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Comment on How to Make Adobe ColdFusion Desirable Again by Tyler Clendenin
3497725 CF-4199666 Logging Tyler Clendenin New instances log folder is set to cfusion\logs instead of [instancename]\logs Problem Description: New instances, created using Instance Manager, continue to use the cfusion\logs folder instead of their new [intancename]\logs folder Steps to Reproduce
3821566 CF-4200440 Serialization : Java Tyler Clendenin ObjectSave: Object passed is not serializable coldfusion.runtime.Variable Problem Description: When I use a function I get the error Error occurred while performing ObjectSave: Object passed
2614278 CF-3120773 Language : Closures Tyler Clendenin Invoke in CFC to call a function expression does not bind the this variable Problem Description: If a CFC uses the invoke command to call a function expression, the this variable is not bound. Steps to Reproduce: See http
2614279 CF-3120695 Language : Closures Tyler Clendenin Error declaring Function Expression in implicit structure Problem Description: When trying to set a function expressions in an implicit structure, the template will not compile. Steps to Reproduce: See
2614277 CF-3120857 Language : Closures Tyler Clendenin Cannot call function expression from struct["property"] notation Duplicate ID: CF-3041263 Problem Description: If a function expression is set to a structure and referenced with the bracket notation it cannot be run. Steps to Reproduce
3541175 CF-4199826 Java Integration Tyler Clendenin JavaSettings.LoadPaths and ObjectLoad do not seem to work together Problem Description: I am creating a Java object from a jar file, in this case twitter4j 4.0.4, after using ObjectSave on an object I save the Steps to Reproduce: Application