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2673103 CF-4150713 Debugging Walter Seethaler Show the line of code in the writeDump The line of code of a dump should be shown in the tooltip of the writeDump-HTML. Compared to Lucee it is pretty annoying, not to no where the dump was called in the source code. Add the information to the HTML
2608242 CF-4156505 Security Walter Seethaler canonicalize( "ä" ) ignores german upper case HTML entities Problem Description: HTML entities for the german letters: ä Ä ö Ö ü Ü exist in upper and lowercase Steps to Reproduce: canonicalize( "ä" ); // should be Ä not ä Actual Result: ä Expected
2596974 CF-3286741 Language Walter Seethaler Generic setters ignore import operator Problem Description: import sub.WithImport; component accessors="true" { property sub.WithoutImport Test1; property WithImport Test2; } The above class in the webroot and the 2 classes: WithImport and Without
2596975 CF-3283249 Language Walter Seethaler Import ed interface is not resolved correctly on returnTypes Problem Description: An example is attached as a zip. Just extract it to an empty webroot. import api.IExample; component implements="api.IExample" extends="Base" { IExample function init
2615159 CF-3043878 Language Walter Seethaler Bug 86958:I hit on the topic when I tried to port some Java code to CF Problem: I hit on the topic when I tried to port some Java code to CF. The Javadoc comments statet very often:"Returns NULL if XYZ is not found"This would be very helpful in Cold
2596972 CF-3288035 Language Walter Seethaler Fundamental bug in import resolving Problem Description: The resolving of imported classpaths or packages breaks, when an inherited method is called just before the intstance tries to resolve a path. Steps to Reproduce: See the attachment