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Usability Issues
Comment on Usability Issues by Aaron Neff
Comment on Usability Issues by Suresh Jayaraman
Comment on Usability Issues by Aaron Neff
Comment on Usability Issues by Anit Kumar Panda
2682215 CFB-4152897 Phill N. This is not just a "Cosmetic Issue", it's a "Usability Issue" as in any good IDE, unexpected color changes usually tells the user something is wrong with syntax or something else. When will this be taken seriously and fixed?
2612474 CF-3505989 Piyush K. The issue exists with CF10, but is not observed with CF11. Closing this, since it is a harmless usability issue.
--and the comment would become a sea of words, as one big paragraph. The post Great news: editing comments no longer loses paragraph formatting! appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Community Portal,Usability Issues,blog,ColdFusion,usability issues
. The post Adobe please change the portal, for working with posts having dozens of comments: 5 proposed enhancements appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Community Portal,Usability Issues,blog,ColdFusion,discussion,usability issues
portal update appeared first on ColdFusion. Blog,Community Portal,Usability Issues,blog,ColdFusion,discussion,usability issues
2597287 CF-3044024 Himavanth R. We cannot catch and wrap all Hibernate errors because that could confuse the user even more. But we have improved the error logging a lot in CF 9.0.1 and CF 10. That should solve most of the usability issues.
have tried to fix that. I agree that there is some usability issue here because one has to go to each instance to configure the connector for it, it is not critical because there is an easy work around available. We will look into this usability aspect in the next release.
2599437 CF-3040192 External U. This is also preventing us from migrating to CF9. We have mission critical Flex and AIR apps that are un-usable in CF9 due to this issue.
2599530 CF-3039997 External U. I'm still waiting to purchase CF9 until this issue is fixed. I've used the hbox and vbox in many applications and I certainly don't want to spend hours fixing code that was usable and recommended in CF8. I have money in my budget and I will definitely purchase CF9
3557858 CF-4199900 Aaron N. Hi Vijay, Thanks for making your comment visible. What backward-compat issue? If argument type "date" allows a value thru that cannot be trusted as a date, then CF has a big problem. ARGUMENTS.someDate.year() should never throw an exception here! B/c argument type
Tracker Issue FTP file synch
/SFTP/FTPS is straightforward, but CF2 made it easy to compare then synch. Similar functionality appears to be available in CFB3, but is poorly documented and difficult to use. Specific issue include difficulty in reviewing and changing FTP setup information, as well as general usability. Discussions in CFM forum suggest
6532174 CF-4206196 Language : Scopes Mishandling of local scope in inline higher order functions When a closure inside a higher order function references a struct outside its own local scope, that struct's keys are not defined, yet the content of it is still usable. This differs from (for example
2608822 CF-3984812 External U. I am now getting partial usability from CF. I readded the handler mappings and made sure they all had execute permissions. Now I can get to the index page of my site, but when i click on any link to go to another page in my site, I am served a blank page. The view
2608746 CF-4012852 External U. > That's the point, the objects are NOT usable without their arguments "Usable" and "populated" are two separate concerns and you're confusing the two. ORM sets the data into your object after creation, so if you are going to create an entity, it must be able
cgi.server_port = 443 and CGI.https = ON, which is also incorrect (another bug?). Regardless, this overwriting of CGI.server_port_secure is at least a usable workaround until Adobe resolves this issue. ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug
to be usable without it's constructor args, *make them optional*! Recommending that CF simply stop calling the constructor is, in my opinion, a very very wrong approach to fixing this issue for yourself.
, the form will initialize and be usable. It does not matter what lines of code or fields I comment out, long as I shorten the size of the form. Application for Independent Contractors, Part TwoPhysical HistoryHave your actions at work ever caused an accident?If yes, was anyone injured, including yourself