOTE! The bug form here still doesn't show FINAL as a build
eventHandler is specified. So, it should probably say: Default: invokeHandler, if eventHandler is specified Description: Specify what to do if a task misfires. If unspecified, then no action is taken. The options are: - fire_now: Tries to run the task immediately. - invokeHandler: Invokes on
2612274 CF-3531688 External U. I'm having the same problem. It started after I turned off Memory Variables -> Use J2EE session variables. Now, the Admin will not accept any changes I try to make. I get the same error message.
4288022 CF-4202302 Dattanand M. @Aaron please try replacing the content  of custommenu.xml with the one we have attached now i.e "custommenu_new.xml". We could see there is syntax error in the file you have attached (closing tag has been commented). Please confirm if it works after replacing.  
2673682 CF-4118754 External U. just try: #gotit.FileContent# You will see Connection FAILURE !! while checking using: we had result as: Status: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found But the content still existed and is correctly detected by web-sniffer as: Not Found Same you can
2596918 CF-3418667 Adobe D. Hi, From the given snippet,I tried to reproduce the bug but I wasnt able to Can you please take a look at the snippet and let me know if I missed anything. Thanks Viny (Comment added from ex-user id:vnigam)
2671796 CF-4198041 Nitin K. Hi Amy, I tried your Testcase. There was an issue with authentication before which is now fixed (bug # 4199061). This is now fixed and should be available with next bug-fix update.   {color:#000000}The fix for this  is not to re-authenticate when already authenticated