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2614148 CF-3129822 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager Andrew Scott Web Connector has no selection for instance Problem Description: There is no way how to select which instance will be used for the web connector. For example create instance name cfusion2 with the server manager
4984984 CF-4203381 Web Container (Tomcat) ColdFusion Does Not Work on macOS Mojave Problem Description: Cannot start Apache with the Tomcat connector, mod_jk, that was created via wsconfig. Even when created using sudo. This is most likely because the module for Apache is not signed. See
Tracker Issue Tomcat Administrator
2614308 CF-3117685 Web Container (Tomcat) Scott Stewart Tomcat Administrator Is there going to be a way to get to the Tomcat Administrator for ColdFusion 10..? I know the obvious answer will be create a .war at installation, but getting a standalone Tomcat installation running with IIS is difficult
2612953 CF-3361502 Web Container (Tomcat) Dave Ferguson No setting in cluster admin to enable session replication The ability to enable / disable session replication is missing from the cluster administrator. This setting was there in CF9/8 but is now gone in 10
2613989 CF-3139481 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager ext-user A newly created server instance status is not updated on Windows services.msc Problem: When a new server instance is created (with "Create Windows Service" enabled) and is set to start from Admin UI, its "started" status
2614149 CF-3129821 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager Andrew Scott Can only deploy 2 instances Problem Description: Deploying anymore than this will result in instance 3 and 4 etc, not being able to be started. Steps to Reproduce: Actual Result: Expected Result: Any Workarounds
2615080 CF-3054436 Web Container (Tomcat) ext-user Due to the case sensitivity of the URL, static content and Filenames with .CFM are not being served Duplicate ID: CF-3199281 Problem: Due to the case sensitivity of the URL, static content and Filenames with .CFM are not being served Method
2613566 CF-3222867 Web Container (Tomcat) Padster Reynolds RHEL 6 / CentOS 6.2 - Webapp /manager Catalina Shutdown SeedGenerator Thread Error Problem Description: On shutdown w/Tomcat - coldfusion-error.log - potential mem leak Steps to Reproduce: standard CF install - check coldfusion
2614296 CF-3118499 Web Container (Tomcat) Mike Collins CF10 on Tomcat requires a new servlet mapping for friendly ses urls Problem Description: If you use the common approach of using friendly urls you will find Tomcat will throw a 404 error. Steps to Reproduce: Use an app such as blogcfc or mura
2614190 CF-3126106 Web Container (Tomcat) ext-user Errors from Tomcat dont get logged in start.log or exception.log Problem:When we start ColdFusion we are just logging the out stream but not the error stream.So the errors from Tomcat are not getting logged anywhere. Method:Run the test case
2608608 CF-4050197 Web Container (Tomcat) Justin Ripley Can't Relocate Built-In Webserver Default Directory Problem Description: Modified server.xml to include both examples of the CONTEXT tag as shown at Also tried a bunch
2612222 CF-3538759 Web Container (Tomcat) Ted Nevels Adding a domain requires restart of Cold Fusion Problem Description: when I add a new domain to a website, that domain will show a totally blank page until I restart the ColdFusion JVM for that website. Steps to Reproduce: add a domain to a
2612457 CF-3508034 Web Container (Tomcat) Ricardo Russon Flashservices Gateway Configuration Problem Description: /flashservices/gateway path has changed Steps to Reproduce: attempt to connect to http://{server}/flashservices/gateway Actual Result: A 404 error is returned Expected Result: A
2613343 CF-3332317 Web Container (Tomcat) Jack Ring index.cfm not recognized as default doc in IIS 7.5 Problem Description: Upgraded to CF 10 - site won't load w/out index.cfm Steps to Reproduce: Install CF 10 after uninstalling CF 9.0.1 Actual Result: wants to browse directory
2613396 CF-3324088 Web Container (Tomcat) David Epler Report Update Level in cfinfo and server.coldfusion struct Since it has been deemed that Updates no longer increment the ColdFusion version number, administrators and developers need a way to determine the update level of ColdFusion without
2613486 CF-3307421 Web Container (Tomcat) gavy randhawa Coldfusion Does not Upper Extension of .Cfm Duplicate ID: CF-3199283 Related Bugs: CF-3199283 - Similar to Problem Description: The Problem with Coldfusion 10 is it does like the extension .Cfm or .CFM, I have only tested with Coldfusion 10
Tracker Issue cgi.path_info missing
2613593 CF-3209090 Web Container (Tomcat) Holger Lockertsen cgi.path_info missing Problem Description: cgi.path_info which many of us use in applications do not get passed to Coldfusion using Win 2008 server / Coldfusion 10 Steps to Reproduce: Call any page and check for cgi.path_info variable
5338105 CF-4204009 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager CF2018 doesn't allow to add special characters in instance name. Problem: CF2018 doesn't allow to add special characters in instance name. Method: When creating a new instance, add a name like "New-" it gives a pop-up says Only
2613752 CF-3167817 Web Container (Tomcat) Andrew Scott Running Web Server Configuration tool on one site throws a 500 error Problem Description: Here is the scenario, ColdFusion 9 is installed on the server as a multi server installation. I was told that I could install ColdFusion 10 on the same
5115047 CF-4203526 Web Container (Tomcat) ColdFusion uses invalid attribute, packetSize, in Tomcat HTTP connector settings Problem Description: When you install ColdFusion, the attribute, packetSize, is included by default in the settings for the Tomcat HTTP connector. This is incorrect. Steps
2613618 CF-3199283 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Neff file extensions case-sensitive on all web servers Related Bugs: CF-3307421 - Similar to In CF10, file extensions are case-sensitive in all web servers (built-in, Apache, IIS, etc). This causes a backward-compatibility issue for users that may
2614042 CF-3134440 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager Rob Bilson Tomcat server.xml Inconsistent when Creating Multiple Instances Problem Description: The server.xml file used by the default instance is not formatted the same as the server.xml file that gets created for additional
2925219 CF-4198403 Web Container (Tomcat) Andrew Coates frequent on form POST above trigger size Problem Description: using AJP if form POST data size exceed a threshold (65527 bytes for me but probably varies) then Tomcat frequently throws HTTP Status 400 - err
2609540 CF-3835411 Web Container (Tomcat) Claire Harmony Event 5011 WAS - root cause believed to be a bug in isapi_redirect.dll Related Bugs: CF-4046444 - Similar to Problem Description: During production use of CF 11 Enterprise, we are experiencing a repeititve application pool failure, causing
2613507 CF-3303509 Web Container (Tomcat) ext-user CGI.remote_host feature is not working properly Problem: Using CGI.remote_host can't get the remote host machine name or domain name. Method: 1. Installed Apache 2.2 and add the line “HostnameLookups on” in httpd.conf file 2. Install Cold
2610275 CF-3713539 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Splendor breaks custom SES Custom SES (essentially like /foo.cfm/bar but actually like /go/bar) is broken in Splendor. Steps to reproduce on Windows: 1) Unzip the attached Application.cfc, 'go' 0-byte extensionless file
2613427 CF-3318104 Web Container (Tomcat) Samuel Knowlton Service Temporarily Unavailable after arbitrary amount of time + heavy usage Problem Description: The problem is described in detail in this thread: CF 10 under Windows 2008 x64 and IIS7
2672637 CF-4181846 Web Container (Tomcat) Claire Harmony 404 custom error handling problem - Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset Problem Description: During an IIS redirect to a CF script when handling a 404 error, the target script page prematurely aborts. Steps
2672874 CF-4159697 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager Mike Brunt ColdFusion 2016 Enterprise Clustering Problems Problem Description: Currently we are trying to set up a simple cluster with one remote and one local instance on, they will use sticky sessions and session replication
2608594 CF-4053567 Web Container (Tomcat) Christopher Tierney expandPath() returns coldfusion bin directory Problem Description: when using expandPath() on Linux (including OSX) to go up a directory from the website's root it returns the the ColdFusion {instance}/bin directory (which is incorrect
2609217 CF-3910257 Web Container (Tomcat) Dik Klop Instances in a cluster do not start after updating to 11.0.3 Problem Description: Any instance in a cluster do not start up after applying update 3. It takes minutes per instance to startup and finally fails. All instances that are not part of a
2609311 CF-3859959 Web Container (Tomcat) Charles Higgins CF11 CFDocument Issue seems to have appeared after CF10 Update 14 installed. Duplicate ID: CF-3850990 See Bug Report from In CF10 on Windows Server 2012. Same issue. URL Data
2609394 CF-3850990 Web Container (Tomcat) Burke Pedersen coldfusion 10 update 14. failed to load pdf document In order to load a pdf using cfcontent, pdf will fail to load when the script name is not included in the url and url paramaters are included. (inline vs attachment makes no difference
2611047 CF-3648163 Web Container (Tomcat) Henry Ho Cannot access URI matrix params Problem Description: Cannot access URI matrix params Steps to Reproduce: URL : http://localhost/test/test.cfm;lat=50;long=20;scale=32000 - dump CGI scope Actual Result: params are no where to be found
2612255 CF-3534348 Web Container (Tomcat) Ryan Novosielski Typographical errors in $cfroot/cfusion/bin/ Problem Description:Something wrong with the afforementioned file Steps to Reproduce:Install Coldfusion 10 in server configuration and attempt to use -- this is on hotfix 8
2612596 CF-3494405 Web Container (Tomcat) Jan Ruusuvuori Separate JVM config for "coldfusion status|stop" The server management script bin/coldfusion should apply a separate, lightweight JVM configuration when running the operations "status" and "stop". Applying the actual server process JVM
2613009 CF-3353222 Web Container (Tomcat) jj j ColdFusion 10 doesn't gzip responses. This worked fine with the same configuration in ColdFusion 9. Problem Description: ColdFusion 10 doesn't gzip responses for .cfm files. This worked fine with the same configuration in ColdFusion 9 when dynamnic
2613388 CF-3325996 Web Container (Tomcat) Peter Freitag Status command fails in Linux Startup Script when Default Shell Empty Duplicate ID: CF-3339175 Problem Description: If you have setup your ColdFusion user on linux with a default shell of something like /sbin/nologin when you try to run /etc
Tracker Issue CFFlush doesn't work.
2613449 CF-3315764 Web Container (Tomcat) James Moberg CFFlush doesn't work. Problem Description: CFFlush doesn't do anything. Steps to Reproduce: This is step ###This# - #NumberFormat(GetTickCount()-StartTime)#ms sleep(5000); Actual Result: Nothing is outputted to the screen until
2613472 CF-3310070 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Corrigan coldfusion.exe not being restarted by coldfusionsvc.exe Problem Description:Coldfusionsvc.exe does not restart coldfusion.exe, unless coldfusionsvc.exe itself is restarted. Steps to Reproduce:With the CF Application service running use task
2613714 CF-3177732 Web Container (Tomcat) Cameron Jacobs Missing CGI.Redirect_URL I'm currently using Apache to forward missing page requests to /404.cfm and using the onMissingTemplate handler to display some database driven data based on the requested url. On CF9 I was able to use CGI
2614540 CF-3096196 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager ext-user LOC: ja_JP . Creating a new instance of server by giving japanese characters in its name creates it but shows error and further creation of new instances is blocked. Problem: Creating a new instance of server by giving
2609315 CF-3859483 Web Container (Tomcat) Claire Harmony Intermittent missing graphic files on web site Problem Description: Web site has intermittent missing graphic files from virtual directories mapped to a central file repository (i.e. a Windows server cluster). Steps to Reproduce: Surf to web
2613797 CF-3162456 Web Container (Tomcat) Andrew Scott Not able to use connectors to connect to ColdFusion 10 running on tomcat Problem Description: When I last raised this problem it was marked as user error, and I want to make this perfectly clear that this is not user error, and there is a real
6112036 CF-4205040 Web Container (Tomcat) TemplateNotFoundException using PreResources in server.xml We're receiving a TemplateNoteFound error when trying to set Tomcat in server.xml. It's able to find my folder, but gives me a coldfusion.runtime.TemplateNotFoundException: File not found whenever
2612855 CF-3378447 Web Container (Tomcat) Ron Stewart Java Servlet Exceptions prevent ColdFusion10 server from starting Problem Description: I updated one of my development boxes, running CF10 in standalone mode (just Tomcat on port 8500). The update downloaded and appeared to stop the server fine
2610513 CF-3698424 Web Container (Tomcat) Brian Ghidinelli mod_jk in latest CF10 connector update no longer passes custom Apache environment variables Problem Description: In previous versions of the CF connector (before the ~November update), arbitrary environment variables set in httpd.conf were
2614224 CF-3124905 Web Container (Tomcat) ext-user [Console messages] : The console logs some SEVERE entries during server start up Problem: [Console messages] : The console logs some SEVERE entries during server start up The console message: Feb 28, 2012 12:02:51 PM org
2608802 CF-3991100 Web Container (Tomcat) Dik Klop Cluster instances still don't start after upgrading to CF11 HotFix 5 Problem Description: Still same issue as bug 3910257 Instances in a cluster won't start. Steps to Reproduce: I did a clean install of CF11 and upgraded immedialy to HF5. Create
2608151 CF-4181254 Web Container (Tomcat) Henry Ho 1 extra empty request hit CF with IIS URL Rewrite rule (worked fine in CF10) Problem Description: IIS Rewrite somehow yields 1 extra empty request to CF, confirmed by Application.cfc's onRequestStart. Steps to Reproduce: Setup an IIS site
2613043 CF-3350377 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Update 3 breaks cfcompile -deploy As noted by AXL, cfcompile -deploy works in Update 2 but is broken in Update 3. Repro is simple: In Update 3 ----------- 1) create dirs C:\inetpub\wwwroot\compile & C
mentions it in passing ("8. Web Container/Tomcat - CGI.server_port, IIS custom error handlers"), but it is there. The other bug report here in this system, CF-3488063, has been updated by Adobe to indicate that it's fixed with this update. (I don't know if they just have overlooked this bug report
2609364 CF-3853535 Web Container (Tomcat) Peter Boughton cfcontent sends corrupt binary data when query string is present with CF11s isapi_redirect.dll # Problem Description CF11 connected to IIS 7.5 and standard URL rewriting When using cfcontent to send a non-public binary file (e.g. image
2612631 CF-3488063 Web Container (Tomcat) John Pansewicz IIS 404 custom error handler URLs that are .cfm files do not consistently return entire document Problem Description: When a URL pointing to a .cfm file is configured as a custom error handler for 404 errors inside IIS (Error Pages
6791895 CF-4207070 Web Container (Tomcat) Unable to upgrade connections to HTTP2 (no tomcat-native library) Problem Description: Unable to upgrade HTTP connections to HTTP2. Upgrading connections to HTTP2 requires the tomcat-native library. Could we add the tomcat-native library to the Coldfusion
5254498 CF-4203917 Web Container (Tomcat) ColdFusion 2018 flags erroneous warnings for properties in server.xml Problem Description: ColdFusion flags the following 3 warnings in coldfusion-error.log: Jan 16, 2019 11:55:11 AM org.apache.catalina.startup.SetAllPropertiesRule begin WARNING: [Set
2609341 CF-3857664 Web Container (Tomcat) A S CF10 Update 14 breaks cluster replication / communication Problem Description:We have had a small cluster of two instances working until updating to CF10 update 14. Now we receive communication errors Steps to Reproduce: Create CF cluster. Update
2611325 CF-3630245 Web Container (Tomcat) Thomas Gorgolione Path in 404 on non existing *.cfm is reported as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll Problem Description: A 404 error on a non existent ColdFusion page will have it's path reported as /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll. Custom 404 pages cannot ascertain
2613398 CF-3323991 Web Container (Tomcat) Matt Bostrom Coldfusion Application Server needs restart after remote logoff on Windows XP machine Problem Description: our DEV/TEST server is running Coldfusion 10 on a Windows XP box. When a user remotely logs into the server machine (at this point
2613459 CF-3311863 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Corrigan coldfusion.exe stops when logging out from console session on Windows 2003 Problem Description:The coldfusion.exe stops when logging out of Windows when physically at the console or using and RDP session to grab session 0 (using /admin
2614106 CF-3131518 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager Andrew Scott Not able to install cf9 as an instance in CF10 - revisted Problem Description: Sorry raising this again, because Rupesh made a comment about running XP on Windows 7, which technically you can. When one installs
2612600 CF-3493943 Web Container (Tomcat) : Instance/Cluster Manager Alvin Gunkel Adding a new instance corrupts commons-daemon-native.tar.gz Problem Description: The //runtime/bin/commons-daemon-native.tar.gz file is corrupt. Steps to Reproduce: Create a new instance in the Enterprise Manager
2612926 CF-3368804 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Shurmer Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset Duplicate ID: CF-3488063 Problem Description: Having recently upgraded to cf10 standard, I've also hit a bit of a wall with what seems to be an iis 7 connector issue. I
2614325 CF-3114297 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Wilson Bug 87367:In the JRun Servlet container it was straightforward and useful to turn on metrics tracking through configuring the jrunx Problem: In the JRun Servlet container it was straightforward and useful to turn on metrics tracking through
2672533 CF-4190478 Web Container (Tomcat) Andre Münz Server could not access global JNDI ressources Problem Description: We are using ColdFusion 9 (Stage Beta and Production) and ColdFusion 2016 (Stage Development and Alpha) We deploy the Server as a J2EE container in a Tomcat 7 environment (for
2613047 CF-3349683 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: Update 3 mixes simultaneous requests for identical file paths in multiple sites Update 3 mixes simultaneous requests for identical file paths in multiple sites Repro (code below): 1) save a copy of Application.cfc & index
2612591 CF-3494728 Web Container (Tomcat) Nikolas Stephens Using ColdFusion as a custom 404 handler in IIS causes hanging requests Duplicate ID: CF-3488063 Problem Description: When setting the 404 url in IIS to use a ColdFusion file, we get hanging requests when our PCI compliance scanner scans
2671951 CF-4197947 Web Container (Tomcat) Dave Levin fails to serve PDF files when using IIS rewrite Problem Description: When serving a PDF document through and IIS url rewrite the document will be incomplete (thus corrupt). The HTTP response headers that are returned show the wrong content
2608666 CF-4028272 Web Container (Tomcat) Aaron Neff [ANeff] Bug for: CF duplicates IIS requests CF duplicates IIS requests. Steps to reproduce: Application.cfc: ---------------- component { = "ticket_CFDuplicatesIISRequests"; void function onRequest() { cfsetting
2613394 CF-3324126 Web Container (Tomcat) Dan Corrigan CF!0 metrics show mostly null values Problem Description: When you enable CF metric logging most values show as null. Only free and total memory show values along with active sessions. the rest say "null". See below: "Information
2612810 CF-3426811 Web Container (Tomcat) Nikolas Stephens CGI server_port not correct Duplicate ID: CF-3435653 Problem Description: CGI.server_port is not correct when using any type of port forwarding, such as in the case of an enterprise environment using SSL offloading. If specified
mitsuok24115360 CF update error on Azure Web App [hotfix-004-314546.jar] CF update failed by java error on Azure Web App - windows code base - Java11 tomcat9 The post CF update error on Azure Web App appeared first on ColdFusion. Discussion,Hotfix,Updates,2018,discussion,hotfix,updates
4224337 CF-4202053 Web Container (Tomcat) Context path(server.xml) not working in public beta, worked in prerelease Problem Description: I have my wwwroot outside of the installation directory and have for many releases. Steps to Reproduce: Add this to server.xml to include a wwwroot
2610596 CF-3694176 Paul N. Update your CFRestServlet in the web.xml like, com.sun.jersey.spi.container.ContainerRequestFilters;com.sun.jersey.api.container.filter.GZIPContentEncodingFilter; com.sun.jersey.spi.container.Container
Comment on Web service crashes application pool on IIS 7.5 by External U.
Comment on ColdFusion 2018 / Web Services / Java 10 / JDK tools.jar by Charlie Arehart
prevents CFC paths and such that start with cfide from resolving correctly unless there is an alias at the servlet container level to resolve /cfide resource paths. NOTE this is an issue for servlet containers like CommandBox/runwar that have a special resource mapper that allows the web root (base
Comment on Web Connector has no selection for instance by Rupesh K.
Web services will not be served over https, if wsdl version 2 is being used.
Comment on New ColdFusion Release Adds Performance Monitoring Toolset for Measuring, Monitoring and Managing High-Performing Web Apps by Peter Tilbrook
Comment on ColdFusion 2018 / Web Services / Java 10 / JDK tools.jar by Benjamin Reid
Comment on New ColdFusion Release Adds Performance Monitoring Toolset for Measuring, Monitoring and Managing High-Performing Web Apps by Bradley Wood
Comment on ColdFusion 2018 / Web Services / Java 10 / JDK tools.jar by Benjamin Reid at com.sun.jersey.server.impl.application.WebApplicationImpl.handleRequest( at com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.WebComponent.service( at com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer.service(
2608839 CF-3979497 External U. I am looking at the configure Apache for ColdFusion in Windows. ColdFusion11_Installing.pdf 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. option to enable buffering and verbose debugging is available on the same page. Configuring IIS: Creates a folder 1 in cfroot\config\wsconfig, that contains all
Bug 81187:When using the HTTPOnly flag in CFCOOKIE on a CF9 Web Application deployed on Tomcat 6, the cookie statement is improperly constructed resulting in appending the HTTPOnly statement to the cookie value
Comment on Deploying ColdFusion onto Tomcat, web connectors don't work by External U.
2614296 CF-3118499 External U. I am aware of thise mappings. This is a Tomcat issue. I was testing from a cf10 JEE install deployed to Tomcat. However, both web.xml have the same web.xml mappings. As soon as I added the mapping my urls began to work. IE
Comment on Deploying ColdFusion onto Tomcat, web connectors don't work by Rupesh K.
2613008 CF-3353254 Web Container (Tomcat) ext-user ColdFusion doesn't properly start or restart if ethernet is down even if loopback is up Problem: CfmServlet fails to load after startup if the host's ethernet connection is not active, even if the loopback address is active. Method: 1) Stop
NOTE: this will be reproducible in some locations and not in others. In our case, the failure happens when 'call-bootstrap.cfm' is located in the /home/content/public/issues/customcf/rtk (a CF mapping exists to map "/" to "/home/content/public/", which is also the web server's document root
2608944 CF-3955573 Administrator Andrew Myers Server Update Area and ScriptSrc Mapping Problem Description: If a Default ScriptSrc Directory is specified under "Settings" in the ColdFusion Administrator, the server update area no longer works unless it is accessed via a web sever (eg. Apache
4386380 CF-4202619 Charlie A. Adding to the comment I made with my vote (on the right), I will add that I have confirmed that this also happens in pure Tomcat with JSPs and servlets (by this I mean I downloaded and installed Tomcat alone, and configured the web connector for it, manually
Bug 83855:-(Watson Migration Closure)Our previous Web server environment consisted of 32 bit Windows Server 2003, IIS 6, and ColdFusion MX 6
Now as we are officially supporting tomcat as an app server , there should be a provision to do a Remote start/stop to CFServer deployed on tomcat from ServerManager . Also Remote Start/Stop from Server Manager doesn't work for JBoss 7 and WebSphere ND 7
Deploying ColdFusion onto Tomcat, web connectors don't work
vincesaurus Yes, it's a WAR on a web app server/container.  I just tried it, and I think it's working, thanks!
in your Tomcat (separate from CF). So I know you say you put your jars in your web app's WEB-INF/cfusion/lib folder, and it has "worked in the past" for other libraries. Fair enough. But what happens if you remove them from there and instead put them in your web app's /WEB-INF/lib folder instead
2608944 CF-3955573 External U. Being able to use all functionality via directly accessing the CF Administrator on the tomcat instance allows access to /CFIDE to be denied via the public web server, giving some security benefits, IMHO.
Comment on Bad apache / tomcat connector for Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9 by External U.