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2718626 CF-4198217 Event Gateway Vikram Kumar CF11-Cflock FIFO implementation enhancement request Problem Description: CF11-Cflock FIFO implementation enhancement request Steps to Reproduce: Cflock doesn't work on FIFO method Actual Result: Transaction lost Expected Result: Should serve on FIFO
Vikram Kumar How to configure DSN using service name for Oracle 12c RAC in CF2016? You may come across a situation where you need to set up a DSN for Oracle database(RAC) using service name instead of SID. In such scenario, you could use JDBC connection string to define the DSN. In this article, we
Vikram Kumar Configuring Jetty on HTTPS in CF2018 In this blog, we’ll learn how to configure Jetty on SSL using self-signed certificate created by a key tool. To configure Jetty on SSL, follow the steps below: Step 1: Generate a private key in a KeyStore file. Provide the details when
web services in the manner I have described (which have previously required tools.jar). I have also now logged this request with and Vikram Kumar on the ColdFusion Support team is investigating it further.