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Vijay Mohan Null support in ColdFusion 2018 Null is an important construct in modern programming languages, which improves language interoperability with other tech stack and programming languages. Before the 2018 release of ColdFusion, a database null or a null returned from an external service
Vijay Mohan Default Function In Interface Default functions can be provided to an interface without affecting implementing components as it includes an implementation. If each added method in an interface is defined with implementation then no implementing component is affected. An implementing
Vijay Mohan Asynchronous Programming In ColdFusion (2018) With advances in computing and transition from single-user desktop application to web-based application, multi-threading emerged as a core feature for all modern programming languages. In ColdFusion, you can implement threads using cfthread
Vijay Mohan Enhanced Support For New Operator In the 2018 release of ColdFusion, there is a handy way to create objects in ColdFusion. The snippet below illustrates how you can use the new operator to create different type of objects.   //ColdFusion Component obj = new component(“”) obj