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Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5 and ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 12 released by Vamsee
Comment on ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5 and ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 12 released by Vamsee
2614130 CF-3130900 External U. Hi Vamsee, Yes, that is understandable. Thanks for the follow-up! -Aaron
4576219 CF-4203084 Bradley W. Thanks Vamsee, the links are updated now!
4444758 CF-4202804 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, Yes, confirmed, thank you very much! -Aaron
Vamseekrishna Nanneboina @Ruby, The issue has been fixed. The bug is not listed in the public tracker for security reasons. Thanks, Vamsee  
Aaron Neff Hi Vamsee and Charlie, please see my comment on CF-4202173. CFFiddle+Tracker _could_ be awesome. Thanks!, -Aaron
Krelek1000 Vamsee, Thank you for the information.  I will include the link in my patching notes for my backups. Thanks again!
2608553 CF-4066259 External U. +1 to Vamsee's question. Could the POI ticket# be attached here so it isn't lost track of? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608646 CF-4035747 External U. Hi Vamsee, Thanks for the follow-up and for considering object[method](params). Could supporting cfinvoke() also be re-considered? It works, but is listed as not supported. Thanks!, -Aaron
2608646 CF-4035747 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, Where are we at regarding associative array syntax (i.e. object[method](params))? Aether? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608665 CF-4028653 External U. Come on Vamsee... keep the comms going. Don't let this lie around for another month or so before you deign to engage again!
2609860 CF-3756518 Adam C. That's good news, Vamsee. Can you pls *keep us in the loop* regarding the investigations / thoughts etc. You can collaborate with the community on this, you know.
2610677 CF-3687749 External U. Hi Vamsee, QoQ, like regex, could really use some love. Thanks!, -Aaron
2611738 CF-3597432 External U. @Vamsee any chance you can not just start ignoring the ticket when the conversation isn't going in a way that's convenient for you?
2597221 CF-3085245 External U. I guess this is the thing that Vamsee might not be seeing Pete: you'er not one individual, you represent *a lot* of ColdFusion installs around the place.
2597221 CF-3085245 External U. Hi Vamsee, You're very welcome and thanks very much for re-opening! Thanks!, -Aaron
4317657 CF-4202401 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, No problem. I filed it for posterity. Hi Adam, Allowing no semicolons could also be considered catering to the whims. That said, I prefer no semicolons and appreciate the removal of that restriction. Thanks!, -Aaron
Tracker Issue test bug - ignore
Customer Info: External Company: External Customer Name: vamsee_k External Customer Email: External Test Config: My Hardware and Environment details:
2608346 CF-4117243 External U. Hi Vamsee and Nimit, If the issue is not fixed, then queryNew()'s rowData parameter could not be recommended as a replacement for querySetCell(). Could you please consider for Aether? Thanks!, -Aaron
2608631 CF-4042682 External U. Hi Pascal and Vamsee, FWIW, just noting that *I* was not able to repro this on CF10 Update 15 (w/ Java 1.7.0_15) and CF11 Update 5 (w/ Java 1.7.0_51). All 4 attached PDFs show no duplicate barcodes. Tested on Windows 8.1. Thanks!, -Aaron
2609112 CF-3928680 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, Thanks very much for the follow-up. BTW, the 5-tagger PDF isn't externally viewable anymore (filed as CF-4199439). As I proved multiple times above, that PDF doesn't state Adobe's claim: that headers/footers are limited in their HTML support. Thanks
2609214 CF-3910530 External U. Hi Vamsee, I agree the option to remove it should not be offered on the updater screen. When I realized the baked-in Update 3 couldn't be removed, I was thankful I had a copy of the CF11 Final installer. Thanks!, -Aaron
2609785 CF-3773095 External U. Hi Vamsee, Could var please be allowed in .cfm to create template-local variables? Example: If bar.cfm has "var myVar = 1", then myVar only exists in bar.cfm. This would actually be useful. Thanks!, -Aaron
2597029 CF-3184293 Akhila K. This is tested on CF9,10 and 11 and was able to repro the issue. Test code to repro : #trace.cfm: #book.cfc : To repro this case please enable request debugging output on CFadmin UI and also add IP as mentioned by Vamsee below. Another
2597221 CF-3085245 External U. Hi Vamsee, You said this can be evaluated again if there are other valid use-cases. Other valid use-cases were added in the comments. Also this is needed for a workaround to CF-4028272 (CF duplicates IIS requests). Can this ticket please be re-opened for evaluation
4309068 CF-4202374 Aaron N. Hi Uday and Vamsee, Seriously? Customers upgrading or installing updates are not always the ones who know how to write CFML. C'mon, improve the product for your other customers? I could copy my code and send it to you? And the buttons are a no-brainer b/c that's just
4467022 CF-4202893 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, You've very welcome! It's minor, but still unfortunate, that CF Admin will forevermore pay homage to PMS. A search&replace for "pms"=>"pmt" wouldn't resolve this? The characters 'p'+'m'+'s' aren't often found joined together like that.. Thanks!, -Aaron
4288022 CF-4202302 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, I see this was closed as NotABug. However, it is a bug. CF ships a bung custommenu.xml. Are you saying that won't be fixed? It should be fixed. Thanks!, -Aaron
to replace the same with newer versions of the dll files. We are following up with data direct on this. #3 - This can be handled without an installer bits refresh, so this will be fixed if it has not already been fixed. Thanks, Vamsee    
2673073 CF-4153051 External U. Hi Adam and Vamsee, The difference is also in the performance. Retrieving from an ordered struct is less performant than retrieving from an ordered struct, right? If so, one should be able to use anyStruct.toUnordered() to create an unordered struct from an ordered
2608385 CF-4104564 External U. Hi Vamsee, Thanks very much. One possible idea is to reduce the scope of this ticket for now. For now, it could simply return a struct w/ 2 lists: {functions="abs,cos,..", tags="cfabort,cfajaximport,.."}. Then, getFunctionList() could be deprecated and get
2608386 CF-4104256 External U. Hi Vamsee, Thanks very much. Just FYI, CF-4104564 covers returning the tag list. It also covers returning the function list and member function list. As well as returning the reservedword list (as suggested by James below). Instead of having separate functions
2608441 CF-4093055 External U. Hi Vamsee, This issue was introduced in CF2016. In CF11, and previous, we could download the .exe directly. @All, On Windows you can locate the .exe in the Akamai directory. I found mine here: C:\Users\{UserNameHere}\AppData\Local\Akamai\Cache\trials3.adobe
2611738 CF-3597432 External U. Hi Vamsee, Thanks! Just a couple remaining issues: 1) It wasn't added to replaceNoCase(), reReplace() or reReplaceNoCase() (please see Adam's blog entry - URL in previous comment) 2) Callback should also receive "count of the current replacement operation" (please
4416936 CF-4202698 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, My CF applications are always CGI.HTTP_HOST-specific. I never have 2+ CF applications on the same domain. I'd think 2+ CF applications on the same domain would be the minority-case. So.. you're saying SessionRotate()/SessionInvalidate() already work for me
2682478 CFB-4080594 Aaron N. Hi Dattanand and Vamsee, The issue definitely exists in CFB 2018 (build 310721). Simple repro: writeOutput("Hello World"); Actual Result: writeOutput is black Expected Result: writeOutput is the color specified at Syntax Coloring > CFScript > Function Also, we
5752036 CF-4204404 Bradley W. @Vamsee, Chris's vote wasn't saying the bug still existed in update 5, but that other unrelated bugs in update 5 were preventing him from upgrading and he needed Adobe to release update 6 so he could get the fixes. @Wil I just ran my test code from the ticket
2673631 CF-4120177 Aaron N. Hi Adobe, Can you please reply to Adam's comment on 11/22/2016 22:19:58 GMT? I, too, would like to know what the closure will receive. Thanks!, -Aaron P.S. Currently, my name isn't listed under my vote comment (where I'm thanking Vamsee for filing this for me
2608376 CF-4107342 External U. Hi Vamsee, Thanks very much. But there is still a slight issue. Could you please look at those pages again? See the attributes are alphabetical in the Syntax section and Attributes table, except for "systemType": action systemType ASCIIExtensionList connection
4250957 CF-4202132 Aaron N. Hi Awdhesh and Vamsee, I spoke again w/ Sean. We feel this is what makes sense in CF: s1 = {simple="simple"} final s2 = {simple="simple", complex=s1} s2.simple = "changed"//this should fail s2.complex.simple = "changed"//this should not fail s2.complex
4288021 CF-4202301 Aaron N. Hi Immanuel and Vamsee, I'm sorry I did not see your message (Immanuel) because Tracker's email notification system has been broken since October. I've compared the timestamp of these errors w/ the timestamps of my PR discussions. I see I was testing Aether's null
4288021 CF-4202301 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, I've confirmed that cfqueryparam's null attribute had nothing to do w/ this issue. audit.log reveals that I did not even create the DSN I'd used for cfqueryparam testing until 10 minutes _after_ these null messages were logged. Additionally, IIS's log files
4574591 CF-4203085 Bradley W. Thanks for the links Vamsee. Even when Googling for an answer, I had not come across these page. I'll reproduce the text here for anyone coming to this ticket. it is the same verbiage for both Enterprise and Standard licensing
4321417 CF-4202428 Bradley W. Vamsee, thanks for the reply, but again, I think you are misunderstanding. There are no docs to update because there are no docs for this at all! This ticket is unrelated to CF-4202561! This ticket is simply to create documentation for the add on silent installers
Charlie Arehart I added a vote, Aaron. And yep, Vamsee, I would think it very helpful for the fiddle site to have the two most recent updates for each listed version, so that people can test if something changed since a newer update. I could have sworn I wrote that somewhere, but I don't see my
/ hotfix 1. [vamsee 9/7/2010] Adding a repro case: \\\builds\coldfusion\bugs\83794 Result: ----------------------------- Additional Watson Details ----------------------------- Watson Bug ID: 3041870 Deployment Phase: Release Candidate External Customer Info: External Company
4250991 CF-4202134 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, First, a couple notes: 1) In dateTimeFormat(date, "mask"), "iso" is a -mask-. It returns the ISO8601 string representation of a date in the Gregorian calendar. 2) In week(date, "calendar"), "iso" is a -calendar-. It returns the week number of a date
4263677 CF-4202200 Aaron N. Hi Vamsee, Thank you for making Hari's comment visible. Issue: CF's "Supplied Drivers" doc has *always* listed Access. And 32-bit CF Admin had no issue creating an Access DSN. Saying "since 32-bit Windows bundled an Access driver, we listed Access in the "Supplied
" customargumentmetadata="test") description="test" customfunctionmetadata="function metadata" { return arguments.arg1; } }"vamsee")# If we run main.cfm, we get an error."vamsee")# Result: Invalid CFML construct found on line 11 at column 67. ColdFusion was looking